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 Name Your Equipment!
Author: Clare 
Date:   1999-03-25 03:00

I use a Buffet R-13 clarinet(it's just 2 years old), a Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece, an Optimum ligature, and Vandoren #4's. I'm just stuck on Vandoren, I guess, but I always have to modify the reeds. Do other people have this problem with recent Vandorens? Oh well.

What stuff does everyone else use?

Also, as a sidebar-we have District Solos and Ensembles on Friday. My solo is at 10:44 AM. Wish me luck!(although our clarinet choir needs far more luck than my solo! Eeek.)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-03-25 03:19

Eb clarinet: 1965 Selmer Series 9, Greg Smith mpc, Vandoren Whitemaster or traditional 3.5's, BG Revelation and Tradition ligs.

Bb Clarinet: 1993 R-13, Clark Fobes 67mm barrel, Frank Kaspar-Chicago mpc, Frank L. Kaspar-Ann Arbor mpc (backup), Clark Fobes-San Frnacisco (backup backup), Rovner EDII lig, Bay gold covered lig for Fobes mouthpiece, Vandoren traditional 4's for Fobes and Kaspar-Ann Arbor, and 3.5's for Kaspar-Chicago

A Clarinet: 1971 R-13 (hopefully changing to a clarinet worked on by Tim Clark), with clark Fobes 66mm or my Bb 67mm barrel, same mouthpieces as Bb of course

Bass: either an old Buffet RC Prestige or a new Selmer Model 37, Pomarico crystal mpc for small group work, and Rick Sayre custom mouthpiece for orchestral/band work, Winslow lig when i have access to it, otherwise standard Rovner, and Rico Royal 3's

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 Hmm...we've done this already!
Author: Albert 
Date:   1999-03-25 03:55

Yep, we did this a while back and it clogged up the BB with messages! Aah! It was fun though.

Oh well,
Buffy E-12
Vandoren 4's
Vandoren 5RV
Bonade Lig (yep, that's the one)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Hiroshi 
Date:   1999-03-25 04:04

Clarinets(I only have(had) B-flat clarinets.)
1)Buffet RC(the best with Kasper-Cicero)
2)Buffet RC Prestige in 1980's.(Provably produced after B&H
acquired Buffet Crampon.Felt bad quality,high-priced)
3)Selmer 10S
4)Selmer 10G
5)Selmer 10SII

1)Rovner(At first liked it but later I felt it avoids
freer vibration of reeds)
2)Bonade gold plated(The best for thick heel reeds)
3)Bonade inverted - nickel plated
4)Bay inverted - gold plated(good for ordinary heel reeds)
7)Opera(maybe different name in U.S.)
8)Ligaphone(good for detached tunes)

1)2RV(now not sold)
7)Kasper-Cicero #13(Literally the best)
8)Kasper-Ann Arbor(Cannot be compared with the Cicero one)
8)Greg-Smith #1
9)Pomarico Grenadilla
10)Vandoren Crystal(Too hard for teeth.Saliva sticks onto
the wall)
11)Morgan(good for small mouth but tones become thinner)
13)Michell Alignon made in Germany

Reeds:all 3-3.5 except Orivielli
2)Vandoren Traditional
3)Vandoren Traditional hand-selected(the vest for 2RV)
4)Zonda(I like this one now)
5)Orivielli(in 1970's) 2.5(In early 70's.They became
unavailable suddenly in Japan.Still the best.)
6)Reeds Australlia(I dislike this one)
7)Rico Grand Concert - Thick Blank
8)Reeds Superior
9)GS(I now ordered this one to Muncy,not yet experienced)

Reed holders
1)Vandoren for 4 reeds(includes dehumidifier).
2)LaVoz for 4 reeds - metal and plastic(Metal one damages the top part of thick heel reeds,plastic one is better)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Amy 
Date:   1999-03-25 04:08

I'll put in my two cents.

Buffet R-13
Vandoren M-13 Lyre
Vandoren V-12 3.5 reeds
Bonade Ligature (I just realized it was a Bonade and I've had for over 2 years, my private lesson teacher helped me pick it out, I really liked it, but didn't bother to see what ligature it actually was-from what i've read, apparently it has a good reputation on this bulletin board)

then there's the really bad, plastic Vito alto clarinet that I play around with but that's another story!!!

Amy :)

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 Nagamatsu mouthpiece
Author: SeAn 
Date:   1999-03-25 13:47

I 've come across some Nagamatsu mp in Singapore
the design of the bottom of the window seem to be different from other mouthpiece.
wats your opinion of nagamatsu mouthpiece.

I also saw this japanese gadget(some sort of revitaliser??) for the reed. I think from nagamatsu too.
it comes with a short round rod and a groove table. do you have any experience with this gadget

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: steve 
Date:   1999-03-25 14:50

Bb: 80xxx (mid '60's )Buffet R-13 restored and modified by S. Malareskey, cork pads on upper joint, Moenning Barrel with correct reaming by Vince Marinelli using copies of Moenning's tools, either Gennusa mp or mid 1970's Borbeck 13 depending on mood, mid 1970's Rovner lig (the original), carefully hoarded Moree 2.5 german facing 12.6 mm tip from the early 1970's stored in humidity and temperature controlled box, balanced with old vitry knife and clipped with 1960's vintage cordier clipper...

A: double stamp Buffet/Carl Fisher with standard Boehm system and wrap-around octave key, restored, voiced and intonated by Marlarskey, S/N obliterated, most likely late 1920's...everything north of the LH joint is the same...

Guitar: 1928 Gibson L-0, all mahogany, restored by John Zeidler

Banjo: Mike Ramsey (Ohio label) fretless, 12 inch pot

Mandolin: Gibson A-4, 1913, retopped by John Zeidler

Electric Guitar: Gibson L-50, non-cut, single P-90 pickup, ca 1955, all original

clarinet led to all music in later llife...

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Suzanne 
Date:   1999-03-25 18:26


clarinet: Buffet RC
Ligature: Forgot the name, but it's a good one.
Reeds: Glotin 2,5
Mouthpiece: B4o

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brian 
Date:   1999-03-25 18:50

Buffet R-13 Bb (my college teacher wouldn't have it any other way!)
Kaspar Cicero #11 Mouthpiece
Buffet ancient crystal mouthpiece (for fun)
Glen Bowen faced mouthpiece (no longer in use)
Winslow Ligature
Original Buffet Barrel modified by my most excellent repair dude

Alexandre A (it was cheap, and it really has a lovely sound!)
The funky Scott barrel which came with it

Reeds: regular old Vandoren blue box specials 3.5/4 depending (the Buffet Crystal takes 3s)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: paul 
Date:   1999-03-25 21:20

Buffet Festival Bb Soprano, apparently mid 1994 production vintage with no additional customization beyond fixing original defects, reseating a bad Bb trill key pad, and minor key tweaking

Standard Buffet Barrels

Buffet, Vandoren B45 and 5RV Lyre mps, using the B45 almost all of the time

Vandoren regular 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 reeds (prefer 3.0s with some tailoring work done on them)

Vandoren V-12 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 reeds (never have opened the box of 3.5s) ditto reed comment above

Legere reeds equivalent to Vandoren regular 2.5, 2.75 (I believe would match a highly tailored 3.0 in general behavior), and 3.0. Ditto reed comment, in essence favoring the Legere 2.75 reed.

Ordinary metal lig, brand unknown

I like the auxiliary left hand Ab/Eb key on the Festival. I personally believe that it helps me, especially when I'm doing the arpeggio drills from Albert's Scales book and other similar situations.

I only hear from students and amateurs like me about this particular horn, usually with good feedback. I'd like to get feedback from the pros or near pros about this horn.

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: rita 
Date:   1999-03-25 21:53

LeBlanc Symphonie Bb
Rovner Mark III ligature
Selmer HS*
Vandoren 3 1/2 reeds

My backup is a Yamaha 34. I use the HS* mouthpiece and LeBlanc barrel. I'm eager to try out some different mouthpieces. The Selmer mp came with the clarinet. I'm planning on trying out the Vandoren B45 and B46, Pyne Signature Symphonic, and Clark Fobes San Francisco. I enjoy all the information and sharing on this bulletin board. It's great!

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Dee 
Date:   1999-03-25 23:25

Bb clarinet:
Leblanc Symphonie II pro horn (early to mid 1950s)
Vandoren B45 mouthpiece (trying out the 5RV)
Regular Vandoren reeds, strength 3.5
Or regular Mitchell Lurie, strength 4
Rovener inverted ligature

Eb clarinet
Selmer Bundy
Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece
Regular Vandoren reeds for Eb, strength 3.5
Daniel Bonade inverted ligature (but not sure I like it yet)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Joe 
Date:   1999-03-26 00:20

Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet/ Buffet E-11 Bb Clarinet
Buffet standard barrel and Click Tuning Barrel
Cut off 27" flat shoelace ligature or Luyben black plastic.
Vandoren sizes 4 to 5; V12 5; Zonda (prefered) 3.5 & 4

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Zan 
Date:   1999-03-26 00:34

Bb Buffet R13, Bonade, Vandoren V-12 4, Redinour (sp?) mouthpiece
Eb Buffet R13, Vandoren 3s, B-44 mouthpiece

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-03-26 00:57

Selmer 10G, early 90s
Stock barrel
Rovner Dark, inverted Bonade, Luyben ligatures
Hawkins, Vandoren B45, Selmer 115 85 mouthpieces
Grand Concert Select 3 & 3 1/2, Legere 3 1/2

Buffet Festival Bb, mid 90s
Upper joint all cork pads
Stock (2), Eddie Daniels, Chadash barrel (Chadash was given to him; has a nasty crack but doesn't extend into the bore)
Hawkins mouthpiece
Vandoren 4 and 4 1/2 V12, knifed to about 3 3/4 to 4 strength
Harrison, inverted Bonade, Rovner, Buffet stock ligatures

Buffet Festival A
Stock (2) barrels, Chadash barrel
Same mouthpiece, ligatures, reeds as Bb

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 RE: Sean
Author: Hiroshi 
Date:   1999-03-26 01:34

Yes I have both.
1)Mouthpiece:very easy to blow and at first I liked it.But after 2-3 months,I found it lacks darkness in tones,and stopped to use it.
2)Gadget:I use that one.It enables reed vibrated freer.
Just my personal opinions.They say many European players use them.
So,I found your mail name means Se=west and an=safe in Chinese.

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Pam L 
Date:   1999-03-26 01:35

Buffet R-13, circa 1983, for serious playing (all the time now)

Vito for marching/pep band

Gigliotti mouthpieces, Luyben ligatures, regular Vandorens 3.5-4.5

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: David 
Date:   1999-03-26 02:26

I just bought a Yamaha Custom SE, couldn't get a Buffet R-13 that moved me.

Yamaha Mouthpiece (couldn't get my B45 to fit snugly) and needs to be upgraded.

Vandoren V-12 2.5-3, or Mitchell Lurie Premium 3-3.5's

Rovner Dark Ligature

I am really impressed by the variety of options. I wonder what a "panel of expert ears" would say about all of these... or is it truely in the "ear of the beholder?"

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: JennyA 
Date:   1999-03-26 09:48

Buffet R-13, early 60s vintage
Portnoy BP 2 mouthpiece with whatever ligature I had
Mitchell Lurie Premier #3 reeds

Leblanc (not sure of the model)
same mp and reeds

I also still have my plastic beginner horn, which is a Vito!

And in my spare time, I have the loan of a Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone. It's a great horn, but I have to give it back!

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brandon 
Date:   1999-03-26 12:53

Bb: R13 from '76
A: Buffet Festival from mid 90s
Mp: Greg Smith 1*
Reed: Vandoren V12s 4
Lig.: Gold Bonade Inverted

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 RE: Sean
Author: SeAn 
Date:   1999-03-26 14:56

Yes I have both.
1)Mouthpiece:very easy to blow and at first I liked it.But after 2-3 months,I found it lacks darkness in tones,and stopped to use it.
2)Gadget:I use that one.It enables reed vibrated freer.
Just my personal opinions.They say many European players use them.
So,I found your mail name means Se=west and an=safe in Chinese.

I may give the gadget a try then.
abt the mouthpiece, wat are the available models (facing, tip opening etc?)

you r rite abt the kanji charac :) but the mail name is not part of the 2 charac. I deliberately CAP the A to distinguish from another Sean quite s while back...and it has always stay that way since :)

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: SeAn 
Date:   1999-03-26 15:22

my current setup for Bb

- Buffet RC (backup: an old R13)
- Charles Bay Mo-L mouthpiece(duckbill shape with the 2 tone "blend" pattern similar with vandoren 2 tone, but denser and nicer blend pattern)anyone know wat blank?
- shoestring ligature (backup:clear translucent luyben)
(back-backup: rovner C-1R MkIII)
- Vandoren V12 3.5(best for this setup)
- 67mm Clark Fobe barrel(hard rubber insert)
or 66mm RC barrel(back up)

regular vandoren 3.5/4, zonda 3.5/4, Australia Vintage 3,
Grand concert thick blank 3.5

other mouthpiece: Vandoren B45, 5RV/88 2tone, Vandoren Crystal A2(chipped..arrghh)

Bass Clarinet
Selmer C* mouthpiece
Vandoren 3/3.5
BG Super revelation ligature
-any bass instr which I can find.

Eb clarinet
Vandoren 5RV
Vandoren Bb V12 3.5 (with cut-off butt end)
instr: a cheap old plastic Buescher Eb that I bought and service recently for doubling

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-03-26 20:35

LeBlanc L7, 1954 Selmer, 2 early full-Boehms [Sel & P M], old Sel Signet, several older Boehms and Albert-Muellers. Selmer alto and bass. Mp's Wells, good pro [cant read it], BG signature, Olympia! for alto, Bundy 3 and VD 45 for bass, many more. Ligs, Bonade, Luyben, Gigl. et al. Reeds Rico Royal, M Lurie, VD et al, [like them soft for a senior!]. Have some saxes also.

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Donn 
Date:   1999-03-28 15:20

At the risk of being called an oddball, my main horn is a Pete Fountain LeBlanc, Woodwind K10M mpc, LeBlanc lig with "L" punched out, Rico Royal reeds, backups are Revere and Penzel-Muller.

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Alec Thigpen 
Date:   1999-03-29 02:13

Buffet R13, 1978
Morgan RM15 mouthpiece, Vandoren B45, B40
Luyben and Bay Ligs

Buffet Prestige 1193 Bass Cl.
Bay MO-M mouthpiece, BG and Bay Ligs

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Venancio Rius-Marti 
Date:   1999-03-30 00:12

Bb clarinet: 1987 Buffet RC Prestige,Chadash Barrels(65 and 66mm),Chadash Bell,Vandoren M13 Lyre,great original Buffet ligature,Ripamonti A key,Vandoren V12 #4.
A clarinet: 1987 Buffet RC,Chadash Barrels (64 and 65mm), Ripamonti A key.
Bb clarinet: 1935? V. kohlert Sons Makers Graslitz(Czecho-Slovakia).
Eb clarinet: 1997 Buffet RC,Mitchell Lurie cristal
mouthpiece,Mitchell Lurie "Springboard" ligature,Vandoren White-Master #3.5.

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Jill E. 
Date:   1999-03-30 00:26

Selmer Series 10 Mazzeo (1971)
Mouthpiece: B. Portnoy
Reeds: Vandoren V-12's, # 31/2 or Mitchell Lurie, #4

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Contragirl 
Date:   1999-03-31 00:44

Not that anyone cares about my instrument...

Thirty year old bundy contralto.
Ricos 3(only brand I can find--grrr)
Ligature that came with it.

Hope you did well Friday!!

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 RE: Name Your Equipment!
Author: AMJ 
Date:   2005-06-15 08:04

Hello, lets bring up something old, these are ALWAYS quite interesting.
My setup is.......
Bb Clarinet-Buffet R13
A clarinet- Buffet R13
Mouthpieces- Standard Richard Hawkins, M13 Profile 88
Reeds-Gonzalez FOF 3.5
Ligatures- Vandoren Optimum (with vertical rails ala bonade. this is my main ligature), Rovner EDII (both flaps and the thicker plate), Rovner Dark (nice for chamber music, but otherwise cannot project) and various other ligs such as olegature, luyben and inverted bonade.
Case (like that matters....LOL)- Buffet Double Pouchette.

Thanks, Aaron

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: GoatTnder 
Date:   2005-06-15 08:15

My Bb is an Evette Schaffer (K serial number, so it's the better ones) from 1974. And (in light of the title of this thread) it's name is George. Soon, however, George will take a rest for a good while. (note: the name is not new, I named it shortly after I got it 8 years ago).

Mouthpiece is a Clark Fobes SF CF+.
Ligature is a Rovner Light Alto Sax lig.
Reeds are usually Vandoren V12 size 4.

-Andy Cabrera

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Kalakos 
Date:   2005-06-15 08:22

My Favorite instruments:

Buffet "C" Albert system 1890
Buffet "A" Albert system 1903
Robert Borbeck mouthpieces #16, #14
Buffet ligature

Kalakos Music

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: OpusII 
Date:   2005-06-15 12:15

Leblanc Opus II
- Straubinger pads
- Viotto B3 mouthpiece
- Rovner Eddie Daniëls II Ligature
- Rico Grand Concert Select Thick 3,5 reeds

Buffet Crampon RC 1112Z
- Gore-tec pads
- Viotto B3 mouthpiece
- Rovner Eddie Daniëls II Ligature
- Rico Grand Concert Select Thick 3,5 reeds

Lemaire (marching instrument)
- Currently beïng overhauld
- Vandoren B40 mouthpiece
- Vandoren Optimum Ligature
- Rico Grand Concert Select Thick 3,5 reeds

Viotto B3 mouthpiece
Viotto BK mouthpiece
Viotto N1 mouthpiece
Vandoren B40 mouthpiece
Vandoren B45 mouthpiece
Vandoren B45. mouthpiece
Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece

Rovner Eddie Daniëls II Ligature
Vandoren Optimum Ligature

Leblanc Eb clarinet
- Viotto RH Mouthpiece
- Rovner Eddie daniëls I Ligature

Viotto RH mouthpiece
Vandoren B44 mouthpiece
Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece

Rovner Eddie daniëls I Ligature
Vandoren Optimum Ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Markael 
Date:   2005-06-15 12:39

Selmer Series 10, early '70's
Vandoren B45 profile 88 Mouthpiece
Mitchell Lurie 4
Rovner Eddie Daniels Ligature

Bass Clarinet: Leblanc Esprit circa 1998
Selmer C* Mouthpiece
Vandoren 2 1/2 (may experiment with reeds)
Rovner Light Ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2005-06-15 14:43

Buffet R-13 with Chadash barrel, Greg Smith Kaspar Grenadilla Wood mouthpiece, BG Super Revelation Ligature, Vandoren V-12 reeds.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Clarinetgirl06 
Date:   2005-06-15 15:46

Wow, Markael we have almost the same bass setup!

Yamaha Allegro, Yamaha 52, plastic Vito for marching band, my dad's old bundy which sadly sounds better than the Vito
M15 mouthpiece
Luyben ligature, Bois ligature
V12 3.5 and 4s, Rue Lepic 3.5+, have Gonzalez 3.75 on order (haven't tried them yet)

Leblanc wooden (can't tell which model, it's my schools)
Selmer C*
Vandoren 2 1/2 and 3
Rovner light

Eb (when I do play it, which is rare):
Leblanc Espirit
Leblanc mp
Yamaha lig
Vandoren 3.5 reeds or cut down Bb reeds

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chris Hill 
Date:   2005-06-16 04:09

I may as well join in. My primary instruments are:

Bb: Chadash
A: Chadash
C: Noblet with a Chadash barrel.
Basset clarinet: Chadash
All of these with a Chadash-Hill mouthpiece (gee, that's a surprise!)

Eb: Buffet RC with a Jacobi barrel
D: Leblanc
I play these with a Chedeville or a mouthpiece that I made from a Babbitt blank.

Bass: Leblanc with a Selmer mouthpiece I refaced.

Lamp in my office: Cleveland metal clarinet.
I use this with a 60 watt bulb.

Bb/A/C: Grand Concert Evolution #4 1/2, adjusted
Eb/D: Vandoren Eb #4
Bass: Grand Concert #3
Ligature: Regular Bonade on everything. I usually have my Bb/A ligs gold-plated, which helps them to grip the mouthpiece when I switch back and forth between Bb and A.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: hartt 
Date:   2005-06-16 05:23

guess I'll jump on this wagon


Bufet R13 s/n: 89xxx, 96xxx, 100xxx, 122xxx, 147xxx, 152xxx

Yamaha: Custom series (owned by John Denman)


Buffet : s/n 60xxx (owned by my teacher, Russianoff) & 119xxx

Yamaha: 72A (owned by John Denman)

Yamie 681
Selmer (1959)


Fobes bb's & mp, V12 reeds, Spriggs ligature (BG Rev : Eb)

Yamaha 875 custom

Alto sax
Yamaha 875 custom
Selmer series 80
1963 Martin Music Man model ; orig owner, 100% condition

Yamaha 62

Mouthpieces: fobes /selmer, BG super rev ligature

Yamaha 481H

mp....made by God

hmmmmmmmm, did I forget anything?

now go practice


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Roger Aldridge 
Date:   2005-06-16 12:06

Vintage Couesnon
Morgan RM28 mouthpiece
#2.5 or #3 Alexander Classique reeds
silver Francois Louis ligature (early model)

Morgan RM10 mouthpiece
#3 Classique Reeds
silver Francois Louis ligature

Tenor Saxophone
1934 Buescher New Aristocrat
Morgan 3C mouthpiece
#2.5 Classique reeds
silver Francois Louis ligature

C-Melody Saxophone
1920 Buescher True Tone
Custom made Morgan mouthpiece
#2.5 Classique reeds
silver Francois Louis ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: contragirl 
Date:   2005-06-17 05:12

Bb Buffet R13
M13 Lyre
Bay Medium lig
Clark Fobes Barrel
Vandoren regular 4

A Buffet Continentale
same mpc set up
Buffet Moennig 65mm

Eb Buffet R13
Inverted Bonade
Vandoren 3.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: army_band 
Date:   2005-06-17 07:06

well, i use the pamarico 5b mouthpiece (that is the best cristal mouthpiece, very responding to sound and staccato, just perfect) with vandorn reeds v12 or regular blue box and the ligature, it was some broken ligature i dont know looks like BG just without marking, i fix it and it just fit perfect, also i want to buy optimum but i dont know if it benfit at all.
i got r-13 and and some standart selmer.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Camanda 
Date:   2005-06-17 22:12

Horn: Selmer Signet 100 in Bb
Case: Standard Selmer case; use ProTec Metro bag in sky blue -- makes it easy to find! :)
Mouthpiece: Vandoren 5RV or JodyJazz Ruby Red #6
Ligature: Rovner Dark
Reeds: Mitchell Lurie; 3.5 on Vandy, 2.5 on JodyJazz

Tenor Saxophone...
Horn: Vito POS
Case: ProTec Contoured ProPac case in navy blue
Mouthpiece: Claude Lakey 6*3
Ligature: Rovner Mark III
Reeds: LaVoz Medium Hard

Amanda Cournoyer
URI Clarinet Ensemble, Bass Clarinet

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Orlando Natty 
Date:   2005-06-18 01:57

Buffet E-11 (says made in West Germany, even though I bought it in '93, think it was sitting around for a while?)
Vandoren B45 MP
Vandoren blue box 3 or 3 1/2 (used to use 4's when I played all the time, my embouchure is soft now!)
Rovner ligature

Basically I have the standard high school set up, even though I was a music major for a year in college back in the day.

I also have a Bettony Cadet metal clarinet I bought for fun, a crappy Yamaha student clarinet with bug-eaten pads used for 8 years of marching(would cost more to fix than worth!) and a mint-condition 1960's era Conn Director Cornet that I bought for $60 at a pawn shop to learn on.

Post Edited (2005-06-18 01:58)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clarinetmaniac101 
Date:   2005-06-18 22:09

hey well my equipment is listed below

1. Brand new R-13(silver plated) (B flat)
2.vandoren M15 mouth piece
3. D. BONADE inverted silver plated ligature
4. Vandoren reeds 3.5's

1. Brand new E flat clarinet(silver plated as well)
2. vandoren M13 mouth piece
3. D. BONADE inverted gold plated ligature( just for a darker sound)
4. Vandoren reeds 3.5's

1. 2years old 1193 prestige bass clarinet to low C (silver plated)
2. vandoren M13 mouthpiece
3. D. BONADE ligature inverted silver plated.
4. Vandoren reeds 3.5's

so those are my equipment I know that you are like that should be alot of money but the R-13 costed 2,493 and the E-flat costed about 1,300 and the bass clarinet is about 3,300 but that is over some years though. But that is an awsome set up though


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brandon 
Date:   2005-06-19 00:36

Odd to see my old post from '99 as I do not play that equipment anymore!

Bb- Buffet R13 Prestige
A- Buffet RC Prestige
Mpc- Gennusa
Lig-Bonade inverted(middle NOT cut out)
Reeds- V12 3.5 or Gonzales Fof 3.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: claclaws 
Date:   2005-06-19 00:50

We never get tired of this type of post, it seems^^.
And as new info can be obtained, I don't complain.

As for mine,

RC , bought in 2003
Lig: Rovner Eddie Daniels II
mp: Viotto
barrel: from Duo, a Korean-made one (www.duoclarinet.com)

Festival, bought second-handed, age=more than 10 years old.
same set up

Reed: Vandoren rue Lepic 3.5
No special reed case yet

Lucy Lee Jang

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chetclarinet 
Date:   2005-06-19 16:41

My equipment:---Buffet R-13 B flat, A, Selmer 37 Low C bass, Selmer Series 9 Eflat clarinet--Mouthpieces--- Frank Kaspar Cicero and Chicago, various facings on the clarinets-(I play, collect ,and sell Kaspar mouthpieces), Frank Kaspar Cicero 11, 13, bass clarinet mouthpiece, Kaspar 13, Frank L. Kaspar Ann Arbor eflat clarinet mouthpieces. Ligatures: Kaspar regular, inverted screw ligatures on B flat, Charles Bay, Harrison ligatures on Bass, Kaspar E flat Ligature on Eflat. I use Vandoren regular and V-12 reeds on all my instruments.---As stated many times on this board---practice your equipment!

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: mkybrain 
Date:   2005-06-19 16:53

Buffet r-13 vintage Bb, lomax a4 classic mp, gonzalez fof 3 3/4 reeds, a barrel made by allen segal(aka alseg in this forum), pyne handwoven ligature.

If i ever march again(University of Alabama marching band, could be fun, but will i have the time), a buffet b12 with a 5rv mp(somehow i ended up with 2, no idea how), probably with vandoren v-12 4 reeds(might even try that power barrel by the doctor if i have the money to play with).

I would like to get an A, but at the moment i really don't need it and i pretty much dont have the money.

I also want to learn all the other woodwinds(or try at least), to be a good doubler.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2005-06-19 17:35

Eaton International/Buffet R13 Prestige Bb clarinets, Eaton mouthpiece, Vandoren or Gonzalez reeds, Vandoren ligature.

Buffet bass clarinet, Fobes mouthpiece, Vandoren or Gonzalez reeds, Vandoren ligature.

Vito Eb clarinet, Vandoren mouthpiece, Marca reeds, Vandoren ligature.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Tyler 
Date:   2005-06-19 21:16

Buffet R13 (around serial # 400000...?) with Vandoren M15 mouthpiece, V12 #4 reeds, Rovner Eddie Daniels II ligature without leather flaps over metal plate.

I also use a Buffet/Moennig 66mm barrel instead of the stock one.

Cork pads in upper joint, and the hasty pad for the register key.

My instrument's name is "Buffy".


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Wicked Good 2017
Date:   2005-06-19 21:51

Bb clarinets:
Buffet R-13
Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires

A clarinet:
Buffet R-13

C clarinet:
Patricola CL7

Same mouthpiece setup on each:
Greg Smith Chedeville 1++ or David Hite Signature mouthpieces
Harrison gold or Rovner light lig
Zonda 4.5 or Vandoren 56 Rue le Pic 5 reeds

Bass clarinet:
1950s-era Buffet
Ridenour mouthpiece
Rovner dark lig
Rico Royal #3.5 tenor sax reeds

There are only 10 kinds of people in the world:
Those who understand binary math, and those who don't.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: kenabbott 
Date:   2005-06-20 01:41



Selmer 10G
Selmer 9
Selmer CT
Selmer BT
Selmer Brevette
Buffet R13 FB
Rossi French Bore






Sopranino Sax

Soprano Sax
Selmer SA80II

Alto Sax
Selmer Mk VII

Tenor Sax
Selmer Mk VII

Baritone Sax
Selmer Mk VI

Bass Sax



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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: mnorswor 
Date:   2005-06-20 04:08

Oh sure, why not:

Bb clarinet: Opperman mouthpiece
Buffet Festival, Opperman barrels (primary instrument)
Buffet R13, Opperman barrels (backup instrument)
Buffet R16 3/4 - Full Boehm instrument for playing Italian literature, Opperman barrel
Malerne Standard, Opperman barrel
Selmer Centered tone with 6 cracks that's soon to be a lamp in my studio!

A clarinet: Opperman mouthpiece
Buffet Tosca (primary instrument)
Buffet R13 Greenline, Opperman barrels (backup instrument)

Eb: Chedeville refaced by Opperman
Patricola, Opperman and Backun barrels

C: (same as Bb mpc.)
Buffet E11 (try them!!)

Buffet 1193-2 Low C
Mouthpieces: (different mpcs for different uses)
McClune S2
Chedeville refaced by Brad Behn
Fobes HB facing mpc

Alto Sax:
Conn Conqueror 1928 with all the extra trill keys
Selmer C* for classical
Meyer 5 for anything else

Gemeinhardt silver with b-foot and gold lip plate

Mouthpieces: TOO MANY TO COUNT!! All manners and varieties from rare vintage stuff to some Vandorens that I keep around for students.

There it is!

--Michael Norsworthy
Professor of Clarinet, The Boston Conservatory
Principal Clarinet, BMOP
Artist in Residence Harvard University, HGNM
Performing Artist/Clinician Buffet Crampon, Rico Reeds

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Maarten 
Date:   2005-06-20 09:50

Well, my list is not as long as some of the others, but I guess I found a couple of instruments that I like :-)

Bb: Selmer Centered Tone (full boehm). It's about twice my age and has been heavily used, but it still sounds and plays great.
A: Selmer Centered Tone Omega. Same age as the Bb, but it has been used much less and is superb. (alas the bell is not the original and doesn't have the fancy engraving).

mouthpiece (the only useable one): Viotto B3

Oh, and of course the old plastic clarinet that I used for outdoor performances (that's quite some time ago now).

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mark Pinner 
Date:   2005-06-20 13:00

Clarinets (Bb)

Yamaha 20 Key Oehler System with Zinner S95 green rubber mouthpiece, Vintage German cut 3 1/2 unfiled reeds with a string ligature.

F. Arthur Uebel 20 Key Oehler System with black rubber Zinner J90, same reeds and lig.

Selmer Mark VII Alto Silver plate, Selmer Soloist C**, Selmer cap and lig, 3 1/2 Rico standard. Also use 5* metal Otto Link same reeds.

Selmer Mark VII Tenor Sax Silver plate, rubber Meyer medium chamber 7 with Rico 3 or Berg Larsen 115/1 M Bullet with LAVoz or Rico reeds whichever strength works at the time. Otto Link 5* with Rico 3 on occasion.

Pan American C Melody with hard rubber Conn C melody mouthpiece and old Conn ligature. Blue box Vandoren #3.

1925 Wonder Model Conn Soprano, Riffault mouthpiece with Yamaha 61 liga and cap Lavoz medium but only because I got about 10 boxes cheap.

Bassoon Moosman Soloist Model, Moosman A2G Crook, my own reeds made with Rigotti or Jones Artiste cane and on occasion Montrose or Glotin cane.

Workshop test mouthpieces Soprano Meyer 5, Alto Meyer 6, Tenor Meyer 6, Baritone J & D Hite, Clarinet C85 120, Poly Crystal and Buffet Chedeville for Boehm horns and Vandoren VD3 for German. Brass test mouthpieces for testing Cornet Eb Vincent Bach 8 1/2A, Cornet Bb Vincenct Bach 7A Symphony back bore, Trumpet Shilke 14A or Marcinkiewicz 2, Flugel Horn Bach 1, Tenor Horn Kosi-Cup 3, Baritone/small trombone Denis Wick 9BS or Vincent Bach Mount Vernon 11C, Large Trombone/ Euphonium Conn Remington, Tubas all Kosi-Cups. Oboe Jones reeds and English horn, I forget.

I have other stuff too.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: SomethingCopland 
Date:   2005-06-20 17:45

Hey all,

Leblanc Concerto(original) in B-flat
Vandoren M15
Vandoren Silver box 3 1/2
Eddie Daniels II ligature by Rovner

As Backun says:
"Well, what kind of person would have nine sets of clarinets."


Stanley, Sydney, Russ, Michelle, David, Deborah, Chuck, Jon, Ricardo, Marc, Sabine, Elsa, Laura, John, Larry, Robert, Paul---They all know Copland.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ariel3 
Date:   2005-06-21 12:36

OK, here goes:

Selmer Series 10 Mazzeo Model Bb Clarinet
Selmer Series 10 Mazzeo Model A Clarinet

63mm and 64mm Pyne "Moening" type barrel for each horn

Pyne PK Mouthpiece (currently using)
Borbeck 13 Mouthpiece

Zonda Reeds 3

Vandoren Leather Ligature - use the brown softer leather insert

Kooman Maestro Thumbrests on each horn

Clarinet Case - Made from tiger maple with everything laid out the way I like. I also made an identical case in cherry. (My hobby is woodworking) To protect the case, I use a sheepskin lined Olathe case cover.

Things I still have that I no longer use.

Sumner ligature, Harrison Gold Ligatures, Rovner Mark III Ligatures, Gigliotti Ligature

Gene Hall

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Clarinetgirl06 
Date:   2005-06-21 22:19

Have a change in mine. Just bought a Yamaha CSG (Bb). Splendid intonation and a little bit darker sound. Wonderful. Also bought an Olathe case which is coming in soon.

SomethingCopland: Were you at OU? Morrie said "What kind of person would have 9 sets of clarinets?" in response to Ricardo Morales's vast collection.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Firebird 
Date:   2005-06-22 02:23

Hmm, here's mine

Bb and A Pair:

Frank Hammerschmidt Clarinets (Primary)
Buffet Clarinets 1928 stenciled Carl Fischer (Backup)


Frank Hammerschmidt
Morgan RM-15
Vandoren B40


BG Revelation


Vandoren Rue Lepic 56 3.5


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: jim lande 
Date:   2005-06-23 02:03

Bb Penzel Muller double walled metal clarinet circa 1920-1930. Fobes San Francisco mpc

A Silva Bet (circa 1930) single walled metal clarinet. David Hite D model mpc.

Van dorn 2 1/2 or and other comparable reed held on with velcro.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: A2Clarinetist 
Date:   2005-06-24 10:09

My two main setups are:

Buffet R13 (1982)
Gigliotti Ligature
Vandoren B45 Mouthpiece
Vandoren Silver Reeds - 3 1/2

Rene Duval clarinet (made in the 1920's or 30's)
Gigliottie Ligature
Vandoren B45 Mouthpiece
Vandoren Silver Reeds - 3 1/2

I also have a Selmer Signet (circa 1978) and a Cavalier metal clarinet (no idea on the date).

I just had the Selmer Signet and the Rene Duval refurbed by Eric Satterlee of Meridian Winds.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: crnichols 
Date:   2005-06-24 10:33

Here you go:

Buffet R-13 Bb and A
Backun Grenadilla Barrel
Backun Bois de Rose Bell
Moennig Barrel
Standard Bell modified by Backun

For outdoor ceremonies:
Fair weather, Buffet R-13 Greenline
Bad weather, Bandnow Plastic Clarinet(it's the government's what can I say)

I use a Chadash-Hill Mouthpiece Blank, faced by Chris Hill
Make my own reeds from tube cane using Dilutis products to make blanks, and cut the reed using a reedual, the model I use is a 3rd generation Morre copy.
Bonade inverted ligature with the metal piece that covers the reed cut out.

Christopher Nichols
1st Infantry Division Band

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: edgar 
Date:   2005-06-25 21:07


Bb: Selmer di Marchi (Paris, based on model 10S),
A.Robert (Paris),
Malerne (France)

A: A. Robert (Paris, I have two of them)

Bass: Selmer (Paris, low Eb, built around 1970/1980)


tenor: Selmer SA 80 III

alto: Donet (built probably around 1950, with a tuning neck)

soprano: Yamaha model 875 custom

baritone: Selmer Mark IV

I am very interested in getting contact with people still playing the Selmer (Paris) di Marchi clarinet. Although living and playing in Germany I prefer the Boehm system over the germany system.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: hans 
Date:   2005-06-26 00:58

Didn't we do this a few months ago? This is what I play on/with:

Bb clarinet: 1988 Selmer Recital with C85 120 mouthpiece.

Alto Sax: 1995 Selmer Super Action 80 II with C* mouthpiece.

Tenor Sax: 1972 Selmer Mark VI with an old mouthpiece that defies identification but plays better than the original one (C*).

Ligatures (for all three instruments): Vandoren Optimum

Reeds: Zonda or Rico Royal, 2 or 2.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: SomethingCopland 
Date:   2005-06-26 18:30

Clarinetgirl06 >--< yes, I was there(OU). What an interesting masterclass. I come home and suddenly I here all of these inconsistencies in note resonance. Brilliant.


Stanley, Sydney, Russ, Michelle, David, Deborah, Chuck, Jon, Ricardo, Marc, Sabine, Elsa, Laura, John, Larry, Robert, Paul---They all know Copland.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: presto214 
Date:   2005-06-28 00:16

umm Leblanc Concerto, Vandoren M30 mp, Pyne string ligature, with Vandoren, Mozart, Gonzalez reeds (with ATG I can adjust whatever to make them play)


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: vivace13 
Date:   2005-07-06 04:29

Bb: Leblanc Concerto II...used to have a buffet international

A: a very old Leblanc symphonie model (the serial number is in the 1200s if that says anything about its age!) its my schools though...i'm hoping to get a new Leblanc (probably concerto) later this year.

Mouthpiece: Just got a Richard Hawkins professional model, previously used vandoren 5RV

Reeds: Vandoren V12 4's

Ligature: Vandoren Optima

Case: use a BAM trekking for single, protec for double. also have a BAM Xtra light.

Eb: Yamaha YCL 681
Bass Yamaha YCL 622

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: thomas.b 
Date:   2005-07-06 16:01

Oehler: Dietz Orchestermodell, Viotto G3, Vandoren white Master 3

Boehm: Buffet E13, Viotto G3, Vandoren white Master 3

Bass: Buffet 1193-2, Pomarico 2, Vandoren Traditional 3,5 (ts)

Tenor: Selmer Serie III, Selmer C*, Vandoren Traditional 3,5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: WellTempered 
Date:   2005-07-06 21:32

Bb Clarinet: Buffet R-13 Prestige

A Clarinet: Buffet R-13 Prestige

Mouthpiece: Vandoren M15 (A440)

Reeds: Vandoren Hand Selected #4

Ligature: Bonade (regular)

Bass Clarinet: Selmer (low c)

Mouthpiece: Selmer C*

Reeds: Vandoren #3

Ligature: Selmer

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Stargatto 
Date:   2005-07-07 19:42

Clarinets: Buffet RC (2000) (Bb)
Buffet R13 (1993) (A)
Mouthpieces: Vandoren B45lyre / B45dot
Reeds: Vandoren Traditional 3 1/2 or Mitchell Lurie 5
Ligatures: Rovner MKIII / BG Traditional Ligature

Alto Clarinet: Old Conn (~'50)
Yamaha 5C Mouthpiece

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: MikeH 
Date:   2005-07-08 16:40

Bb clarinet: Selmer "Centered Tone" 1958 (Q series)

mpc: Portnoy #3

reeds: Vandoren #2

lig: Bonade

Tenor Saxophone: Selmer Mark VI , 1967; Yamaha 62, circa 1990

mpc: Yanagisawa metal #6, Yanagisawa HR #6, Morgan HR 5L

Reeds: Vandoren Java #3.5

lig: Rovner

Alto Saxophone:Yamaha 62 silver plate, circa 1980

mpc: Meyer "New York, USA" 5m

lig: Rovner

reeds: Vandoren purple box #2

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2005-07-08 18:49

Buffet Prestige Bb and A
Backun Cocobolo Barrel & Bell
Vandoren Optimum Ligature
Selmer Signature Bb
Selmer 10G Bb
Rico Grand Concert 3.5 Thick Blank and Evolution Reeds
Gigliotti P Facing Mouthpiece (hand selected)
Yamaha 62 Silver Alto Sax

among other things

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: johnsonfromwisconsin 
Date:   2005-07-09 06:14

Alto Saxophone(s):

Rene Duval: Italian Saxophone found in a pawn shop for $100. non original neck of unknown make marked XIV, fits okay and plays in tune. Decent key action and mellow sound. Metal a little soft.

Yamaha YAS-23: Bought off internet for $75 and repadded. Plays rather bright and clean. Currently in possession of nephew who plays it along with trumpet and snare.

Yanagisawa A880: Gift from folks for college. Great keywork and resonates well. I'd have to pay quite a bit to get a significantly better horn than this

Selmer S80 C*, Vandoren Optimum AL3, Runyon 88, Modern Soloist F
Rovner ligs, Alexander Classique reeds


@1967 Buescher 400. Bought for $600 used from repair man. Big lusty tone. smooth and even throughout range

Accessories: Selmer Metal Classic E, perfected by Kieth Bradbury, Modern Soloist E with two-screw lig. Hemke or Vandoren ZZ reeds.


1915 Buescher Truetone, keyed up to Eb. Bought for $300 from Junkdude.com. Currently in the middle of a refit.


Bundy 577 #886xxx. Got it off ebay for $60 (just picked one arbitrarily one day after I decided to learn clarinet) Sounds buzzy and horrible compared to my wife's 76x,xxx Bundy. It's case is horrible even without a latch that works improperly.

Noblet 40 #D50xxx. Bought yesterday at a pawn shop for $100. It's in very good shape with no cracks. Needs some work.

Accessories: Brilhart Nilo W. somebody mthpce, Vandoren B46, Woodwind mpc, all with 2screw ligs. Vandoren BB reeds


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: diz 
Date:   2005-07-09 06:45


just one: LeBlanc E-flat soprano (nasty little devil). Still on the hunt for a contrabass


an old german from 1860s
Hill Bow (worth far more than the viola)


Yahmaha - DGX-200

Without music, the world would be grey, very grey.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Bradley 
Date:   2005-07-09 06:54

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Malcolm Martland 
Date:   2005-07-09 15:47

*Leblanc LL (1960's - beautiful to play)
*Boosey and Hawkes Emperor (1973 - great lower register tone)
*R. Malerne plateau key (1960's - heavy, LOUD and noisy)
*Noblet Artist (1970's - had since new halfway through restoring)
*Boosey and Hawkes Emperor (1968- great lower register tone)

Mouthpieces (favourites anyway)
*B&H 1010 mouthpiece and 2.5-3 Vandoren reed -can't beat the open sound of this with all of the above.
*Vandoren 5RV with Vandoren 3 reed is nice on the Leblanc (and Malerne) if playing with smaller groups.

I mainly use traditional ligatures. My favourite is a sliver plated BH with the upside down lettering - does anyone know why they did this? They went back to correct way up in the 1980's. Experimenting with a BGL6 - seems OK but fiddlier to apply than traditional ones.

among other things


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ryan25 
Date:   2005-07-09 22:07

Buffet RC (2001)
Backun Cocobolo Barrel 66m

Kasper #13
Chedville (kasper 11 facing done by Richard Hawkins)
Richard Hawkins
Vandoren Series 13 M14

Vandoren V12 #4-5 (reduced)

Bonade Inverted
Dg Super
Pyne Hand Woven String

A Clarinet
Buffet R13 (1991)
Backun Cocobolo Barrel 65mm

E-Flat 1920's Buffet (with wrap around register)
Vandoren 5rv
Bay Ligature

Bass Clarinet
Clark Fobes
DG Super

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: nickma 
Date:   2005-07-10 21:51

What do you guys who have a gazillion clarinets do with them all, apart from lampstands, that is???


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2005-07-11 16:31

"What do you guys who have a gazillion clarinets do with them all, apart from lampstands, that is???"

Good question, one I have always asked myself. Did I really need 14 clarinets? (This number does not include the instruments already converted into lamps.) Especially the ones I knew I would never play again. Last year I traded the 6 worst of my clarinets for a really nice tenor sax. This ratio should give you an idea of the artistic level of the instruments. Even the A clarinet I bought at the Buffet factory in 1968 - gone - sentimentality went out the window.

I needed to clean house, got at the low end of what I wanted for them, but thought - "I could do this and be done with it." My closet thanks me. My wife thanks me. And I am having fun with the tenor.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ed 
Date:   2005-07-11 16:39

I was thinking of naming mine Larry, or maybe Bruce, I dunno....

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: pewd 
Date:   2005-07-11 16:43

>What do you guys who have a gazillion clarinets do with them all

collect them :)

Dallas, Texas

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Clarinet Geek 
Date:   2005-07-12 19:55

-Clarinet = Bb Buffet E11 (about 16 years old)
-Mouthpiece = Vandoren 5RV (about 16 years old)--I'm thinking of getting a new one, maybe a different kind (I'm hoping to take lessons soon, and hopefully my teacher can give me some advice in this area--this website is great for that, too)
-Ligature = Luyben
-Reeds = Right now--Mitchell Lurie 3.5 (I have used Vandoren 4's in the past, but its been about 12 years since I played--have to start with a little softer reed)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: hartt 
Date:   2005-07-12 20:41

for those who inquired about others needing 14 or a gazillion clarinets.....

Indiana Jones was not the only one looking for the Holy Graille [grin]

now go practice


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brad 
Date:   2005-07-14 02:08


Bb - Buffet R13 Silver plated keys. Chadash Barrel Circa 1991
A - Buffet R13 Festival. Chadash Barrel Circa 1998
Vandoren M30-13 Mouthpiece
Bay Ligature
Vandoren Blue Box 3.5 reeds

Bass - Buffet Prestige Low C, Circa 1995
Grabner Mouthpiece
Bay Ligature
Vandoren 4 reeds

Eb - Buffet RC, Circa 2003
Vandoren 2rv mouthpiece
Rovner Ligature
Vandoren Bb Blue Box 3.5 trimmed reeds

Brad Cohen

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: senator1214 
Date:   2005-07-14 03:09

End this stupid thread already. who really gives a flip what the heck any of you people are using. GO PRACTICE!! Just Kidding BTW!

And if your interested: Bb and A clarinets- Selmer recital series
Custom barrel by backun
Custom Richard Hawkins Mouthpiece
Reeds- Grand Concert select Evolutions
Lig- BG Super Rev

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Asheeka 
Date:   2005-07-14 04:03


I use......

Clarinet: Yamaha Bb clarinet

Mouthpeice: Yamaha (dunno what model!)

Case: Yamaha, Hard Case

Cork Grease: Yamaha

Ligature: Yamaha

Reeds: Vandoren #3



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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ned 
Date:   2005-07-14 04:15


1915 Buescher Truetone, keyed up to Eb. ''

Hi there johnsonfromwisconsin,

I'm curious to know what was done actually. What is meant by ''keyed up"" ?



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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: johnsonfromwisconsin 
Date:   2005-07-14 06:07

Hi there johnsonfromwisconsin,

I'm curious to know what was done actually. What is meant by ''keyed up"" ?


Many baritones of that day typically were only made with only two palm keys, hence up to Eb instead of F. That kept from having to equip the neck assembly with toneholes and such.

It has had it's silver plate (70%) thoroughly hand polished and cleaned, am trying to get a key that broke on me fixed, and am awaiting pads for replacement.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Scott 
Date:   2005-07-14 19:36

New Selmer Soloist
Vandoren B45 with Rovner Dark Ligature and Mitchell Lurie Premium #3

1970's Vito Claritone
Vandoren 2RV with Rovner Dark Ligature and Mitchell Lurie Premium #3

Extra Vandoren 5RV
Center Pitch Universal Intonation Tool for Band and Orchestra (CP2)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: contragirl 
Date:   2005-07-15 06:07

wait wait wait... is that reply up there from me contragirl, or old contragirl?

This one is oooold.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Marcuin 
Date:   2005-07-15 09:44

- Buffet Crampon E13 (it have 5 years)
- Vandoren B45 Lyre (most popular in poland, used in shool)
- Vandoren Optimum buy i will buy BG Revelation

I am advanced player and i am very happy from this stuff :)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Asheeka 
Date:   2005-07-16 15:17

carry bag: maybe a Protec Metro Carry-All Clarinet Case, not sure, check out my topic if you have heard about... or have the case! Thanks

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Jim Harper 2017
Date:   2005-07-17 18:33

I'll jump in late.


Eb: Buffet: R13
Eb Mouthpices:
Greg Smith, Chadash Barrel
Vandoren 2RV

Patricola: Rosewood

Bettoney: Silva Bet
Buffet: R13, Chadash Barrel
Haynes: "The Haynes Clarinet," Silver, Double-walled
Selmer: Series 10
Rossi: Cocobolo, American bore

A: Buffet R13

G: Rekor: Metal, Albert system

C, Bb, A, G Clarinet Mouthpieces:
Greg Smith: 1, 1+, 1*
H. Bettoney: Steel Ebonite 6
O’Brian: OCB OB*
Pomarico: Jazz**
Pyne: Bel Canto
Selmer: Silver Plated, Table S
Sumner: 3
Vandoren: A2, 5JB, 2RV, 5RV*,

Bass: LeBlanc
Bass Mouthpiece: J & D Hite


Soprano: Selmer Mark VI
Soprano Mouthpieces:
Guy Hawkins: 5
Otto Link: Tone Edge, 8
Selmer, S80

Alto: Selmer Mark VII
Alto Mouthpieces:
Berg Larson: 90A 3M
Selmer: S80
Meyer: #5

C-Melody: Conn, Silver LP
C Mouthpiece: Runyon, C Melody, 7

Tenor: SML King Marigaux
Otto Link: Tone Master, 4
Guy Hawkins: Metal, 5

Bari: Conn 12M
Bari Mouthpiece: Runyon 3

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2005-07-17 19:04

Here we go again!
Bb Buffet R-13 Wood
Bb Buffet R-13 Greenline
Bb Forte

Mouthpiece: Gregory Smith Kaspar Cicero 13 Grenadilla Wood

Ligature: BG Super Revelation

Reeds: Vandoren V-12

Guitar: Martin HJ 28 Limited Edition Signed (Simply marvelous!)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: NewyorkPhiljeek 
Date:   2005-07-17 23:36

Clarinet Bb: One of a kind Buffet International

Mouthpiece:Gigliotti (A2)

Reeds: Vandoren 56 Rue Lupec (The only kind in my life)

Lig: Vandoren Optimum

Barrel: C. Robert Scott barrel (67mm)

The barrel is new and I am upset because it will not go all the way in. There is a 1 1/2 mm gap between the end of the barrel and the clarinet. Does anyone have a solution?

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: larryb 
Date:   2005-07-18 00:36



Selmer 10G
Selmer 9
Selmer CT
Selmer BT
Selmer Brevette
Buffet R13 FB
Rossi French Bore






Sopranino Sax

Soprano Sax
Selmer SA80II

Alto Sax
Selmer Mk VII

Tenor Sax
Selmer Mk VII

Baritone Sax
Selmer Mk VI

Bass Sax



oh, wait a second, that's kenabott's collection - sorry ken, hope you're having a good summer

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: rc_clarinetlady 
Date:   2005-07-18 07:00

Buffet R 13 (1974)

Buffet R 13 (1976)
Selmer Series 10 (considering selling)

Moennig Buffet 67mm (and the stock Buffet)

Pyne Bel Canto
Pyne PK
Lomax A1G
Wells B2
Vandoren M15
Vandoren B45

Rovner Dark
Harrison gold
Luyben black
BG Super Revelation

Clarinet players do love their equipment! And...from the postings here, a lot of it!!

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: donald 
Date:   2005-07-18 09:32

sigh, i've resisted this one, but.... oh well.....

very old Buffet R13 Eflat clarinet
Zinner mouthpiece refaced by Brad Behn (angled sidewalls)
string ligature
Scott Barrel
(Vandoren V12 reeds cut off)

Buffet R13 B flat clarinet
Lomax A3 mouthpiece
Jurrassic Ligature (Rovner with Optimum tone plate stuck in there)
Moennig/Yan/Chaddash/Muncy barrels

Buffet Festival A clarinet
Chaddash barrel


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: missclarinetist 
Date:   2005-07-18 11:33

Here's my equipment:

Buffet E-11 wood clarinet made in Germany
Vandoren 5RV Lyre 13 Series
Vandoren size 4 reeds
Vandoren Leather Ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mike Blinn 
Date:   2005-07-18 15:55

My B flat soprano: Leblanc LX, Grabner mouthpiece, Rovner lig.

B flat bass: VITO Resotone, Woodwind mouthpiece, Rovner lig.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: William 
Date:   2005-07-18 16:33

Effers: Yamaha Pro model 681(?) named "Dammit", Bundy Resonite named "Jesus Christ" (thanks to Bill Cosby's comedic inspiration), mpc is Selmer HS**

Bb & A: LeBlanc Concertos and Buffet R13s, mpcs include Chicago and Ann Arbor Kaspars, Glen Bowen customized WW G8s, Greg Smith "Cicero" & "Chedeville" models, & a great custom Ithica Bay. Vandy Optimum, Bay & (occassionally) Winslow ligs.

C: Buffet E11, Chadash Barrel

(Blayman clarinet stand that holds all four--Eb, Bb, A and C)

Bass: Buffet model 1193-2 Prestige with Grabner CXBS mpc, Vandy Optimum lig.

Saxophones: Selmer S80 Sop, Anello mpc; Selmer BA Alto, "Hollywood" Gregory mpc; Selmer VI Tenor, Guardalla "studio" mpc; All with Winslow ligs

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: claclaws 
Date:   2005-07-19 09:15


From your nickname, I thought you used RCs.

Lucy Lee Jang

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: javier garcia m 
Date:   2005-07-19 14:10

Bb: Buffet BC20, 110xxx series of 1969
A: Rossi, rosewood french bore, N° 110 of 1996
Bass: Buffet "étude", 33xxx, 2000.
C: Buffet E-11, N° 40, 2003
reeds, Vandoren or Glotin 3 for sopranos; Vandoren 3 for bass.
MP: Vandoren B45 on Bb, A and C; Vandoren B44 on bass
ligature: BG standard on soprano and Bass.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2005-07-21 22:41

Pair of Peter Eaton Elites with Hite mouthpiece bored for '1010'
Basset Clt in A Selmer S10 extended by Ackerman with Charles Bay mouthpiece
Eb Clt Ubel with one of their mouthpieces
7 keyed Clt by Levin and Silverstien after H. Grenser in Bb with corps de rechange for A wooden mouthpiece
9 keyed Clt in Bb by Wells after H. Grenser
Ligatures, Rovner, Lingaphone gold plate (basset clt), olegature (on elites at the mo)

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: liam_hockley 
Date:   2005-07-21 23:48

1954 Buffet R13
David Hite Mouthpiece (not sure what size)
Peter Spriggs Ligature
Vandoren V12 3.5 Reeds

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: susieray 
Date:   2005-07-22 00:29


Buffet R13's: 1956 (w/stock 66m barrel) and 1959 (w/Fobes 66m barrel); both horns overhauled by Vytas Krass
Penzel-Mueller Artist made for US military, silver-plated keys
Silva-Bet (somes apart in center)


1935 Full Boehm Buffet overhauled by John Butler; with Allan Segal cocobolo barrel

1911 Buffet overhauled by Walter Grabner; Grabner cocobolo barrel
1993 Leblanc Concerto


Ridenour Arioso (older one, made in USA)


Penzel-Mueller Artist made for US military, silver plated keys
Silver-plated metal Bettoney, made for US military; overhauled by Dave Spiegelthal

Mouthpieces (Bb/A/C): Chadash/Hill; also two D.Bonades very nicely reworked by Vytas Krass; plus my orange Woodwind K9 [happy]

Eb mouthpieces: Ben Redwine (Zinner blank) and a no-name hard rubber, marked "France" and refaced by Dave Spiegelthal

Ligatures: Gigliotti and Harrison on A/Bb/C; Rovner light on Eb

Reeds: Grand Concert Select Evolution and Gonzales FOF, both # 3 1/2


Solid silver Gemeinhardt M2S; closed-hole, offset G, C foot

Oboe: Rigoutat

Alto sax: Yahama 61 with Dave Knox Jewel Custom Jazz mpc, Olegature & La Voz medium reeds

Post Edited (2005-09-08 05:25)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: davedmg 
Date:   2005-08-26 16:24

I use new Ridenour Arioso Bb hard rubber clarinet with the Arioso mouthpiece ( I like it better than my old Herb Coef 3*) with a Bonade inverted ligature and Van Doren #3 reeds balanced with Ridenour's ATG reed balancing method. -- Dave

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2005-08-26 16:27

If I could copy and paste what I'd already listed I would, but as that's all been wiped so I can't.

Cheers for nothing.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: contragirl 
Date:   2005-08-26 18:01

Ah man.. since this thread has started, I quit clarinet!

Now I play the fool.

(10 bucks to whoever gets it.)


(Ok, not really 10 bucks. Maybe a hug!)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2005-08-26 18:05

Shame! I was hoping you'd send me $10 so I can get a takeaway, but at the current exchange rate that'd only cover the rice, but I do need to lose a few pounds (in weight, not in money terms - I waste enough of that buying clarinets off eBay!)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: bill28099 
Date:   2005-08-26 19:23

Leblanc Dynamique and LL in Bb
1919 and 1954 Buffet in Bb
Leblanc Symphonie II in A
1904, 1920 and 1922 Buffet in A
Old Normandy Eb
Amati in C
Malerne 4 star alto in pieces
Selmer #9 basset horn
Conn bass, pretty awful
Buffet Prestige bass to low C

Crystal Selmer #1 and #2
1959 Crystal Clarion HS*
Crystal Pomarico #2 ruby mellow, stinks
Vandoren 2RV on the basset horn
Morgan RM15
Sumner #3
Grabner CX-BB
Pomarico #2 not too hot
RIA Crystal #2
Bonade screws up for Bb
Bonade screws down on the basset
Bonade screws up for bass, useless
BG Revelation for Bb
Rovners for Bb, Eb and bass

Most of the time I play the Leblanc LL/BG Revelation/Selmer #1
home made reeds for Bb, Rico #2.5 for bass and Vandoren #2 for basset,
cut off Vandoren 3.5/4.0 for Eb

A great teacher gives you answers to questions
you don't even know you should ask.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Iacuras 
Date:   2005-08-26 23:43

Bb Clarinet-
Buffet E-11 6 Months old.
Vandoren B45 Mouthpeice.
BG Traditional Gold plated Ligature.
Vandoren V12 reeds strength 4.

Bass Clarinet-
Vito7166 1 year old
Vandoren B45 Mouthpiece.
BG Super Revelation Ligature.
Grand Concert Select Strenghth 3.5 (Wind Ensemble).
Legere Strength 3.25 (Marching Band).

I wish I could get a better Bass clarinet, but the basic student model was all my parents would buy me. By the way, I am a junior at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado.

"If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon."
"If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly."

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: David 
Date:   2005-08-27 00:22

Boosey & Hawkes Imperial 926 Bflat 1978
Ditto A 1982 (although the dates might be the other way round
Both with Ralph Morgan RM10s
Vandoren Optimum and Super Revelation (A) ligatures
Lucian Bassi Bflat, and a Selmer Console B flat

Dolnet M70 Bel Air Tenor Sax. Dodgy tuning low reg flat, upper sharp.
Dolnet Bel Air Alto. Spot on tuning everywhere. Meyer and Link 5/7 star rubber mouthpieces.
King 613 Alto.
Lyriste (A E Sax) Soprano. Very old,only about 2 palm keys. High pitch, but sweet sound. (Does anyone know a Monsieur Briard, soloist with the Band of the Garde Republicaine? Crest and those words engraved on the bell.)

Yamaha SC1200. A thing of utter beauty. High quality finish essential to resist drool damage.

Alexander Heinrich Treble and descant recorders. Plastic, and none the worse for it, Aulos descants and sopranino. A fast swap to the tenor from that feels well weird. And going back, you're looking everywhere for where the neckstrap goes...

(Ahem) Metallic red Westone Raider Bass. A touch ostentatious, and prone to cause one to headbang and throw Signs of the Devil like a Monster of Metal. Nice to play, but folk do tend to stare, somewhat.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Gandalfe 
Date:   2005-08-27 03:59

My wife, the clarinet player:
Leblanc Concerto Eb sop clarinet
Leblanc Symphonie Bb sop clarinet
Leblanc Symphonie A sop clarinet
Leblanc C sop clarinet
Selmer Esprit Eb Alto clarinet
Selmer Privilege bass clarinet (to low C)
Yanagisawa 902 soprano sax
Selmer Ref 54 Kookabura alto and tenor sax

Eppelsheim Soprillo Sax
Yanagisawa 981 Sopranino Sax
Eppelsheim C Soprano Sax
Yanagisawa 992 Soprano Sax
Conn F Mezzo Soprano Sax
Selmer Ref 54 Hummingbird alto sax
Conn C Melody (straight-neck) sax
Selmer Ref 36 tenor sax
Yanagisawa 991 bari sax
Buescher bass sax
Eppelsheim bass sax
Conn (straight-neck) C melody sax
Buffett R-13 Festival Bb clarinet
Selmer Paris siver Bb clarinet (Boehm)
Buescher lacquer Bb clarinet (Albert)
Leblanc Paperclip Contra Alto clarinet
Leblanc Paperclip Contrabass BBb clarinet
Gemeinhardt 3SHB flute

Read more about our late bloomer adventures in music at http://gandalfe.spaces.live.com

Jim and Suzy

Quinn the Eskimo Vintage Horns
Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra
Seattle, Washington

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: rc_clarinetlady 
Date:   2005-08-27 06:35

I've added an old Boosey and Hawks Bb to my previous inventory list. I want to learn how to repad and recork old clarinets so I bought it to learn how to do these things. It's such a mess so I really have my work cut out for me!!

I'm also just about ready to add a Gigliotti mouthpiece too. I like it!

Lucy Lee.....RC are my initials. It stands for Rebecca Caselman. I get called all kinds of things, though. Becca, Rebecca, AuntBeck, Becky, Beccaba.....mom.... etc.....Oh, and btw... I like your name. My mom's name, Lucile (Lucy) and my dad's name, Lee must have something to do with it. Great names you have, there.

Happy playing,

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Merlin 
Date:   2005-08-27 12:18


I've resisted this for a while, but here goes.

Selmer Series 10S Bb, modified by Steve Fox
Jupiter Parisienne Bb (my spare, which recently saved my butt!)
Noblet hard rubber (!) A clarinet
Selmer Series 9 Eb
Selmer Series 9 Alto Clarinet
Selmer Series 9 Bass Clarinet
Vito Eb Contra clarinet

Vandoren B40 pieces with #3 or #3.5 on most of those.

Jupiter Artist Series Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone saxes
w/ Caravan classical mouthpieces, Vandorens for jazz

DeMedici flute
Jupiter piccolo

Amati oboe

Kohlert bassoon w/Paul Buttemer reeds

Yamaha soprano, alto, tenor & bass recorders
Adler maple soprano recorder
Aulos sopranino recorder

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: toncek 
Date:   2005-08-28 20:03

I don't play so much, so I just use what I picked up/was given.

Bb - R-13 (1958) upper joint - all cork pads
Vandoran A2 (though it doesn't seem so popular here)
BG Super Revelation Lig.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: LarryBocaner 2017
Date:   2005-08-28 22:26

Been champing at the bit to join this free-for-all for months; given a slow Sunday afternoon (Nationals and Orioles both getting bombed) I guess I can resist no longer!

Clarinets: Bb: Buffet R-13 selected at Libertyville in the early 1990's
A : RC, purchased at Quintette Musique in Paris a year or two
Setup: Morgan RM-06 mouthpiece, with (usually) Grand Concert Select
(thick blank) reeds 3-1/2 or 4. Bonade regular ligature (silver

Bass Clarinet: Leblanc Model 517 (low C) prototype, manufactured in 1962.
"Moennigized" in the mid '60's; "Brannenized" circa 1970.

Setup: Zinner-based Roger Garrett mouthpiece, w/ Grand Concert Select
reeds #3-1/2, Bonade ligature.

Alto Sax: Selmer "Super Balanced Action" (1950's) retrofitted with a Mark VI
neck by Selmer. (improved the heck out of the intonation!)Selmer "D" mouthpiece.

Tenor Sax: Mark VI, (1962) factory silver-plate. Brilhart "L" series
mouthpiece. Oops, forgot to mention my C clarinet: Buffet R-13 (Brannenized).

Post Edited (2005-08-28 22:38)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2005-08-29 01:12

Alright, I'll try to remember what I've got lying around:

Flute family:

- Yamaha YFL 674 Flute (0069xx) with standard issue EC head,
- B&H wooden Boehm system Flute (249xx), one-piece body and foot, metal head, ex-Royal Marines,
- Jupiter JAF 1121ES DiMedici Alto Flute (C02xx) with curved and straight heads,
- Yamaha YPC 62 Piccolo (360xx),
- Yamaha YPC 81 Piccolo (117xx) with wood and silver heads, cork padded.

Double reeds:

- Howarth S5 Oboe (45xx) with added thumbplate, kingwood body (new top joint in 1999), PVC bushed 3rd 8ve, trills and C# toneholes, cork padded throughout, Bb and C tuned for Conservatoire fingering,
- Marigaux 930 Cor Anglais (275xx) with added Howarth thumbplate and repositioned 3rd 8ve key, added adjustment screw on top fingerplate, Howarth adjustable thumbrest with sling hook, cork padded throughout,
- Dirk Kloffer Baroque Oboe after Terton, boxwood, 2 keys,
- Dirk Kloffer Baroque Oboe d'Amore after Eichentopf, boxwood, 2 keys,
- Orsi Bassoon, basic Heckel system, bought for £50 at an auction (why not?), original dent-free crook, and it plays very well considering!


- Vito plastic Eb (020xx), removed cross Eb/Bb key,
- Richard Keilwerth Eb (367xx), German bore Boehm system with forked Eb/Bb, cork padded to F#/C# - F/C and E/B pads in white leather, dreadful tuning problems,
- Buffet R13 Eb, (717xx) awaiting rebuild once I get the keys and pillars back from being plated,
- Lyons plastic C clarinet, bought to do 'Carnival of the Animals', good tuning though the whole instrument is too bendy and plastic keywork is unreliable,
- B&H Marlborough Bb (212xxx) awaiting some nickel plating then full restoration,
- B&H Symphony 1010 Bb (531xxx), plays well but really needs a full overhaul and polish,
- Richard Keilwerth Oehler system (no serial number), 444Hz, it was cheap so I bought it out of curiosity,
- Leblanc LL full boehm (575xx), repadded in cork down to Ab/Eb, brown leather pads from F/C to low Eb, added pillar under throat G# touch, Marigaux adjustable thumbrest (from my cor),
- Selmer Centered Tone N.1 Bb (N84xx), unplated keys, leather pads,
- Selmer Centered Tone N.6 Bb (N69xx) - fully rebuilt, silver plated, PVC bushed toneholes and cork padded down to RH cross B/F#, all new screws,
- Selmer Centered Tone N.6 A (P10xx) - as above
- Selmer Series 9 N.8 Bb (A35xx), fully replated in silver, cork padded to RH cross B/F#, bottom 5 pads in white leather,
- Selmer Series 9 N.8 A (S52xx) in silver plate (original), padded as above,
- Selmer basset horn (879), unplated keys, leather pads (Gordon Beeson), lengthened crook (soldered 6mm length of 15.2mm bore nickel silver tubing inside tenon section), awaiting addition of thumb keys, LH low D lever and floor spike, plays well except now there's no low D key,
- Leblanc Alto Clarinet (43xx), unplated keys, awaiting restoration,
- Leblanc Alto Clarinet (78xx), nickel plated keys, awaiting restoration,
- Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet to low C (339xx), some keywork modifications - removed LH cross Eb/Bb key, connection from LH 2 to top fingerplate with long adjusting screw, adjusting screw in pillar for top plate venting regulation, bar attached to G# cup to link with RH main action with adjustment for B-C#/F#-G# trills etc.

Clarinet mouthpiece set-ups:

- Vandoren B44 Eb, Rovner lig, Vandoren 2,
- Vandoren 'Profile 88' 5RV Lyre Bb, Rovner lig, Vandoren 2.5 (for CT/Series 9 set),
- Vandoren A1 Crystal, Rovner lig, Vandoren 2.5 (for 1010 & basset horn),
- Selmer C85 120, Rovner Light lig, Reeds Australia Vintage 3 (for Leblanc LL as it lives with my alto sax),
- Vandoren B46 bass, Rovner Light lig, Carbon Toptone Fiberreed MS,


- Yamaha YSS 62 Soprano (27xx), cork padded from C# up to high F#, including cork pads in both 8ves,
- Yamaha YAS 875EX Alto (0106xx), an excellent example of quality workmanship - should be used as an example for all companies to follow, cork pad in lower 8ve,
- Buffet S3 Prestige Alto, copper body, cork pad in lower 8ve, excellent tuning but keywork not as elaborate or as comfortable as the older S1 Prestiges on account of the Keilwerth parts, and too quiet and polite for playing lead alto in Big Bands,
- Yamaha YTS 62 Tenor (0327xx), fully repadded in early August with Premium Deluxe and (mostly) Precision Pads, cork pad in lower 8ve,
- Yamaha YBS 62 Baritone (30xx), Jiffy stand fitted to bell, brass thumb hook (from a YTS 61), cork pad in upper 8ve,
- Wurlitzer C Melody, US built, no front F, original pads.

Sax mouthpiece set-ups:

- Lawton 6*B ebonite Soprano, Plasticover 2.5 (don't laugh!),
- Lawton 7*BB metal Alto, Vandoren Java 2,
- Lawton 6*BBSpecial metal Tenor, Vandoren V16 2,
- Lawton 7*BB stainless steel Baritone, gold plated, Vandoren Jazz 2.5.

- Lawton 7*B metal Soprano, not used much now if at all, a bit too open - the 6* being much more controllable,
- Lawton 7*B metal Tenor, depends how I'm feeling (not that I like playing tenor),
- Lawton 7 ebonite Baritone, alright for sax 4tets but a bit dull for Big Band,
- Dukoff D7 metal Alto, Rovner lig, had a bad day with this once and put the Lawton on and stuck with them ever since.
- Dukoff D8 metal Baritone, Rovner lig, lowered baffle as it was too bright.

I still have some ebonites that I rarely use, if at all (I use Lawtons in orchestral and concert band playing):

- Selmer S80 C* Soprano, metal Yamaha lig and cap,
- Selmer S80 D Alto, Rovner lig,
- Selmer S80 D Tenor, Rovner lig,
- Selmer Soloist D Baritone (from late '50s-mid '60s), unplated metal Selmer lig and cap.


- Andreas Zeller Double Bass, 4/4, all solid timber,
- Salvi Arianna Concert Harp, 47 strings, decorated extended soundboard, neck, column, base and body in various contrasting veneers, big fat sound.


Post Edited (2005-08-31 08:36)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: psychotic lil clarinet girl (don't as 
Date:   2005-08-29 03:27

I'm sure my setup is not nearly as impressive as some peoples, but why not? Hm.

Clarinets (All Ebay Bought):
Buffet B12 (Benny)
Evette Buffet and Crampon clarinet (that's what it says, bunny bread (Woody))
an Evette Buffet and Crampon Master Model clarinet (Larry)
Vandoren 5RV
Vandoren M30
Vandoren size 3 ^_^

yes, all bought off ebay... All for the low low price of under $600, for EVERYTHING. Thank You and come again someday. lol.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: marcia 
Date:   2005-08-29 16:04

Here is my family!

A and Bb

Buffet R13
Bonade lig
Vandoren reeds size 3
Greg Smith 1* mp
Backun bell and barrel (recently purchased-I LOVE them)

Eb alto clarinet

Rovner lig
Vandoren mp B44
Vandoren reeds size 2, 2 1/2

Eb alto sax

Yamaha 62
Rovner lig
Vandoren mp A20
Vandoren reeds size 2

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Arnoldstang 
Date:   2005-08-29 16:34

Hi Chris....curious..what is cork pads in lower 8ve? Are you talking about right hand keys? John

Freelance woodwind performer

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2005-08-29 18:46

Hi John,

I generally put a cork pad in the lower octave vent key on saxes (on altos and tenors) as leather pads tend to stick to the octave bush (especially the waterproof treated pads against the laquered or sticky surface of the 8ve bush), except on baritones where I either cork pad the upper octave vent key as it's in a position where there's more condensation, or both (especially on one piece sopranos), depending if both of them tend to stick - this makes the auto octave mechanism switch over quicker, so going from eg. A down to E or D (all in the upper register) is smoother. If the lower 8ve pad sticks there's a slight delay in it opening, and delay in the crook key closing, running the risk of accidentally going into 3rd harmonics when playing E or D, they'll sound B or A instead.

Play A (12O OOO) slurring to D (123 456), both in the upper octave repeatedly to see or hear if this happens. If there is some delay in the 8ve mechanism, you'll just get A and a huskier A instead of the D.

If I could get cork pads 18mm+ of good quality, I'd probably use them in the LH palm keys too! But the largest size cork pads are only about 16mm maximum, octave keys generally being between 9 and 10.5 mm depending on the make.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Stewie Griffin 
Date:   2005-10-09 20:19

Here are the names of my good friends-

Bb/A: Matched set Buffet Festival Greenline, backup is Vito
Clark Fobes CF+, backup is Gennusa GE
Spriggs lig, backup is Luyben or Rovner Dark
Vandoren V12 #4 or Grand Concert Select Evo
Fobes barrel (mp+barrel=unit, i guess)
Backun bell

Eb: Buffet R13
Hite and Grabner mouthpieces, maybe I'll get a Behn Vintage Eb when it comes out
BG Tradition Gold (just like Grabner uses) or Vandoren Master's
cut down Vandoren Blackmaster #3.5
Chadash barrel
Backun bell

Alto clarinet (why don't I have a bass?):Selmer Series 9
Selmer Standard C* or Fobes San Fran
Vandoren Java Alto sax
BG Super Revelation

Alto sax: Selmer Super Action 80
Vandoren Optimum or Selmer S80 C*
Rovner ED II lig
Vandoren Java reeds

Post Edited (2005-10-24 22:12)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clarinetgirl09 
Date:   2006-01-14 22:52

yeah. This thread does seem kind of old..But I'll go for it. Why not?

I'm saving up for a Buffet RC Eb and a Buffet R-13 A clarinet.

Bb clarinets:
Buffet R-13 (beautiful sound, silver-plated keys)
Buffet E-11 (silver-plated keys)
Buffet B-12 (nickel-plated keys. Marching/pep band)
Beusher piece of crap.

Rovner Dark
Vandoren Optimum (I mainly use this one.)
BG Tradition (silver-plated. I gave this one to a friend..and I recently tried it again and loved it even more..oh well.)
BG Super Revelation (one of the ribs broke. But it's put under the top rib, and it still works).
Bonade Inverted nickle-plated (I'm letting someone borrow it right now).
Hite ligature
The original Buffet ligature that came with my R-13. I can't find the one that came with my E-11 and B-12. The one that came with the R-13 wasn't half bad.

Ligs I've tried:
Rovner ED ll
Original Harrison ligature gold-plated
I know there's many more.

Vandoren V12s 3.5-4.0s (so far, these are the only ones that work on my mouthpiece)
Gonzalez F.O.F 3.25-3.75
Gonzalez original cuts 3.75
Reeds Australia Vintage 4s. If you get a good one in a box, it's surprising..but that good reed is WONDERFUL!!!
The Vandoren Originals...sometimes (strength 4)
Vandoren 56 Rue Lepics 3.5+ (they worked best on my Hite Premier. They don't fit on the window/reed table to my current mouthpiece)
Peter Ponzol 4s. Absolutely wonderful. I loved them with the Hite D mouthpiece.

Pomarico Crystal mouthpiece. Emerald M model.
Gigliotti facing #4. I dispised that mouthpiece with a passion. It was too resistant. I couldn't find a right reed strength for it. A hard reed was crap on it, a soft reed gave me an extremely bright sound, and a medium reed was too resistant with it. Too bright for my taste. Sorry to all of you Gigliotti fans!
I'm soon going to get an Eddie Daniels mouthpiece.
Hite Premier...my favorite along side of the Pomarico Crystal.
Hite D model. I liked it with a good reed. But it had a pretty bright sound. (In my opinion)
Vandoren B45. It plays surprisingly well.
Grabner CXZ_K11. I love this mouthpiece. Incredibly response and warmth of tone.

The standard R-13 Barrel. (When I first got my R-13, I didn't like the barrel because it always played 20 cents flat..ew. and now that it's settled down, it's normal. And it has a really good sound).
Original click barrel. It was okay...I could NEVER figure out how to change the length...until one day..On accident, I just moved it. It's good for marching band.


To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Music is a sory told from your soul; a story of passion, of life. Share your story.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ElBlufer 
Date:   2006-01-15 03:26

Bb Clarinets: Buffet R-13 nickel plated
Buffet B-12

Barrel: Standard R-13 barrel
Standard B-12 barrel

Mouthpiece: Vandoren B45

Ligature: Olegature

Reeds: Size 4 56 rue lepics.
Size 3 1/2 blue box (for marching band)

Soon to be made additions (on order from WWBW):

Bay Clarinet Ligature
Pomarico Crystal mouthpiece (Emerald M)

My Setup:
R13 Clarinet (Ridenour Lyrique as my backup/marching instrument)
Walter Grabner K11 mouthpiece
Rico Reserve 3.5's
Bonade ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Iacuras 
Date:   2006-01-15 04:57

Bb Clarinet:
Buffet E-11
Vandoren 5RVLyre
Peter Spriggs Floating Rail Ligature
Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic 3.5+ Reeds
Clark W. Fobes 65mm barrel

Alto Clarinet:
Bundy (School's)
Yamah N2 mouthpiece
Vandoren 3.5 reeds
Rubber band ligature

Bass Clarinet:
Vandoren B45
BG Super Revelation Ligature
Rico Grand Concert Select 3.5 reeds

Yet another humble high school musician who hopes to major in music.

"If a pretty poster and a cute saying are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon."
"If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly."

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ebclarinet1 
Date:   2006-01-15 15:21

OK, here's a bit of a different list from the "auxillary" clarinet player.


Buffet Prestige, absolutely great horn
Fobes and Grabner Mouthpieces
Cut-down 3.5-4 VanDoren Bb reeds
Rovner Dark Ligature

R13 (back up horn)


Leblanc Paris (2)
several mouthpieces, one from Grabner used most often
Rovner ligature
VanDoren 2.5-3 reeds

Bassett horn

same m'pieces and equipment as for the altos

Bass Clarinet

Selmer to low C
several mouthpieces (Grabner, VanDoren)
Grand Concert Reeds, 2.5-3

Also have a Rigoutat oboe and English horn, Loree oboe d'amore' and Schreiber contrabassoon. Most of my concert gigs are for an "odd" clarinet or something in oboe family.

Actually the list up to now was interesting as I expected a total Buffet domination but we've got people playing every model and agew of horn out there.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Stewie Griffin 
Date:   2006-01-15 18:40

I've switched equipment since I last posted. I got a lot of stuff I didn't mention. The things listed below are the ones that actually work (let's not mention the Rico mouthpiece :) ) Many of the mouthpieces are obtained second-hand.

Bb/A: Matched set Buffet Festival, E11
Chicago Kaspar, Livengood Kaspar, Lelandais, Chadash-Hill, Fobes CF+, Lane-Zinner, Grabner AW, Grabner K13, Greg Smith Cicero grenadilla, McClune M13, Hawkins B, Gennusa-Zinner, Vandoren M15
Spriggs lig, Scott lig, Luyben, Equatone
Vandoren V12 #4 or Gonzalez FOF
Morales-Backun barrels
Morales-Backun bells

Eb: Fox, Patricola
Kaspar Cicero, Morales Backun, 1950's Selmer HS* refaced by Behn, Lomax Symphonie Eb, Grabner Orchestral, Fobes San Fran, Dan Johnston, Bay ithaca custom, Bay-refaced Vandoren Crystal, Hite
cut down Vandoren Blackmaster #3.5 or Eb #3.5 or v12
Fobes barrel, Fobes extension (for the Pat)
Backun bell
Bay rhodium "covered" lig, Bois lig, Vandoren Optimum

Alto clarinet:Selmer Series 9
Lelandais, Fobes, Selmer C*
Vandoren V16 Alto sax
Ultimate lig

Whatever bass I use, currently old Buffet low Eb
Fobes RR, Grand Concert Select, Spriggs lig

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Bnewbs 
Date:   2006-01-15 22:08

Bb: Selmer 10G, Buffet E12 MM
Mouthpice: Grabner/Hill, VD M13, Selmer C95
Ligature: VD Klassik, Bonade inverted
Reeds Oliveri/Oliveri Elite #3.5/4

Alto Clarinet: 70s Kohlert
Mouthpiece: Selmer C*
Ligature: BG super rev
Reeds: Vandoren/ Gonzales sax (wishing for real alto reeds)


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: samohan245 
Date:   2007-04-21 00:25

Bb:G. purefure silver throat deluxe (60's)
mouthpiece:vandoren B45
lig:rovner ''dark''
reed: vandoren #3 1/2

and coming soon...
soprano sax

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Swede 
Date:   2007-04-21 17:47

I have 3 clarinets so far ....
All Bb Clarinet:
1984 buffet C12 with a Chadash 66 mm barrel and a David hite "D" mouthpiece.
1988 Buffet E11 with a Hite premiere mouthpiece.
1969 Malerne pro "4 star" from around -67


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Connor 
Date:   2007-04-21 21:02

Yamaha CSG Bb
Tosca Bb
1989 r-13 A

Vandoren Optimum or Luyben
V-12 #4's

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: kilo 
Date:   2007-04-21 22:05

Selmer Series 10
Ralph Morgan RM-10

Buffet R13 Green Line
Gabner K-13
Robert Vinson

Legere Quebec Cut 3.25

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ned 
Date:   2007-04-22 00:27

Buffet Albert system circa 1918.
Vandoren JB5
Rico Royal #3 1/2

Seems like everyone has replied now since 1999.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: samohan245 
Date:   2007-04-22 01:35


yeah isnt it amazing all these people replying

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: pdkbach 
Date:   2007-04-22 02:03

Buffet R13 74,xxx

Greg Smith 1+
Richard Hawkins S (backup)

Luyben black Ligature

Vandoren V12, 3.5
Rico Reserve, 3.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ned 
Date:   2007-04-22 04:09


Yep.....sure is I reckon....just amazing

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: gwie 
Date:   2007-04-22 05:57

Bb: Buffet R13 (1983), Backun bell/barrel
A: Buffet R13 (1994), Backun bell/barrel
mpc: Grabner K11
lig: Bonade inv.
reeds: V12 4.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: EuGeneSee 
Date:   2007-04-22 13:27

Leblanc Symphonie HS* Bonade
Selmer Paris FB ca 1928 HS* Rovener Dark
Selmer Series 10 2RV generic lig
Selmer New York ca 1920's Imperial mpc generic lig
Selmer USA Signet Soloist HS* Bonade
Evette Master Model WW mpc Bonade
Artley 8S Geo. Bundy generic lig
Pourcelle 10-key (being overhauled by David Spiegalthal)

Buescher generic mpc & lig

Amati 351 stock mpc & lig

Vito generic mpc & lig

Bundy w/Bundy mpc generic lig

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2007-04-22 13:48

Ho, took you quite a while to count, Eu, no? [wink]

Amati 314 lookalike, 3/4 boehm (sans the low Eb), older model.
Amati 211, relegated to good weather outdoor gigs
Amati 201, bad weather outdoors

Amati 251

For all these I have two Hite Premieres, a Fobes Debut and a Michell Lurie Premium with Rovner Dark + MkIII ligs.

Bundy, with Geo.Bundy/Spiegelthal HR mpc (Yamaha 4C as replacement), Rovner Dark

These are just my "regular" horns; there are some projects awaiting new pads in the attic.

Hmm. Anyone with a spare Amati Alto and/or Bass?


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: EuGeneSee 
Date:   2007-04-22 14:06

Ben, it isn't like GBK's collection of R13's, any one of which would cost more than my entire investment (less than $2,000) in clarinets! I also have at any given time about a dozen student Bb clarinets that I give away to members of our community band in need of a horn to squawk. Eu

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Bradley 
Date:   2007-04-22 21:00

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: haberc 
Date:   2007-04-22 21:34


Selmer Series 9*
Larry Combs LC3 mp
Winslow lig
Vandoren V12

Alto Sax

Selmer Mark VI
Couf mp
Winslow lig
Fred Hemke

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Max S-D 
Date:   2007-04-22 23:22

Buffet R13
Borbeck Model 13
Clark Fobes 67mm Barrel
Vandoren V12 #3.5 or 4 reeds
Rovner EDII ligature, although I'm thinking about just getting a Selmer two-screw

Buffet R13
Same as above for everything else, but stock barrel (the Fobes barrel is too long).

Selmer Model 33 (belongs to UC Santa Cruz)/Bundy (mine)
Clark Fobes San Francisco Model, RR Facing
Vandoren #3.5 reeds
Rovner EDII.

I'm pretty happy with my equipment. Of course, I'd like to find the mouthpiece that will make me sound like Robert Marcellus, but I'll just practice until then.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Koo Young Chung 
Date:   2007-04-22 23:52

Unscientific tabulation so far,

Buffet: 67
Selmer: 20
Lablanc: 17
Yamaha: 7
Peter Eaton: 2

Bundy,Evette Schaffer,Chadash,Couesnon,Penzel Muller,Amati,Buescher
Ridenour,Boosey & Hawkes : each 1

*I counted only 1 main Bb clar. from each person
When it is not clear,I used my judgement .
**Each brand includes all models regardless of their level or price.

I have Bb clars,

Buffet R13
Leblanc LL

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: energia eolica 
Date:   2007-04-23 00:42

Buffet R-13s
Chadash Barrels (66 and 65)
Vandoren M15
Vandoren V12 Strength 4
Bonade Ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Neal Raskin 
Date:   2007-04-23 03:15

LeBlanc Concerto II.
Vandoren M13-Lyre MP
BG Super Revalation Ligature
Vandoren 3.5 Reeds

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Jenab 
Date:   2007-04-23 03:30

Laval Eb. (Yeah it's a cheap knockoff, but I get tunes out of it.)
Vandoren B44.
Rico reeds, the plain ones, #3 or 3.5
Vandoren ligature.
Usual audience: cats, goats, deer, the neighbors down in the valley
Sheet music: NONE (play by ear)
Usual repertoire:
1. Colors of the Wind, a tune from the animated movie Pocahontas.
2. Title Theme to the computer game Morrowind.
3. The swinging "snowy weather" tune from the computer game Daggerfall.
4. Star Trek: Deep Space 9.
5. Star Trek: original series theme.
6. Star Trek: The Next Generation theme.
7. Instrumental from the movie Silent Running.
8. A Quiet Knowing, leading into a tune snatched from a 1980s Sominex commercial.
9. Anima Christe, leading into Pie Jesu, leading into the Doxology.
11. Precious Lord, leading into Amazing Grace, leading into Rock of Ages.
12. Bonny Morn, a tune from the computer game Colonization.
13. Theme music from the TV series The Waltons.
14. Country Roads.
15. Danny Boy.
16. The Homes of Donegal.
17. Forever Young.
18. I Can See Clearly Now.
19. Rainy Days and Mondays.
20. A Sonatina for Band (remembered from high school days).
21. Shennandoah.
22. Five Hundred Miles.
23. I Don't Know How to Love Him (from Godspell).
24. Sunshine on My Shoulders
25. Smoky Tune, from the computer game Colonization.
26. "Do the Goatly Ones Want Some Feed?" (composed by me)
27. Theme to the music in the tavern of Januli, from the computer game Betrayal in Antara.
28. Auld Lang Syne.
29. My Country, 'Tis of Thee.
30. Obla di, Obla da.
31. Yesterday.
32. Horst Wessel.
33. Thou Fount of Every Blessing

I play other tunes as the whim strikes me.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Roger Aldridge 
Date:   2007-04-23 12:56

Bb Clarinet:
2 vintage Couesnon Monopoles (1960 and '70's)
Walter Grabner K14 mouthpieces
Legere Quebec #3 reeds
Vandoren Klassik string ligature

Bass Clarinet:
Yamaha YCL-221 II
Walter Grabner LB mouthpiece
Legere #3 reeds
Vandoren Masters ligature

Tenor Saxophone:
1934 Buescher New Aristocrat
Ralph Morgan 6C mouthpiece
Legere #2.5 (regular cut) reeds
Vandoren Klassik string ligature

Open tone hole Yamaha

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: JJAlbrecht 
Date:   2007-04-23 16:07

Bb clarinets:
Leblanc/Backun Cadenza
Mackun ringless barrels 65 and 66 mm
Ted Lane/Zinner mpc
Legere Quebec 3.5 reeds
Rovner//Eddie Daniels II ligature
(backup: Bois ligature)

Evette Schaeffer Master Model c. 1968
Stock barrel
mpc/lig/reeds as above

Contemplatinmg a new mpc. Will probably call Walter Grabner this week. :)


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Steve Epstein 
Date:   2007-04-23 16:28

My alto clarinet already came with a name from the factory, emblazoned right on the horn. It's named Vito.

Yuk yuk yuk [grin]

(Apologies if someone already has written something like this. There were 149 other posts, including perhaps one of mine, that I wasn't going to read through.)

Steve Epstein

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Library Geek 
Date:   2007-04-23 16:56

Clarinet: Buffet Bb E11 (circa 1992)

Mouthpiece: Vandoren 5RV

Reeds: Vandorens 3.5 (right now, blue box. Also have used V-12s and 56 Rue Lepic).

Ligature: Lubyen (black)

I also have a plastic Selmer-Bundy Bb clarinet for backup (circa 1920-1924, according to the serial number the serial number finder on this site).


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2007-04-23 17:24


Vito Altos are far from being environmentally inert. The best place to properly dispose of them is to send 'em here. Ah'll take care of it. [wink]


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: bufclar 
Date:   2007-04-23 17:30

Buffet R13
Chadash Ringles Barrels 65,66 &67 MM

Buffet R13
Chadash Ringless Barrels 65 & 66 MM


Vandoren M13 Lyre
V12 Reeds #4

Vandoren Optimum
Bonade Inverted

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: GoatTnder 
Date:   2007-04-23 18:09

Mr/Ms (forgive me) Koo Young Chung, you'll have to update your tally a little. I had the Evette Shaffer, and still love that clarinet. But I'm now using an RC from 1983 as my main instrument.

Buffet RC
Clark Fobes 4L (refaced for me slightly)
V12 3.5 reeds
Backun bell, Morales Backun barrel
Ligatures vary depending on my mood. Luyben, Bay covered gold, Spriggs, and Harrison gold.

-Andy Cabrera

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Cat 
Date:   2007-04-23 23:37


Author: Steve Epstein (---.hsd1.pa.comcast.net - ISP in Lancaster, PA United States)
Date: 2007-04-23 16:28

My alto clarinet already came with a name from the factory, emblazoned right on the horn. It's named Vito.

Yuk yuk yuk [grin]

Ha ha! Thanks, Steve.

I actually kind of thought that's what this thread was at first glance.

In which case, I'd have to answer:

Buffet R-13, "Felix"

After a Mendelssohn Duo Concerto that suffered horrible squeaks and squawks at a high school solo and ensemble event many years ago.

I was only 14 and had gotten the horn about a month prior. I didn't realize that just before going into the performance room, I'd bumped a key and turned a screw just a teeeeeeny tiny bit and a pad on the upper joint wasn't closing. So some notes wouldn't sound, they would just SQUEEEEAK!

I was so confused and mortified. This had never happened before! I assumed that my own nervousness was causing the squeak. (Afterwards, a kind teacher saw me in tears in the hall, examined my horn, pointed out the loose screw, and fixed it.)

A year later, the judge from that duet wound up being my private lesson teacher. He was a professor at a local university, and I was deemed worthy of his tutelage after my own teacher (one of his college students) graduated.

Through high school and college, I studied with him, and we had a running joke. I would tell him I was thinking of playing the Mendelssohn and he'd mock shudder.

I still have Felix. It's still a great horn. And it never did that loose screw thing ever again.

I take great pleasure in torturing reeds once they're reached the end of their useful life.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Allegremente 
Date:   2007-04-25 02:37

Why not?

Selmer Signature
Pyne Clarion Barrel
Gennusa Excellente GE mouthpiece (and a Van Doren B45 as a backup)
Forward-cocked Eddie Daniels Mk. I Ligature with flat thick pressure plate
Van Doren V12 3.5 and Rico Grand Concert Thick Blank 4 Reeds
ProTech neckstrap and clarinet bag

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mike S. 
Date:   2007-04-25 02:52


For indoor use/concerts/recitals:
LeBlanc L4
Babbitt mouthpiece
Rovner lig.
reeds: Mitchel Lurie 4's

For outdoor use/ not risking my main horn:
Selmer Signet 100
Vandoren B45 mouthpiece
stock lig.
reeds: Mitchel Lurie 4's

Recorders(SSAT), piccolo/flute/alto flute, oboe, clarinets(Eb/Bb/bass), saxophones(SATB)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: jmsa 
Date:   2007-04-25 11:16

I once had a Vito 7214 that I named The Godfather.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: DaveF 
Date:   2007-04-25 20:57

Why not:

Selmer Signature Bb and A (2005)
Stock barrels, 625 length
Greg Smith Chedeville MPC 1+ facing
(Sometimes 1970's David Hite MPC that he personally reworked 10 yrs ago)
Vandoren Optimum lig.
V12 3.5 reeds


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2007-04-26 08:33

I found that I posted in this thread about two years, and I noticed all my equipment is pretty much the same (I changed to some less expensive ligatures and stick with only one reed brand).

Names - not the most original but my Bb is Clarni and my bass is Clarnibass, who suggested I make my username after him as I would probably not think of it myself.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Molloy 
Date:   2007-04-26 14:49

Selmer 'Brevete' full boehm A clarinet, Pomarico Ebony 1 mouthpiece (vintage H Selmer wood mouthpiece on special occasions), Vandoren Optimum ligature, Zonda 3F reed

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Neil 
Date:   2007-04-27 00:43

Neil's stable of foxy little horns:

Candy - LeBlanc Pete Fountain with articulated C#/G# and fork Eb/Bb,
O'Brien 5 mouthpiece, shoelace ligature, Grand Concert Select
Evolution #2 1/2 reed

Lady Day - My dad's stencil from the '20's, Kalashen's Kleartone

Stephanie - My Vito from the '60's, she was out of my possession for a
number of years and in her travels inexplicably acquired a
58mm Otto Link barrel which I replaced with a Vega Co. spare
barrel from Lady Day (it was a real sloppy fit on Lady Day,
reamed out the lower socket and it fit fine on Steph), Yamaha
4C mouthpiece

Jeannie - $10 EBay special, unknown manufacturer but fairly robust
construction, changed some pads and corks, added a Hite
Premiere mouthpiece and she plays pretty well.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Kowin 
Date:   2008-12-17 00:45

I have only two clarinets, one for marching and regular class, while the other is mainly used for concert rehearsals, ensembles, and concerts

This is Bb, if it matters

Buffet B12
Just your standard beginner's clarinet, only difference is that I use Vandoren V12's(3-4) and Rovner Ligature
Funny thing is that with this clarinet, as a current freshman at high school, I sound better then a Senior with a professional clarinet

The other one I use

*Buffet Tosca
*Silver keys with gold trimmings
*Vandoren M30 13 mouthpiece (I know there's been a bit of a... arguement on other threads about this mouthpiece, but I can honestly say it matches my needs and sound then any of the other mouthpieces I've tried. One of the main compliments I've gotten is that I have my own, unique sound. I've also managed to get rid of the slight shrill that comes with this mouthpiece, or maybe that's just me)
*It's actually wood, unlike my B12
*I'm using a Buffet Chadash Barrel
*Vandoren Rue Lepics 3-5, depending on what I'm playing
(Yeah, There's been a lot of arguements over this one too, I don't know, I was able to tell an immediate difference in quality of my tone with this reed, it's a great reed and, IMO, really outclasses the Traditionals or the V12's. I recommend these reeds to everyone, although that's just me, as everyone's style is different)

All in all, I prefer my Tosca over the B12, really great tone, as a slight... I don't know how to put it... golden glow to it I guess. It just stands out, and it has great projection, looks really professional, and the response is superb.

But that's just my set-up.

Freshman in high school
Playing for 4 years as of August

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Kowin 
Date:   2008-12-17 00:47

Just an added note, I'm using a Rovner Dark for the Tosca as well

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Sambo 933 
Date:   2008-12-17 00:56

Leblanc Ambiance w/ stock barrel. Luyben and hemp cord ligatures.
Vandoren #4's. And no I very seldom modify my reeds, I simply play them for a day and they usually play good the next day. I use a vandoren B45 mouthpiece, but I'm looking for an upgrade.
I aslo have an old evette that serves as my backup.

Selmer contra-alto:
Vandoren #3 reeds and cheap metal ligature.
I've never had to try different set ups to achieve a good sound on contra-alto.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clariknight 
Date:   2008-12-17 01:39

I use a Yamaha 34. I don't actually own it, it's a borrowed school horn. For marching I have a Selmer something or another (plastic, of course). I have a Gigliotti mouthpiece with the P34 facing. It gives a more focused sound for me. I use a Vandoren Klassik string lig. and anywhere from Vandoren trad. 3s to Vandoren V12 4s (and lots of places in between) depending on the climate conditions/how I'm feeling/what I'm playing.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: davidsampson 
Date:   2008-12-17 02:31

Selmer 67 Bass clarinet to low C (school horn)
Walter Grabner "Lawrie Bloom" Mouthpiece
Bonade inverted cut-out nickel-plated Lig (might be getting an Optimum)
Gonzalez 3.25 bass reeds

No custom necks or bells or anything

When I play Bb, I have an old Vito, and a Buffet E11, with vandoren 5rv and b45 mpcs, and a rovner dark lig. I use a few different reed brands, usually VD 3.5 or Rico Reserve 3.5's.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Pilot 
Date:   2008-12-17 09:06

Buffet R13 Bb and A clarinets
Stock and Buffet Moennig barrels
Charles Chedeville mouthpiece
Vandoren V12 #5 reeds
Bonade regular ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: vials 
Date:   2008-12-17 20:09

Buffet RC Bb
Buffet RC Prestige A
Backun barrel on the Bb, might switch to buffet chadash on both Bb and A
M15 mouthpiece, also like the M30 so I might switch
V12 4.5 reeds
Vandoren Leather ligature

Post Edited (2008-12-17 20:09)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cxgreen48 
Date:   2008-12-17 20:25

I am usually using...

YCL-450 (silver-plated)
Vandoren M30 (Prof. 88)
Vandoren V.12 #3.5 (balanced & adjusted with ATG system)
Ridenour Ivorolon (66 mm, R bore)
Luyben (opaque) / Rovner Dark

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2008-12-18 01:38

Is that 60W bulb frosted or clear? ;-)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: mrn 
Date:   2008-12-18 15:26

So is this the longest-running thread on this board? It sure seems that way.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: GBK 
Date:   2008-12-18 15:53

mrn wrote:

> So is this the longest-running thread on this board? It sure
> seems that way.

[ Nope, not even close [wink] ...GBK ]

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ryder 
Date:   2008-12-18 16:53

Buffet R13 Bb
Robert Scott 67mm barrel
Clark Fobes San Fransisco CF+
Gonzalez FOF 4.25
Vandoren leather ligature w/ metal insert

Ryder Naymik
San Antonio, Texas
"We pracice the way we want to perform, that way when we perform it's just like we practiced"

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Jkelly32562 
Date:   2008-12-18 17:00

Selmer Series 10 S
Backun Fat Boy Barrel
Bradford Behn Artist mp
Vandoren V12 3.5s
Harrison Ligature

Jonathan Kelly

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: MichaelR 
Date:   2008-12-18 18:10

The ones I play:

Ridenour Lyrique Soprano with Rovner Ligature and Legere reeds.

Ridenour Lyrique Bass (to Eb) with Rovner Ligature and Legere reeds.

The ones that are around:

Ridenour T147 (247?) Soprano as backup

Bundy, pawn shop rescue, present from my wife that I played for a year to get started.

Bunday, $1 horn from a garage sale that my in-laws picked up for me. It needs pads, but the case is great.

Michael of Portland, OR
Be Appropriate and Follow Your Curiosity

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: mrn 
Date:   2008-12-18 19:01

Oh, I might as well...

Buffet R-13 Bb (1989)
Buffet R-13 A (2008)
Eddie Daniels/Zinner mouthpiece
Rovner Mark III Ligature
Grand Concert Select Evolution 3.5-4.0, Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic 3.5+

Bundy Eb (late 1940s or early 1950s)
Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece
Stock ligature (will probably upgrade to Rovner when I get around to it)
Vandoren White Master 3.5 reeds (for now...)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Wes 
Date:   2008-12-18 21:26

Bb -2005 R13, ML mouthpiece from the 50s

A - 1998 R13, ML mp

Eb - Noblet Artist from ebay

C - Marcel Deleau, imported by Baxter Northrup, ML mp

Eb Alto - Leblanc from ebay, Selmer C* mp

F Basset Horn - Selmer series 9 from ebay, old Selmer mp

Bb Bass - 2008 Buffet 1193, Selmer C* mp

Eb Contra Alto - Bundy from ebay, Selmer C* mp

All use Rovner ligatures, V12 or standard VD reeds #3, and stock barrels, how boring! All except the bass have been overhauled and tuned as best possible, with all mouthpieces refaced. The basset horn likes softer reeds, however and I do what it tells me to do.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2008-12-18 23:52

So what is the record for the most posted thread? Not the longest timeline, but the highest number of postings in a thread.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: GBK 
Date:   2008-12-19 00:13

DavidBlumberg wrote:

> but the highest number of postings in a
> thread.

About 275. (Mark can probably access the exact number) ...GBK

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2008-12-19 00:18

Analyzed Dates: Jan 17, 1999 to Dec 18, 2008
Number of messages: 277105
Average per day: 76.46
Total Unique Authors: 10544
Total Unique Threads: 28853
Most Popular Thread: Where "Y'all" From? There are 261 posts in this thread
Top posters:
Don Berger
Mark Charette
Ken Shaw
Chris P
Gordon (NZ)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: claribari 
Date:   2008-12-19 01:39

B flat: Yamaha something-or-other, the ligature starts with an L but I can't place the name at the moment, and Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Reeds size 3,5+

B flat: Buffet 1967 R13, the same lig as above, same reeds, rico pad savers, rico mouthpiece saver, vandoren apple blossom scented cork grease (^.^)

E flat: Weimer plastic something-or-other, a junky un named lig, and Vandoren Traditional reeds sized 3,5

E flat: Buffet 1890 wooden clarinet, homemade string lig, vandoren Traditional reeds sized 3,5 and rico pad and mouthpiece savers. Oh, and Vandoren grease.

My Bari Sax: Jupiter something-or-other (it has lots of numbers in it it is like an intermediate model), Jupiter mp, Silk swab (jupiter), Vandoren Traditional size 3 (for concert band), and Vandoren ZZ Jazz sized 3 and 2,5 for jazz band.

I love my vandorens, so far no problems. I've even bumped my ZZ's on my head a couple times (going back and forth from clarinet to bari I forget I have to watch where the mp is pointed :P ) and I believe the ZZ's to be indestructable. I bumped it on my teeth and head three times today (it was a sleepy day in bari land) and not a thing, it is still in perfect condition.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Bassie 
Date:   2008-12-19 08:15

I'm usually a sucker for these things, but I can't find my name above. Here goes, then:

Bb & A:
Selmer Paris Prologue II
Vandoren B45 Dot
Xilema Professional 'C'
Rovner Dark

Selmer USA 1430P (fine once you get all the keys straight ;-D )
Vandoren B40
Grand Concert Select 3
Rovner Dark

I wonder how many people have changed their preferred equipment since they first posted here?

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: DougR 
Date:   2008-12-19 11:55

oh, what the hell!!:

Bb: 250K R-13 silver-plate
A: 101K R-13, nickel
borbeck m'piece, 3.5 vandoren or Gonzalez reeds (but will try anything once)

Bass: Selmer Series 9, low Eb
Selmer C85-115 m'piece, gonzalez reeds (no. 4)

Alto: Mk VI, 88K, recent Meyer 5
Tenor: SB, 47K, Morgan 5M and modern Link (worked on by Frank Wells)
Usually vandoren Javas

C-Melody: Martin stencil, orig & Woodwind mpieces

Backup Bb: Noblet, 8K series, bought new in 1957
P-M "George Jenney signature" mp

Flute: Armstrong plated, open-hole/lowB, nothing special but nice sound for what I paid for it back in the mid-80s

Next purchases contemplated: upgraded C flute, possibly an alto flute, possibly an overhaul for the alto, possibly a soprano sax (older Yamaha 62 or similar)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: whole note 
Date:   2008-12-20 22:52

Buffet Festival
Grabner K11
Bay Ligature
Legere Quebec 3.25

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Buffet Boy 
Date:   2008-12-22 02:12

Ewwww... most of you guys are classical players... and how is it that you have more than one Buffet!? They're costly enough as it is!

R-13(Lily as I like to call her)
B45 Mouthpiece with the little harp on it and and Eddie Daniels II ligature..I use a variety of reeds, ranging from Rico (Some of us aren't made of money ya' know) to Vandorens. I've had a steady influx of money recently so I've bought every single kind of vandoren on 3 (Except for 56 Lepic Rue, those are 3 1/2) and I use them depending on my mood.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: samohan245 
Date:   2009-12-30 22:07

i now have one more to add to my arsenal!

Bb: G. Purefer Silver Throat Deluxe (c.1960)
Vandoren B45 mp
Vandoren 3 reeds
Luyben lig and sometimes a Bonade

Bb:Leblanc Bliss
Vandoren B45 mp
Vandoren 3 reed

And yes guys i brought back this thread from the dead. (:

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: kathryn777 
Date:   2009-12-30 22:24

Amy said
Buffet R-13
Vandoren M-13 Lyre
Vandoren V-12 3.5 reeds
Bonade Ligature

ME TOO ...
Although i do still like to pull out my 1935* BT selmer, but use the same mouthpiece, reeds, and ligature ... i only play for fun though so its not as important to me to match em up... i just started back on it after a 4 year sabbatical

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Nightcrawler27 
Date:   2009-12-31 19:20

Bb: Buffet E11 510170 (Made in W. Germany)
A: Buffet E11 399752 (Made in W. Germany)

Stock everything except Valentino Greenbacks on the Bb, will be putting them on the A someday as well.

Mouthpiece: Vandoren 5JB Jazz
Ligature: Luyben
Reed: LaVoz Medium Hard

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: alvydas 
Date:   2010-01-01 20:07

Buffet RC
Vytas Krass R-03
Vytas Krass K-05
Rovner Dark

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: golfnclarinet 
Date:   2010-01-01 21:49

for me,

Horn - Bb : Buffet R13 (1973)
Barrel - Backun/Morales cocobolo 66mm, A. Segal 64mm
mpc - Grabner AW, old Buffet mpc by Chris Hill
Ligature - Luyben, Olegature, Rovner
reed : Gonzalez 3 3/4

for my son (in college),

Horn - Bb : Leblanc Opus , A : Selmer 10G
Barrel - Backun/Morales cocobolo 67mm, Scott a2 66mm
mpc - Qualite Superieure by Chris Hill, Fobes CF
Ligature - Rovner, Bonade Inverted
reed : Gonzelez 3 3/4, Zonda 4

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: claribex 
Date:   2010-01-01 22:32

Seen threads like this before but never added before....

Bb (favourite/ chamber/ small ensemble)
Buffet Tosca
standard barrels
Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece
Rovner dark/ Vandoren Optimum
Vandoren blue box 3.0 Rue Lepic 3.5

Buffet Tosca
same set up as above

Bb (2nd favourite but better i find for wind band playing)
Selmer 10S II
standard barrels
C85 120
Rovner dark/ Optimum
Vandoren blue box 3.0 Rue Lepic 3.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: stevesklar 
Date:   2010-01-02 11:47

My two main Bb players are
Buffet R13 55,xxx
and a
Selmer Centered Tone 1958

for some more of what i have see the link below in my sig

Stephen Sklar
My YouTube Channel of Clarinet Information

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ed Palanker 
Date:   2010-01-04 01:06

Oh heck, I'll keep this thing going. All I'm doing is watching football today, my team already won today and made the playoffs. It's January 2010, who knows how long this thing will keep going, it began in 1999.

Buffet Eb, only one model in 1960- Selmer C** MP
Selmer Signature Bb, four years old, it's my regular Bb now. Ralph Morgan MP
Buffet Bb and A clarinet, R13 model both bought in the 1960s
Selmer low C bass clarinet, model 51 or 53, I think, it desn't say. Purchased in 1967. Gold plated bell and neck. Selmer C* - Dave Mc Clune MP

I use Rico Grand Concert Thick Blank and Reserves Bb clarinet reeds #4s as well as making my own, pretty good too, sometimes.
On bass I use Rico Grand Concerts #3.5 and some left over Vandoren #4 from years past.
On Eb I use Bb clarinet reeds that I cut down to fit, whatever works.

Backun bells and barrels for all my Bb and A clarinets.

Ligatures, I use an assortment of Rovner ligatures, different ones for each clarinet and have changed models often as he upgrades or comes out with new models. He sends me them when he makes changes to get my opinion and I change when I like a newer model better then what I've been using. (right now my bass is made of white leather, it's cool)
ESP http://eddiesclarinet.com

ESP eddiesclarinet.com

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: jacoblikesmusic 
Date:   2010-01-06 03:15

Clarinets: Buffet R13, Yamaha Custom CSV

Mouthpieces: Grabner's K13*, Fobes CF+

Reeds: Gonzalez FOF, Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic,Traditional, V12.

Barrels and Bells: Backun

Ligature: Vandoren Optimum, Vandoren Klassik, getting a Peter Spriggs Floating Rail Ligature

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Junnan 
Date:   2010-01-06 05:53

Bb: Buffet R-13

A: Buffet Tosca

Vandoren optimum ligature, Vandoren B40 mouthpiece

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: hamachi94 
Date:   2010-01-23 06:13

I know this is late but here is a high schoolers set up:

bb clarinet: buffet international (custom, w/ eb aux. lever, full wood)

barrel: standard buffet barrel, Backun ringless cocobolo (65)

mpc: vandoren m15 (profile 8, 13 series)

lig: EDII

reeds: v12 3 1/2, rue lepic 56 3 1/2

everything seems to work well i guess..

As a freshman starting HS, Im still learning the basics. does anyone know if the Rovner EDII/Versa lig for eb clarinet is compatible with a bb clarinet?

Freshman @ JLHS Union City CA.
yay we are the WBA champions yet again.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Franklin Liao 
Date:   2010-01-23 06:32

Bb: 2009 Leblanc Bliss LB310 composite with grenadilla barrel
C: 2008 Forte

mpc: 1x Genussa redwine, 1x Vandoren

Ligature: some Rovner, Bonade inverted

Reeds: Legere 2 1/2, Ontario cut 2 1/2, student 2 1/2, student 2.

Post Edited (2010-01-23 06:33)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Connor 
Date:   2010-01-23 08:02

I've watched this post for 5 years, time to join!

Bb: Buffet Tosca
A: R-13, mid 90's, moennig 65 barrel
Bass: Buffet Prestige compliments of the University of Northern Colorado.

Behn Vintage: Model C
Behn Zinner collection
Behn Vintage: Model BC for Bass- Killer Mouthpiece!!!!!!
Lig: BG Revelation
Reed: Rico Reserve #3 1/2+ and #4
Vandoren #3 1/2 on Bass

David Saul in Denver Colorado is my usual repair tech.

MM. Clarinet Performance University of Texas at Austin (2012).
BM. Clarinet Performance University of Northern Colorado (2010).

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: clarinettist1104 
Date:   2010-01-23 12:25

Yamaha CSV Bb clarinet
Yamaha CSVA A clarinet
Yamaha YCL-221 Eb clarinet (I am currently borrowing)

Morales Backun in 65mm
Morales Backun in 65.5mm

Morales Backun (which I am not using currently because the long B is disproportionately flat.

Yamaha 4CM, it came with my clarinets and I just loved the way it played.
Yamaha stock mouthpiece with the Eb

Bg with the Eb

Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic strength 3.5 HEAVILY altered.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: c 
Date:   2010-01-23 23:22

R13A and Bb
Chadash barrel
Brad Behn Vintage C model
Black Master Reeds 3 or 3 1/2
Vandoren ligature

Eb clarinet:
R13 Eb
Chadash barrel
Rick Sayre mouthpiece
Black Master #3 reeds (ends cut off)
Vandoren ligature

(professional player-symphonic, opera, chamber music)

Post Edited (2010-01-24 18:15)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: NBeaty 
Date:   2010-01-24 00:16

I'll chime in.

Bb: Buffet R13. Moennig barrel.
A: Buffet R13. Moennig barrel.

Mouthpiece: Kaspar Cicero 12
Ligature: Gold Plated Inverted Bonade
Reeds: V12 3.5's\ legere signature 3.5's\3.75

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: gjohnston 
Date:   2010-01-24 02:49

Okay....a good way for a newbe to the board to get their feet wet.


Buffet R-13, early 70's
vandoren m13
pyne string ligature
Vandoren rue56 4.5


Selmer series 9 (paid 100 bucks for it in 1977)
same set up

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: davetrow 
Date:   2010-01-24 03:30

Buffet R13, Backun MOBA bell and barrel (Grenadilla), Hawkins student MPC, Vandoren V12 #4

I've also just started playing our community band's old Selmer Series 9 bass clarinet with a Fobes Nova MPC and Vandoren #4 reeds. Don't much like the BC, and hope to get something of my own later in the year if business is good.

Dave Trowbridge
Boulder Creek, CA

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: xpedx7342 
Date:   2010-01-24 04:58

Haha I don't really see the value of this thread, but I'll go ahead anyways :D

B Flat Tosca (2010), Chadash Barrel, Clark fobes 4L San Francisco Mouthpiece, Gonzalez FOF 3.75 reeds, Rovner Versa/Mark III ligatures

A E11

E flat E11

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Adrian 
Date:   2010-01-24 16:53

I posted this a few years ago.

Here's what Andrew Marriner, principal in the London Symphony, uses (or was using at the time):

B flat/A: 15 year old Buffet Festivals.

Mouthpiece: Vandoren B45 Lyre.

Ligature: Rovner

Reeds: Sinus (from Pflaumer in Germany).

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2010-01-24 17:25


Have you asked Andrew's permission to post that info?? Another major London player had his instruments stolen. Not the C or the bass that were with them, just the Bb and A.

This info is public domain so anyone can access it. Just a thought.

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2010-01-24 17:32

cigleris wrote:

> Adrian,
> Have you asked Andrew's permission to post that info??

Andrew Marriner plays in public ... anyone can see what he plays (played) there's no secret in that!

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2010-01-24 17:43

Of course Mark but my point is that any criminal could try and rock up at the Barbican and steal these things.

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Mark Charette 2017
Date:   2010-01-24 17:55

cigleris wrote:

> Of course Mark but my point is that any criminal could try and
> rock up at the Barbican and steal these things.
Well of course - if you want to steal instruments then you'd go to where they are ... there's no permission needed to figure that out. If I can figure out what you're playing in public I am most certainly allowed to write about it - your permission is not needed.

"Why do you rob banks?"
"Because that's where the money is." -- attributed to Willie Sutton ... who never said it.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2010-01-24 18:01

Mark Charette wrote:

> If I can figure out what you're playing in public I
> am most certainly allowed to write about it - your permission
> is not needed.

Of course but I only mentioned it out of courtesy for the player. There's really no need to get pedantic about it.

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: kenb 
Date:   2010-01-24 20:25

Herbert Wurlitzer Reform Boehm Bb & A

Mps: Viotto N1+2/ Wurlitzer M3+

Reeds; Vandoren White Master 2.5/ Steuer 2.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Iceland clarinet 
Date:   2010-01-24 21:12

I read here maybe 2 years ago or something that Andrew Marriner played on 15 year old Buffet Festivals and were then looking for something to replace them. Now Lomax has come out with the Andrew Marriner model which he developed with him at Howarth in London. I would guess that he is playing that mouthpiece.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Adrian 
Date:   2010-01-24 22:20


Andrew knew that his setup list was for our board. There was a thread going at the time asking if anyone had any real information on what he was playing.

It looks like the Lomax has replaced his B45.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2010-01-24 22:40

Hi Adrian,

I see. No problem, I just thought it might be a valid point but will keep quiet in future.

All the best

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ed Lowry 
Date:   2010-01-25 01:22

To add to the count:

Rossi American Bore A
Rossi French Bore Bb
Leblanc"LL" Eb
Selmer 37 Low C Bass
Penzel-Muller C
Bundy Contra Alto

Backup Leblanc L7 Bb and Ridenour 146 Bb

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Kontra 
Date:   2010-01-25 12:08

Yamaha YCL-250 Bb Clarinet, Rovner Ligature, No mouthpice. (It broke, have to buy a new one for marching season.) Vandoren 3 reeds.

Vintage Buffet Bass Clarinet to Low E, Bundy mouthpiece (Getting a Fobes) Vandoren 3 reeds.

Leblanc Model 352 metal Contra Alto Clarinet (straight model) Rovner Ligature, Grabner mouthpiece, Rico Royal 2.5 Bari Sax reeds

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Woop Woop 
Date:   2010-01-27 00:27

Bb- Buffet RC Prestige. Backun traditional Barrel,
A- Buffet RC Prestuge, same as above
Vandoren V12 size 4's looking to change to Gonzalez
Also have another A that I got cheap, Leblanc Legacy for $2000 AUD, not bad really
Greg Smith C++ mouthpiece
BG super revelation ligature

Woop Woop

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: ned 
Date:   2010-01-27 05:28

I notice that this soap opera has been running since 1999!

Perhaps those folk can now update.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: AndreClarinet 
Date:   2012-04-30 18:30

Clarinet- Bb Buffet RCPrestige
A Leblanc Concerto
Mouthpiece- Vandoren B40
Ligature- Rovner Light
Reeds- 3/5 V12 and Reserve Classic

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Randall 
Date:   2012-04-30 21:11

Eb; Selmer C*, Rovner dark, and Glotin or Vandoren 3.
Bb: Bay M-O, Bay ligature, Olivieri 2.5, or Vandoren V12 3

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: bethmhil 
Date:   2012-04-30 22:00

Buffet Tosca Bb, Taplin-Weir euro barrel.
Buffet R13 A.
Currently, a Vandoren M13 Lyre mouthpiece.
Vandoren V12 reeds, 3.5.

Illinois State University, BME and BM Performance

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: SteveG_CT 
Date:   2012-05-01 00:13

Wow, this thread just keeps getting resurrected. Might as well add to it myself I guess.

Bb: Many, but my current favorite is a Selmer Centered Tone Omega.
A: Boosey & Hawkes Edgware
Bass: Pedler Custombuilt
EEb Contra: Vito

Soprano mouthpiece: Vytas Krass with a "Kaspar-Chicago" facing and paired with a Rovner Versa lig

Bass mouthpiece: Clark Fobes "San Francisco" matched with a Rovner Versa lig

Contra mouthpiece: Woodwind B5 refaced by Dave Spiegelthal paired with a stock metal lig.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: RachelB4 
Date:   2012-05-01 00:27

Buffet Festival Bb + A.
Vandoren M15 MP with v12 3.5+ reeds
Optimum ligature.
65mm stock barrel or fatboy 65.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: bradfordlloyd 
Date:   2012-05-01 02:13

1960s Buffet R-13 Bb
1940s Kohlert Bb full boehm
1920s Penzel-Mueller Artist A
1920s Martin Freres Grand Prix Eb
1950s HR M. LaCroix C
Fobes SF MPs with v12 3.5+ reeds
Optimum ligatures

Oh, and just added a 1950s Olds Special Bass and a 1950s Kohlert Winnenden open hole alto (getting refurbished right now)....

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: JamesOrlandoGarcia 
Date:   2012-05-01 02:29

I can't help myself. I just got new clarinets and I think they are the absolute best horns I have ever played.

- Yamaha CSGII Bb and A clarinets with gold (hamilton) plating and low E/F correction mechanism
- Vandoren M30 13 Series Mouthpiece
- Vandoren Gold M/O Ligature
- Vandoren V-12 3.5+
- Marcus Bonna Double/Triple Case

Gear euphoria is great. :)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: golfnclarinet 
Date:   2012-05-01 02:30

Bb : Leblanc Concerto, Allan Segal barrel(king wood, zebra wood 65mm)
A : Selmer 10

With Vytas Krass S02 on Bonade blank, same S02 on Selmer oval S blank, Grabner K11,
Zonda 3.5 reed, optimum ligature, Olegature

Bass : Noblet
With Vytas Krass on vintage G. Bundy blank, vandoren blue box #3 reed , optimum ligature

And my lovely cello

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: mvjohnso 
Date:   2012-05-01 02:32

Buffet Festival
Buffet E12
Yamaha Student

Vintage Buffet (~1930)

6M Conn Naked Lady (Alto)
Martin C Melody
Unison Black Nickle Soprano

Intermediate Buffet

Clarinet- M30, B45, 5JB, and Clark Forbes Debut
Saxes- Otto Link STM 7* (Alto) and Henton hard rubber coated metal inlay C Melody piece

Olegature, Optimum, Brancher paper clip, Rovner Versa, Rover light, and one custom lig

-Ton Kooiman thumb rest

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: RJShaw0 
Date:   2012-05-01 03:32

It's funny to see people that use almost the same setup!

Buffet Tosca Bb (66mm barrel)
Buffet R13 A (65mm barrel)
Vandoren M13 with Vandoren Leather Ligature and either V12 3.5+/4 or Rue Lepic 3.5+
Also have the Vandoren Optimum which I sometimes use.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Buster 
Date:   2012-05-01 03:47

wood clarinets
cane reeds
metal ligature


Lisa, Patricia, Charles, Reed, Jane, Carl, Clifford Brown, and Bob [right]

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Ursa 
Date:   2012-05-01 06:39

If you must know...

Indoors: Boosey & Hawkes 8-10 with refaced B&H mouthpiece, B&H ligature, Vandoren V-12 3.0 reeds
Outdoors: Pruefer Festival unibody hard rubber with brass bore insert; refaced Buffet/Chedeville C Crown mouthpiece; Buffet-Crampon standard ligature, Gonzalez F.O.F. 3.0 reeds
Chamber: Ridenour RCP-576BC; refaced Buffet/Chedeville C Crown mouthpieces; Rovner Dark ligature; Gonzalez F.O.F. 3.0 reeds

Conn 11N in hard rubber; refaced Selmer C* mouthpiece; Rovner Dark ligature; Rico Royal 2.5 reeds

Alto Sax:
Pan American 46M in satin silver with bright nickel keywork, bright silver bell rosette, and gold wash inside bell; Hite Premier mouthpiece; LeBlanc metal ligature; Rico Royal 2.5 reeds

Also in the stable:
Pan American "Brilliante" 884N 4-piece metal clarinet
Normandy Original Model Bb
Normandy 14P Plateau-key Bb
Normandy France Composite Bb
Buescher "The Buescher" Bb with wraparound register key
Vito 7214 Bb
Artley 77-O Flute with solid silver head joint
Holton Super Collegiate trumpet; Schilke 7B4 mouthpiece
Olds Ambassador cornet; Bach 10B mouthpiece
E. K. Blessing XL-CR shepherd's crook cornet; Bach 10B mouthpiece
Conn 6E "French Horn" Eb alto horn; Conn stock mouthpiece
Conn 4D "French" horn in F with Eb crook; Conn 2 mouthpiece
Yamaha YEP-321S Euphonium; Schilke 58 mouthpiece
Martin Indiana EEb Sousaphone; Holton 7 mouthpiece
Holton 6/4-size EEb Tuba; Perantucci PT-62 mouthpiece
Engelhardt ES-9 double bass
Wurlitzer 4300 organ

Post Edited (2012-05-01 06:44)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: jvanullen 
Date:   2012-05-01 17:47

Buffet Vintage Bb + A.
Greg Smith 1+.
Altered Vandoren Optimum.
Reeds are all over the place, but I've been really liking the Reserve Classic 3.5+ and GCS Evo 3.5.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: rtaylor 
Date:   2012-05-01 20:17

Wurlitzer 185 matched B-flat and A set
Kuckmeier Playeasy B2 mouthpiece
Paulus and Schuler barrel
Vandoren 56 RLP #3
Buffet r-13 E-flat
Borbeck Mouthpiece
Vandoren Whitemaster #3

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: nosqueaks 
Date:   2012-05-02 04:47

Eb: Buffet R13, Fobes barrel, Backun bell, Hawkins mod. B mpc.
Bb: Buffet R13, Chadash & Buffet barrels, Kanter mpc.
A: Buffet R13, Buffet barrels, clarinet modified by F. Kloc.
Alto: Yamaha 631, Selmer C** mpc.
Bass: Selmer Mod. 32 (to Eb)
Buffet 1193, Fobes (Selmer blank) RR mpc.
Eb Contra Alto: Selmer mod. 40 rosewood (to D), Selmer C* mpc. (G. Johnston)
Bb Contra Bass: Leblanc mod. 340, Leblanc mpc. (J. Reilly-Kanter facing)
Reeds: Vandoren on sopranos, (V12) alto, bass (blue and V12) , contra alto
Legere on Bb contra and Eb contra

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Coverj 
Date:   2012-05-03 00:29

I have a Boosey and Hawkes Edgware with a Jack Brymer mouthpiece and size 1.5 reeds.

also a Holton Collegiate Metal clarinet. great projection for outdoors.

Post Edited (2012-05-03 00:41)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: gwie 
Date:   2012-05-03 05:52

Changed a couple years ago:

Bb: Yamaha CSG, Backun Ringless Cocobolo Barrel
A: Yamaha CSG-H, Backun Ringless Grenadilla Barrel
Mouthpiece: Grabner K11*
Ligature: Brancher Leggiero
Reeds: Vandoren V12 4.5 and Rico Reserve 4.5

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Rafi 
Date:   2012-05-03 07:34

Changed last year to:


Bb: Reform Boehm H. Wurlitzer 185
A: Reform Boehm H. Wurlitzer 185

Mouthpiece: Wurlitzer WZ2
Ligature: String
Reeds: Vandoren White Master #3


Bb: Frank Hammerschmidt standard Boehm
A: Frank Hammerschmidt standard Boehm

Mouthpiece: Wurlitzer M3
Ligature: String
Reeds: Vandoren Black Masters #3

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Maestro_6 
Date:   2012-05-04 01:09

Buffet R13 Prestige Bb and A Clarinet
Pereira 3D Barrels and Bells
Vandoren M15 13 Series Mouthpiece
Vandoren V21 #3.5+ Reeds

Buffet R13 Eb Clarinet
Pereira 3D Eb accessories
Vandoren 5RV Mouthpiece
Vandoren V12 #3.5 Eb Reeds

Buffet Prestige 1193 low C Bass Clarinet
Vandoren BD5 Mouthpiece
Vandoren V12 #3

Post Edited (2022-04-29 09:38)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: super20bu6 
Date:   2012-05-06 14:05

Guess it's time I added my "arsenal" :

Bb Clarinet:
H Bettoney
LaCroix Full Boehm
Both with J&D Hite mouthpiece, Rico H ligature

Bass Clarinet
Leblanc (33 year old wooden)
HE Olds plastic for outdoor use
Both with Fobes Basso Nova Mouthpiece, Rovner Dark Lig, Fibracell 3

Contra Alto:
Selmer/Bundy with Fobes Nova Mouthpiece, Rovner Dark Lig, Fibracell Bari Sax 3 Reeds

Alto Sax:
King 660, Selmer C*, Rico Reeds

Tenor Sax:
King Super 20, Meyer 5M Mouthpiece, Rico H Ligature, Bari Star Medium reeds

Bari Sax:
Buescher BU6, unmarked Runyon Mouthpiece, Rover Dark Tenor Ligature, Bari Star Medium reeds

H Richter, Heckel 3 Bocal, reeds vary


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: fernie51296 
Date:   2012-05-09 15:33

Bb clarinet: Uebel 632, Buffet R-13, Amati 670

Mouthpiece: Viotto L - 5, Vandoren M13
Ligature: Vandoren Klassic, Rovner Dark
Reeds: vandoren white master 3, blackmaster 4, legere 4


Post Edited (2012-05-09 16:06)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Franklin Liao 
Date:   2012-05-10 08:36

Recent setup:

Bb clarinet: Hanson T7, Marigaux 351
Reed: Legere signature, 2 1/2 or 3
Ligature: Rovner dark
Mpc: B45 profile 88

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: michael13162 
Date:   2012-05-10 22:01

Mouthpiece: Vandoren M13
Ligature: Bonade inverted
Reed: Legere Signature
Clarinet: Ridenour Lyrique
Bell and Barrel: Cannonball Cocobolo

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: leigthom 
Date:   2012-05-12 19:43

Hello all
I've put this off, but I've read with interest all the "equipment" owned:

Pearl flutes (2) closed and open holes with low b joint and several heads
Uebel flute - aluminium
Buescher pic - silver throughout
Alto flute - no maker's name but plays well
Oboes 2 Marigaux (1966 & 1974, dual system) 1 Kreul - thumbplate 1960
Lorée Oboe d'amore
Oehler, Ward & Winterbourne, Rudall Carte English horns
Oboe d'accacia early 18th century
Corton Eb clt
Leblanc C clt
Wurlitzer German system - pair
Albert fils Albert system - pair
Selmer metal Bb
Alto Clt - Bundy
Selmer Bass to C
Sopranino sax - Yanagisawa
Soprano saxes(2) Yanagisawa and Buescher
Alto Saxes (2) Yanagisawa and Selmer
Tenor Saxes (2) Yanagisawa
Baritone Sax - Selmer
Bassoon - Huller
Contra bassoon Amati
Recorders - Garklein to Bass

I used to play a lot of shows but now I just play orchestral and some chamber music. Oboe is main instrument but I do quite a lot of Contra bassoon.

Best wishes


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Buster 
Date:   2012-05-12 20:30

Just picked up 2 "new" mouthpieces:
"Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche", "Maximilian Berlitz"

And a new literature

"…I love flowers I’d love to have the whole place swimming in roses God of heaven there’s nothing like nature the wild mountains then the sea and the waves rushing then the beautiful country with fields of oats and wheat and all kinds of things and all the fine cattle going about that would do your heart good to see rivers and lakes and flowers all sorts of shapes and smells and colours springing up even out of the ditches primroses and violets nature it is as for them saying there’s no God I wouldn’t give a snap of my two fingers for all their learning why don’t they go and create something I often asked him atheists or whatever they call themselves go and wash the cobbles off themselves first then they go howling for the priest and they dying and why why because they’re afraid of hell on account of their bad conscience ah yes I know them well who was the first person in the universe before there was anybody that made it all who ah that they don’t know neither do I so there you are they might as well try to stop the sun from rising tomorrow the sun shines for you he said the day we were lying among the rhododendrons on Howth head in the grey tweed suit and his straw hat the day I got him to propose to me yes first I gave him the bit of seedcake out of my mouth and it was leapyear like now yes 16 years ago my God after that long kiss I near lost my breath yes he said was a flower of the mountain yes so we are flowers all a woman’s body yes that was one true thing he said in his life and the sun shines for you today yes that was why I liked him because I saw he understood or felt what a woman is and I knew I could always get round him and I gave him all the pleasure I could leading him on till he asked me to say yes and I wouldn’t answer first only looked out over the sea and the sky I was thinking of so many things he didn’t know of Mulvey and Mr Stanhope and Hester and father and old captain Groves and the sailors playing all birds fly and I say stoop and washing up dishes they called it on the pier and the sentry in front of the governors house with the thing round his white helmet poor devil half roasted and the Spanish girls laughing in their shawls and their tall combs and the auctions in the morning the Greeks and the Jews and the Arabs and the devil knows who else from all the ends of Europe and Duke street and the fowl market all clucking outside Larby Sharans and the poor donkeys slipping half asleep and the vague fellows in the cloaks asleep in the shade on the steps and the big wheels of the carts of the bulls and the old castle thousands of years old yes and those handsome Moors all in white and turbans like kings asking you to sit down in their little bit of a shop and Ronda with the old windows of the posadas glancing eyes a lattice hid for her lover to kiss the iron and the wineshops half open at night and the castanets and the night we missed the boat at Algeciras the watchman going about serene with his lamp and O that awful deepdown torrent O and the sea the sea crimson sometimes like fire and the glorious sunsets and the figtrees in the Alameda gardens yes and all the queer little streets and pink and blue and yellow houses and the rosegardens and the jessamine and geraniums and cactuses and Gibraltar as a girl where I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."

Ohhhh, Li-GA-ture... my bad.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Hugues Fardao 
Date:   2021-01-28 01:54

My turn ;)

- Selmer Alto clarinet, made in 1988 or 1989 (still the same model nowadays in catalog),
Selmer C* mouthpiece,
Vandoren M/O black ligature
Légère alto sax Studio cut 2,5 reed.

- Selmer Bb "model 15", year : 1931, L-series,
Selmer C85 120 mouthpiece,
Vandoren M/O black ligature,
Légère European cut 2,5 reed.

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Tom H 
Date:   2021-01-28 02:30

I own about 10 clarinets (several B flats, A, C, Eb).
For playing concerts/rehearsals I use:
Buffet R13 (my 3rd one I've bought new-1999).
Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece.
Standard Bonade ligature.
Vandoren 2.5 reeds.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book--Austin Macauley Publishers
tomheimer.ampbk.com/ Amazon, Sheet Music Plus
Boreal Ballad for unaccompanied clarinet--Sheet Music Plus

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: Claratheclarinet85 
Date:   2021-01-28 04:17

I have a vintage B flat D Noblet ND with a Giardinelli mouthpiece. I use Vandoren 2 1/2 reeds.


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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: modernicus 
Date:   2021-02-20 21:53

Primary: Bb Yamaha CS, HS* oval table w/Vandoren 3.5
Folk/Jazz: Bb Eric Petterson Stockholm, G. Langenus w/Vandoren 2.5

~1859 A Buffet Crampon & Cie enhanced Boehm (donut) integrated barrel, salt spoon pad cups
~1860-1870s Bb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm integrated barrel, nickel plated brass keywork
~1860-1870s HP? Bb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm integrated barrel, unplated brass keywork
~1880s Bb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm
1886 Bb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm unibody, wraparound register
1906 Eb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm integrated barrel
Late 1940s Bb Buffet Crampon & Cie Boehm
~1860-1870s Bb Auguste Buffet Jeune Boehm
~1860 Bb Thibouville-Buffet Boehm integrated barrel
~1880 HP Bb J.T.L. Boehm smooth rings, anachronistic thumbrest
~1890-1910s HP Bb J.T.L. , metal lined sockets, flute style pad cups, screw in lower pad retainers
~1880s HP Bb J.T.L. Albert, wraparound register
~Early 1900s? HP Bb LaVesta Boehm, Kohlert or other Czech stencil? Wraparound register
~Early 1900s? C Kohlert Boehm, integrated barrel, wraparound register
~Late 19th, early 20th c. C Illegible maker Boehm, wraparound register, built like an absolute tank!
~Early 1900s C Edmond Chedeville Boehm, wraparound register
~Late 1800s C Eugene Thibouville Boehm, integrated barrel
~ 1910s Bb Camille Thibouville Boehm
~1920s-early 1930s Bb Thibouville Freres Boehm
~Early 1900s Bb T. Berteling enhanced Boehm (donut), wraparound register
~1920s Bb Buescher Boehm Metal, Pro, pre 700 series
~1930s Bb Frank Holton "Sterling" Boehm metal, Pro, solid silver keys and fittings, built by Bettoney?
~Early 1900s Bb M.R. Verney by J.T.L. Boehm, Bercioux pat'd mechanism crow's foot alternative
1920s A C.G. Conn Boehm , hard rubber
1920s A Henry Chedeville Philadelphia Boehm, articulated C#/G#, French? stencil
1920s A Harmony Chicago Boehm, hard rubber, unknown stencil
-mid 20th c. Bb O. Neurnberger Markneukirchen full Boehm
Additional mid 20th c. Bb Eric Petterson Stockholm Boehm

Post Edited (2021-02-20 21:55)

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 Re: Name Your Equipment!
Author: TomS 
Date:   2021-02-26 00:42

As of right now:

. Ridenour RCP-576BC (most often played)
. Ridenour Lyrique Liberatas (often played)
. Buffet R13-greenline (rarely played)
. Backun Alpha (occasionally played)
. Ridenour Speranza (rarely played)
. Reserve Evolution MPs/440/442
. Vandoren M15/13 series MPs
. Vandoren M13 MPs
. Reserve Evolution reeds, #3.5
. Vandoren Blue Box reeds, #3.0
. Vandoren MIO ligature
. Luyben ligature
. Rovner light ligature
. ATG reed system

This is the stuff I play ... have other stuff in storage ...

This changes weekly ...


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