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 Re: Oboe and emphysema or COPD
Author: vboboe 
Date:   2006-10-22 00:05

Oh, what a terrible shock to your system this health diagnosis must be, eh?
To be, or not to be (with oboe & career?)
... this must be heart-rending situation for you ... unless part of you is ticking away on another more desirable agenda and this is The Time?

... echo d-oboe's caution, but please don't rely on docs & medicines like god, use your own god-given IQ, a lot! DIY research to inform yourself ...
this seems a opportune moment -- a sea-change or epiphany -- to make a serious and committed long-term effort to pro-actively help yourself get better

IMO -- Here's what i think might help you right away -- enrich your daily diet ASAP -- you can do something for yourself, starting with your very next meal -- is it really nourishing, replenishing, rebuilding and replacing those poor devitalized degenerated lung cells, or is it just a carb-rich tummy filler that fuels the brain but doesn't nourish your body?

I'm sure i'm not the only oboe player who has to play on tummy close to empty, and busy, hungry, upcoming oboists often eat on the run paying little attention to nutrition

Prolonged periods of time without full solid meals shrinks the stomach's capacity to contain food in quantity, and one snacks only enough to feel comfortable. Over many months and years, this lifestyle may lead to borderline malnutrition. You've got a degenerative disease.
Evaluate how your eating habits have been these last 7 years or so.

Consult a licensed nutritionist to inform you what you might have been missing, chronically, and how to change that

Other things you probably could do right now if these situations apply to you:

1. get a blood iron test -- find out if you might be anemic. Even if not by medical standards, make sure you have the figures from doc so you can calculate your percentage of blood iron; if less than 93%, get busy on your own, enriching your diet ASAP (liver, herbal iron). This is much, much higher than medically accepted OK range for female blood iron, that is, not considered to be anemic enough for medical treatment. Female wind instrument players need all the iron-rich hemoglobin they can muster

2. getaway from city fumes at least once a week to a fresh-air location, and just doodle-play oboe in a relaxed organic fashion

3. Consider this one very carefully -- plead pleasantly with any smoking member of your family to quit cold turkey, or at least agree not to smoke, ever again, inside your residence anywhere

4. identify other possible sources of toxic-to-you-in-your-condition airborne particulate & gaseous fume exposure in your habitat, for example, low levels of carbon monoxide, or perhaps those air-freshener sprays, or the summer heat on asphalt, or maybe just too much dust?

5. identify possible sources of aluminum or heavy metal poisoning (lead, mercury, etc) in things you're eating, drinking, contacting your skin or mucous membranes ... or ditto with any pets in the house ...

6. If you don't understand basic principles and laws of chemistry & biochemistry, now's the time to get informed, you'll need it to better understand how your body works at a cellular level, which is where life-style changes need to be focused

Hope some of these suggestions lead to something helpful and positive for you

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