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Author: Chris Jensen 
Date:   2023-01-11 09:28

Anyone care to offer a difference between Moennig and Chadash barrels vs the way they sound?

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 Re: barrels
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2023-01-11 17:48

I find the Chadash barrels respond more evenly over the compass of the instrument. They're really very similar.

I should qualify this by saying that I'm not using the barrels on a Buffet for which they were designed. When I use them, the instrument is a Selmer 10G (either A and Bb).


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 Re: barrels
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2023-01-11 18:06

Hi Chris:

Here's 3 articles as good as any on the board about the subject matter.




Please let me know if you need help working the search feature of the board. My overture is meant with zero harsh overtones.

That said, I think you are likely to find variation among barrels of the same brand, let alone between those brands, although it will be slight.

So I think it's just one of those things that ideally, you sit down with a bunch of each kind of barrel, find your favorite, and ask yourself is it really worth the $ compared to what I have.

Finally, for the cost of same e.g. https://store.weinermusic.com/collections/2738-bb-clarinet-barrels-bells-tuning-rings/products/buffet-a-clarinet-chadash-barrel

I'd ask you to consider a barrel like the Paulus and Shuler (P&S) adjustable one, which isn't that much more expensive, especially over keep several lengths of barrels in your clarinet case e.g. http://innoledy.com/clarinet_supp-barrels_zoom.html

I play the P&S. I believe it's simply a better barrel for me. Full stop. The fact that it's also adjustable is, for me "gravy." For others the adjustability is more of the draw to buy one.

And just in case you have $ burning a hole in your pocket (ha ha), I've yet to see anything that Brad Behn produces not the highest of quality, not that I've tried his adjustable barrel wares.


BTW: Guy Chadash makes an adjustable barrel too


Post Edited (2023-01-11 18:06)

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 Re: barrels
Author: Ed 
Date:   2023-01-11 22:42

Having used both over the years, the Moennig always seemed to have a bit more ring and projection for me. The Chadash had a nice tone and played well, but I found the Moennig to work better for me.

For a while now I have been using a Clark Fobes barrel. I have tried a few of his and my current one is the version with rings. I think it is a great barrel and one of the best I have played. It still has a nice ring and is very even with a lot of depth, core and richness to the tone.

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 Re: barrels
Author: RKing 
Date:   2023-01-13 01:25

The chart I got from Guy Chadash shows that the Moennig has a consistent taper and Guy's barrel tapers in two separate steps. The Moennig is slightly more open - we are talking a little more than a 1/10th of a millimeter here, so it's a very small difference.

I used the Chadash barrel for several years but found the Moennig was a little more consistent for my tone and tuning after my cancer treatments (throat), so I am using a Moennig right now. But as I recover more from this medical battle, I might change again.

FWIW, I also enjoyed the sound I got from a Backun Lumiere barrel last fall.



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