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  Heinz Holliger concert at 81 years  Joop  2021-02-28 21:23 
  speaking of student oboes  HautboisJJ  12  2021-02-10 21:53 
  What are these bits from tube cane?  mberkowski  2021-02-06 23:49 
  Marigaux has buzzy half-hole?  CogentCap  2021-02-06 23:47 
  Olds ZRL and Linton LL  JohnSid  2021-01-27 05:17 
  Euro vs American sound  EaubeauHorn  71  2021-01-15 11:07 
  F.Loree Identification Help  rickyvaughn2  2020-12-21 23:34 
  New Player Question  elljay  2020-12-03 15:49 
  Viet Cuong: Extra(ordinarily) Fancy - Concerto for Two Oboes  Chris P  2020-11-17 23:18 
  Decker Oboe  hautboy  2020-10-10 23:20 
  A few questions about full automatic oboes  Diego J. Garcia L.  2020-09-27 21:25 
  What sort of oboe do you play and why  oboist2  28  2020-08-13 22:35 
  Pointed vs blunt/round micrometer on gouged cane  mberkowski  2020-08-02 17:15 
  adjustment screw loose in socket  tgenns  2020-07-28 01:19 
  Cane Diameter  ckoboe777  2020-07-05 19:11 
  Gordet Oboes  Stori Lundi  12  2020-07-03 12:50 
  Vintage Howarth oboe - price ideas?  alicemusician  2020-06-30 17:50 
  oboe d'amore bocal  oboist2  2020-06-30 01:47 
  Symptoms of clogged octave vent  mberkowski  2020-06-05 20:35 
  Meeting for small chamber group during the pandemic?  KJC  2020-05-25 02:58 
  English horn intonation--brand differences?  mschmidt  2020-05-17 22:15 
  Brandless wooden oboe online  Theo Amante  2020-04-24 23:18 
  English Horn low E warble  NickSF  2020-04-20 23:53 
  All the best  oboist2  2020-03-28 20:59 
  Novice gouging advice  mberkowski  2020-03-11 10:02 
  Dupin Bernadotte  SimoneBr  2020-02-21 02:07 
  What would you do?  EaubeauHorn  11  2020-02-06 03:48 
  Reeds that play very flat.  Barry Vincent  11  2020-01-28 01:15 
  thumbplate  EaubeauHorn  2020-01-28 01:08 
  F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please  weston  15  2020-01-08 06:52 
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