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 Re: Ambipoly reeds
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2022-12-20 20:54

Since I wrote this I have re-visited the site and oboe reeds ARE returnable if they have been scraped. Single reeds are not.

However --- in the last couple of days I again messed with the Howarth Academy soft student reed I bought a while back and found still too stiff for my altitude and climate (2600' desert.) I got a new ceramic knife, stayed away from the very well-done tip, and managed to get it quite playable and still on pitch after quite a bit of scraping, with the most minute tip clip. Henceforth ordered three more and have some hope of actually playing this instrument instead of just feeling helpless about the reed situation. I had excellent instruction but the teacher who supplied the reeds moved away, and that was that.

The most amusing thing about these Howarth Academy reeds is that they are cheaper -delivered- here in Arizona, than anything I can buy made in the USA. I have no problem playing on them and am not sure what the supposed differences are in embouchure; I blow, they play -- and probably I simply adapt without knowing in particular what I do. If it's in tune and sounds like an oboe, I'm happy. I'm not competing with the pros.

I have a group I can play in IF I can get this reed thing workable. I just want to make in-tune oboe sounds with a reasonable amount of effort. With the synthetics I've tried, neither the intonation nor the sound quality is anything I can put up with, and I have plenty of opportunities on horn and tuba.

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