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  first reed new Jim22  2015-04-16 11:24 
  R. Dupin Cocobolo oboe new AKE_  17  2015-04-14 14:27 
  Légère Synthetic Oboe Reed Review ... new Chris P  2015-04-14 04:02 
  Cane Assessment new mjfoboe  2015-04-10 19:42 
  older oboes new annev  2015-04-08 19:01 
  "Doublegeek" Reed Geek? new oboi  2015-04-05 07:43 
  Oboe profiler new mjfoboe  15  2015-04-04 23:27 
  Clipping the corners of the reed new Roboboe  2015-04-04 13:57 
  Playing the high notes new JohnW  2015-03-31 21:58 
  Dual system oboes with the side Bb/C key? (preferably plastic or ebonite) new AndyH  15  2015-03-30 02:01 
  Piccolo oboe pitch new Soundstream03  2015-03-30 00:26 
  reed life new Jim22  2015-03-28 22:58 
  Chronic Flatness and Bright Middle C revisited new robertargoe  2015-03-28 06:32 
  English Horn - Romeo and Juliet new hautboy  2015-03-27 12:06 
  Water in 3rd octave new ceri  2015-03-26 21:08 
  Some new Cor Anglais and Oboe videos of mine new jamesoboe  2015-03-24 23:11 
  types of reeds new Jim22  2015-03-24 10:55 
  Slipping the blades: US Left-Handed reedmakers new Graham Salter  22  2015-03-23 14:56 
  crack new Jim22  2015-03-21 15:20 
  1. Euro = $1.06 new JRC  2015-03-21 07:10 
  Oboe shopping Grad student new musashu  2015-03-21 01:13 
  Best Season to Make Reeds new mjfoboe  2015-03-20 21:07 
  My new Youtube page new jamesoboe  2015-03-20 17:22 
  Fiala English Horn Concerto new oboi  2015-03-17 12:26 
  Clamping Lips? new pisces71  2015-03-16 06:37 
  Some of the best english horn I've heard new Oboe Craig  2015-03-13 21:54 
  What type of group do you play in? new ptarmiganfeather  13  2015-03-11 07:44 
  Shaper/staples new Midwifelynn  2015-03-11 06:00 
  G key sticking when playing G# new matt_lin18  2015-03-11 03:07 
  442 bumper-stickers - any takers? new jhoyla  2015-03-10 08:58 
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