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 bassoon system
Author: winders 
Date:   2008-06-15 14:19

Is there many systems of bassoon, like on clarinet there are French and German??

thank you

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2008-06-15 18:44

Yes, the bassoon situation paralles the clarinet world in that there are essentially two systems - French and German. However the positions are reversed in that the French bassoon is the gradual and sytematic evolution from the original baroque models whereas the German bassoon was the radical redesign from almost first principles by Karl Almenrader (I think thats how its spelt) working with the firm of Heckel.
Again like the clarinet world there has been a gradual shift in most countries from the "old" model to the "new". Now even in France a high proportion of players use the German system bassoon and some french orchestras even insist on them. The Paris opera orchestra is one of the main bastions of the old french system (despite earlier endevours of Daniel Baremboim when conductor of the opera to oust them.

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2008-06-16 15:56

The only two companies currently making professonal French bassoons are Buffet http://www.buffet-crampon.com/en/instruments.php?mode=productDetails&pid=630 and Selmer http://www.selmer.fr/.

French bassoons are generally made from rosewood whereas German bassoons are mostly made from maple.


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 Re: bassoon system
Author: NorbertTheParrot 
Date:   2008-06-17 17:10

The division between French and German varieties exists for most wind instruments, not just clarinet and bassoon....

The familiar piston-valve trumpet is a French/American design. German orchestras generally use trumpets with rotary valves. The difference in sound arises not just from the type of valve, but also from its positioning; German trumpets have the valves much closer to the mouthpiece than piston-valve trumpets do.

The horn exists in radically different French and German varieties. It is for this reason that most horn players dislike the term "French horn" - to a horn player, a French horn is an instrument with (usually three) piston valves, whereas the vast majority of players prefer the German instrument with (usually four) rotary valves.

The trombone also has French/American and German varieties, though the difference is less obvious to the eye.

It is interesting that, where the world has chosen the German instrument, even the French have followed suit; French horns (in the strict sense) and French bassoons are rare beasts. Where the world has chosen the French instrument, the Germans have refused to follow suit, but retain their characteristic clarinets, trumpets and trombones.

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: Terry Stibal 
Date:   2008-06-17 23:29

...and oboes...

leader of Houston's Sounds Of The South Dance Orchestra

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: D Dow 
Date:   2008-07-10 01:35

I was just wondering what year was the first Heckel introduced to the market?

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: Ian White 
Date:   2008-07-10 11:15

According to the 'New Langwill Index' Heckel was established in 1831

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 Re: bassoon system
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2008-07-10 13:25

I believe from Waterhouse's book that Carl Almenrader's bassoon was first produced in 1817, but as Ian indicates the partnership with Heckel started in 1831.

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