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 Re: French bassoons
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-05-16 22:36

I just got it this afternoon, and what was the first thing I did when I was unpacking it?

I DROPPED it! My poxy shoulder gave me grief as I was lifting the case out of the packaging and it all clattered to the floor, so now there's a couple of dents in it. But they're only cosmetic (and it's picked up enough scratches in it's lifetime). Fortunately the (solid copper) crook stayed in the compartment and didn't get damaged, so after pushing some of the dents out I bunged a reed on and by 'eck! What a beastie! My bassoon playing is questionable at the moment as it's been over 20 years since I last really played, but this plays a treat from what I can do with ill-fitting reeds (I've only got German reeds). The bottom Bb is effortless, and climbs easily right up to altissimo E (the same high E used by Ravel in the 1st. mvmt. of the G Major piano concerto).

Interesting keywork is a double F# key for the right thumb - the lower of the F# keys gives a reduced (and adjustable) venting on the main F# key, and the double Ab key gives more venting for Ab (and other notes), presumably for when playing loud and keeping the pitch up. The tenor joint has the E vent for finger 2 which makes an acceptable short fingering for E, though it's still best played with a resonance fingering.

It has had some pads replaced, but it really needs a thorough going over (and I'm still inclined to repad the lot) as there are some binding keys and loose point screws, so they will need to be fitted to free up the action. The 'U' tube cork is a touch loose, so it will need replacing as well.

The descending bore is fully lined with ebonite, so there aren't any issues there.

So now I have to find a source of French style reeds to see what I can do, or just ream out the ones I have to fit the crook.


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