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 Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Reddog 
Date:   2007-06-07 14:23

Can anyone tell me if Selmer still makes the "Selmer Soloist" clarinet; I think it used to be called Selmer Signet Soloist Clarinet. I remember it being a very decent intermediate horn -- I believe the best one that Selmer made in the US. Will appreciate some quick feedback on this.

Thanks - Bill

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: rsholmes 
Date:   2007-06-07 15:06

The only wood Selmer USA B-flat clarinets now listed on the Selmer site are, strangely enough, shown at the bottom of the "Harmony Clarinets" page:

and are designated models CL201 and CL211. Their plastic clarinets likewise are listed by CLnnn model number.

Even if I go back to an archive of their 1996 web site

I see no mention of "Signet Soloist", "Signet", or "Soloist".

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Reddog 
Date:   2007-06-08 10:07

Thanks so much for the info.

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: John O'Janpa 
Date:   2007-06-08 13:21

There is a new clarinet around labled Soloist, but I think it's a CSO and don't believe it is by Selmer.

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2007-06-08 13:54

Selmer and Leblanc are both making "Soloist" models. They are, I believe, made as "exclusive" lines for specific music stores. Schmitt's here in the Minneapolis area has them. I like the Leblanc ones better than the Selmers, but I generally like Leblancs better than Selmers anyway. I have 3 or 4 students who've bought them and are very happy. (FYI, I'm a Buffet mafia member myself...)

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: rsholmes 
Date:   2007-06-08 16:54

Are they just rebranded versions of standard Selmer/Leblanc models, or are they different in some substantial way?

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2007-06-09 21:31

I saw one yesterday at Saieds Music, Tulsa, used, looked VG, didn't play, and I like my old Sel Signet, C100 I think, a "darkie" but not in the same class as my CT. Luck, Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Sheldon 
Date:   2007-08-02 19:29

I will be buying my 16 year old a Selmer Solist this afternoon at the Schmitt Music Store in Burnsville,MN. (Price is around $1300.00)

My son & his teacher tried 5-different intermediate & professional models,
from $700-2,600. (Selmer, Yamaha, Selmer & LeBlanc) and this
one worked the best for him, sound, feel, etc; not necessarily price (we felt
it had to fit HIM, no matter what the cost!)

So, he'll get it as his 16 year old birthday present tomorrow!!

They have two in stock.

Schmitt Music phone 952-435-2454

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: C2thew 
Date:   2007-08-02 21:36

Your son might be happy with the clarinet now, but a few years down the line he might want a professional clarinet so you'll be shopping again. but if it works then go with your instincts!

Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. they are but improved means to an unimproved end, an end which was already but too easy to arrive as railroads lead to Boston to New York
-Walden; Henry Thoreau

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 Re: Selmer Soloist Clarinet
Author: Michelle 
Date:   2007-08-03 02:17

My first "real" clarinet was a Selmer Signet Soloist, and I still have it. It's beautiful - nickel-silver keys that don't seem to tarnish, nice wood, good sound - the only complaint I've had is a little quirky intonation. I thought about getting it "tuned" but haven't done so, as it's not my primary instrument at this point.

$1,300 seems high - if it's not too late, I'd try to negotiate. Usually they go for $300-$600 on the auction site, repadded.

I have found it very easy to play, very accepting of various mouthpieces and an all-around pleasure to own. If the one you chose tunes well and sounds as nice as mine, you've done well regardless of the price. I don't think I'll be able to part with mine for sentimental reasons, and who knows - maybe my daughter will end up playing it in high school. You could definitely do worse.

As far as I know they stopped making them in the early 90s... I think mine was made in the mid to late 80s. I do believe the "new" Selmer Soloist is plastic, but I'm willing to be corrected.

Good luck...

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