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 trouble with the clarinet
Author: Pascal 
Date:   2012-05-24 21:32

My clarinet staccato is bugging me, specially the notes just after the break. Problem 1:The lower overtones sound together when I tongue, like a split octave. No problems when playing legato or light "detaché". Tried faster/slower, stronger/weaker tonguing to no avail.
Problem 2: the fourth E (and onwards) doesn't stay put when I tongue... the overtones pop out like crazy. Besides that, it is always slightly flat.
Any advice?

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 Re: trouble with the clarinet
Author: DrewSorensenMusic 
Date:   2012-05-24 22:05


I guess first things first, how's the equipment you're playing on? Leaks, poor craftmanship, etc...

Have you tried different mouthpieces? Are you playing on the right setup for you?

I'm not really understanding problem 2. Is the note [E6] and above that you are talking about?

If I would diagnose a problem, I'd say you are playing on a mouthpiece with a long facing, and harder reeds than maybe you should be playing on. I could be completely wrong here, but maybe there's just too much space between the reed and mouthpiece at certain points.

I'd have to have have answers to the questions to make a better suggestion. Also, the clarinet bboard will have tons of advice for you, so maybe try reposting the question there.

Drew S.

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 Re: trouble with the clarinet
Author: Pascal 
Date:   2012-05-25 09:49

Setup: Buffet bc20 in good shape, vando. blue 3, b45 mpc.

The reeds feel actually way too soft for me. I've tried other mpcs too.
And yeah, I'm talking about E6.

Thanks, I'll try on the Clar.BB

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 Re: trouble with the clarinet
Author: DrewSorensenMusic 
Date:   2012-05-25 12:16

I saw you posted on the clarinet boards. A good move, cause they are frequented constantly, and the a some highly knowledgeable people there.

Some things I see in the situation (and I'm a woodwind doubler, not a full time clarinetist):

1. The Buffett bc20 seems to be an older model Buffett, but I do believe it's a pro model. It could be the instrument needs some adjusting, so maybe that's something to look into. Also, the bore maybe have warped over time depending on how it's been taken care of.

2. I play on a mouthpiece similiar to the 5RV, so I'm coming from a completely different side of the mouthpiece realm. You're playing on a very open mouthpiece with a longer facing, and I find that the utmost control of your embouchure is necessary on setups of this nature. Be sure you are voicing all your notes (thinking of the note before/while you're playing it). Continue to play long tones and tonguing exercises, slowly at first, then get faster. If things don't get better in a month or so, it may be worth taking a look at some different equipment.

Drew S.

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