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 Re: Players, oboes, and reeds
Author: tgenns 
Date:   2017-08-20 02:34

Concerning your issue with playing sharp, I recommend that you work with a good teacher on this. If you are having this problem with good quality boughten reeds, then the problem may be embouchure related (too much reed in the mouth, biting, too closed oral /throat cavity, etc.). I doubt that this is a horn-related problem. Also, I wouldn't generalize concerning playing "up" or "down" for pitch on the oboe. Some oboe players have a tendency to play sharp, others flat. Each player needs to make the necessary adjustments to play in tune.

As for learning to make good oboe reeds, I look at there being two major factors: 1) technical knowledge 2) experience. You can get technical from a good oboe reed teacher and also from some books. For example, Jay Light's oboe reed making book is very good if you want to make an American scrape oboe reed. As for experience, an excellent professonal oboe player told me many years ago, "make millions of them." Unfortunately, there is no other way.

Hope this helps.

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