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 extra mechanisms
Author: r small 
Date:   2021-10-06 19:16

Are there currently any clarinet makers who offer clarinets with extra mechanisms, e.g. articulated G#/C# and forked Bb/Eb?

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2021-10-06 20:20

There is this Patricola clarinet that Muncy offers. I find that a bit odd because Patricola does still have the Artista which is a straight forward, regular Bb horn that plays great. Muncy doesn't seem to be interested in that one for some reason.

..............Paul Aviles

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2021-10-06 20:55

If money is no object, there is Schwenk und Seggelke:

Post Edited (2021-10-06 20:56)

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: r small 
Date:   2021-10-07 08:27

I had a Patricola eefer that had articulated G#/C# and LH Eb/Ab but I sold it a while back. Nice little horn. Now I wished I had kept it. Also about the same time I sold my Leblanc LL 3/4 Boehm (articulated G#/C#, forked Bb/Eb, and LH Eb/Eb). Good horn but had some intonation issues. Now I'm playing a Selmer Presence with standard 17/6 key work. I like this horn but I would sure like to have an articulated G#/C# mechanism. I have a Selmer catalogue from 1996 that shows the Recital model available with the extra key work as a special order item. I have a feeling that's no longer an option.

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: r small 
Date:   2021-10-07 08:43

Hurstfarm wrote:

> If money is no object, there is Schwenk und Seggelke:

> Post Edited (2021-10-06 20:56)

I bet these are difficult to find here in the States.--R Small

Post Edited (2021-10-07 08:45)

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2021-10-07 12:30

They’re individually built to order in Germany, so there’s no ready made supply.

They do have a source in the US though:

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: donald 
Date:   2021-10-07 13:04

There's actually a way you can retro fit an articulated c#/g# on to a modern clarinet - you have to find someone who can MAKE keys, but they don't need to drill an extra hole, you just use the existing tone holes... But you'll have two linkages between the two joints instead of one (a minor complication).
The only reason I haven't done this is that I like "long f" fingering and you can't do that with an articulated c#/g# (you also lose some very common multiphonic fingerings)

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 Re: extra mechanisms
Author: Micke Isotalo 2017
Date:   2021-10-08 22:33

If Reform Boehm clarinets are included, there are also models from Wurlitzer, Dietz, Leitner&Kraus and Harald Hüyng with these kind of extra mechanisms.

The articulated G#/C# just works differently on these, but in my opinion in a lot smarter and simpler way. Since the trill mechanism doesn't open the C#/G# pad, it doesn't restrict fingerings like the long F, or similar. Instead, the second register f#-g# trill is executed with the l.h. ring finger (thus changing between XXX|0X0 and XXO|0X0). Still, some other alternate fingerings are affected to some degree by this mechanism.

New clarinets from these makers are ordered directly from them.

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