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 Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2021-09-05 00:02

I've got a Rico neck strap like that pictured here: https://amzn.to/3DNzemM

It lengthens easily but shortening it is quite difficult. The strings are not tangled. It seems like it needs to be 'lubed'. I was thinking candle wax on the strings but what are my options?


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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2021-09-05 00:34

Sometimes they're easier to work either with or without tension on the cords. See if pulling downward slightly to put some tension on them helps. If not, see if unhooking the clarinet and completely unloading the cords is any easier. I find mine easier to adjust with some tension on it but not the instrument's full weight.

You could try wax, but my experience trying to do the same thing with Venetian blind pulls that were snagging was that the wax wasn't much help.


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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2021-09-05 04:41

I haven't tried the Rico strap but I've been through a selection of 3 or 4 others over the years. The BG brand ones have been more comfortable and reliably functional than any other others. They come in elastic and non-elastic options. I prefer the elastic, especially when switching between Bb and A clarinet, but also in general.

Just in case yours continues to be cantankerous...


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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2021-09-05 11:10

Rubbing stuff with the lead of a pencil can be great as a lubricant. Graphite is super-slippery, without being greasy. I use that on stuck zips.

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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: Jimis4klar 
Date:   2021-09-05 14:36

nellsonic, which BG strap model you have?

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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2021-09-06 08:17

This one:



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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: StanD 
Date:   2021-09-10 20:32

You might try bow string (as in bow-&-arrow) wax. Available in sporting equipment stores.

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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: Matt74 
Date:   2021-09-12 02:18

Great stuff to use anywhere you need dry lube is “White Lightning Clean Ride”. It’s goes on as a liquid and dries completely. It’s a wax lubricant, so it will come off eventually, but it works great. It’s for bicycle chains so it will last for some time. It will work much better than candles. It doesn’t get cruddy like some other wax lubes and is inexpensive. I would try just lubing the plastic or metal parts to begin with. They will hold the lube.https://www.universalcycles.com/shopping/product_details.php?id=1232&category=205

- Matthew Simington

Post Edited (2021-09-12 02:20)

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 Re: Neck Strap Lubrication
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2021-09-14 03:51

Thanks to all who responded with their suggestions.

I asked Rico/D'Addario for advice and they quickly responded:
Thanks for your message about Rico clarinet neck straps. The cords are not lubricated when new. I would recommend trying a dry powder lubricant like graphite, not an oil based type.

While waiting for Rico to respond I gave the strap a healthy dose of silicon spray.
Once it dried out, it works nicely, at least for now. The strings don't feel slick but they move smoothly. This strap is many years old so I'm not terribly surprised that it 'wore out'.

When the strap next needs a fix I'll try pencil lead as SunnyDaze suggested, while wearing an old T-Shirt lest the 'lead' easily transfers to clothing.

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