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 Re: I've got the
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2019-05-20 22:03

> What think you? Is there any merit in a barrel upgrade, or have
> I just come down with a bad case of the gimmes?

IMO, a case of gimmes possibly leading to GAS (Gadget Acquisition Syndrome). Again IMO, the last thing you should spend money on is a barrel (or, maybe, a bell would be the very last).

Assuming you're a fully responsible adult who takes care of things like expensive clarinets and doesn't handle them carelessly, upgrading your clarinet (again, tiresomely perhaps, IMO) is not a "wait-until-you-get-better" thing (it's different for a 10 year-old who is prone to accidentally smacking things into chairs). A better clarinet should always make playing easier and progress quicker. And the less you have to worry about what is *your* problem and what is the *clarinet's* deficiency, the less you'll have to guess where any problem you're having lies. The only issue with upgrading early is that if you decide to abandon the whole project, you'll never sell the instrument for what you paid.

So, my advice if you're reasonably sure you're hooked and you have the money on hand, is to buy a moderately priced upgrade - either something like the Protege or a Yamaha (whatever the current model number is of their upper intermediate line) or a used R-13 or equivalent. Your taste in sound, response and mechanical feel may change as you advance, and you may want something different later, but none of those choices will hold you back.

But my bottom line answer to your specific question is, forget the aftermarket barrel. It may cause new unexpected problems (fit, intonation, the sound may not be what you like) and won't really bring much of an advantage.


BethGraham wrote:

> Hi, gang --
> I've been taking lessons since January, using my mom's 1950-ish
> Selmer Bundy Resonite and a Fobes Debut mouthpiece. I'm making
> what my teacher thinks is excellent progress and have recently
> joined two New Horizons bands (concert and beginner).
> My teacher suspects that my trusty steed "isn't doing me any
> favors" (that is, it may make it harder than it needs to be to
> play fluidly). However, I recognize that as a relative beginner
> it's probably best to keep playing on the Bundy for a while
> longer.
> That said, I've got my eye on the Backun Protege for when I do
> upgrade. (I'm a proud new Canadian.) And I'm wondering if it
> might make sense to at least upgrade my barrel to maybe a
> Fatboy in the near term. It might improve my sound and make me
> more content to continue playing the Bundy.
> What think you? Is there any merit in a barrel upgrade, or have
> I just come down with a bad case of the gimmes?

> Post Edited (2019-05-20 20:57)

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