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 Cough While Practicing
Author: BGBG 
Date:   2017-09-13 01:31

Curious if anyone else has a dry cough while practicing for 15-30 minutes when did not have cough before and no sickness or cold suspected. Could this be mouth breathing, the room, or some throat condition or allergy? Just a dry cough after play a few minutes. And any suggestions.

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 Re: Cough While Practicing
Author: clarinetguy 2017
Date:   2017-09-13 07:18

This subject comes up very now and then, but it doesn't seem to generate a lot of discussion. It's happened to me as well, although it never used to.

It's possible that a lack of saliva is one cause. Some medications, the normal aging process, and other things can do it. Perhaps a resistant mouthpiece/reed combination causes strain on throat muscles--and a dry cough to go with it.

This problem has caused me to cut back on practicing, although I've found it's more of an issue in during the winter. I always keep water nearby, and sip frequently. After practice, I chew xylitol gum. In fact, Michele Gingras recommends keeping chewing gum ("to moisten the mouth after a concert") in an equipment pouch (along with other supplies) in her book, Clarinet Secrets.

There are physicians, dentists, and nurses who frequently respond to questions of this type, and it would be interesting to read their comments.

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 Re: Cough While Practicing
Author: Kenton153 
Date:   2017-09-13 09:32

look up trombone players lung. it could be from a fungus that is growing in your instrument/reeds. its important to keep things sanitary.

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 Re: Cough While Practicing
Author: clarinetguy 2017
Date:   2017-09-13 15:35

I've heard of it, but those symptoms are quite nasty. What I've had is always quite temporary, and doesn't even begin to approach the descriptions of trombone players lung. I'm very careful about keeping everything clean. It's an interesting thought, but I suspect there's something else going on. Perhaps it has something to do with constantly breathing in cold, dry indoor air through the mouth, especially during the winter months.

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 Re: Cough While Practicing
Author: BGBG 
Date:   2017-09-13 21:24

I saw doctor today and mentioned this but he had no concerns not answers. It has been a bad summer with lots of mold, fungus, pollen mildew around.

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 Re: Cough While Practicing
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2017-09-18 05:38

I didn't respond right away. But I decided to do so because I CARE!

Not long ago, 3 or 4 weeks ago, you said you had mold on your reeds. I'm pretty sure I probably told you to throw them out. Did you??? You better have or I will be pretty angry.

I hope you did and I would wash your mouthpiece out with 1/3 bleach to 2/3 water. There may be fungus and mold on your mouthpiece. Soak it in warm water for 30 minutes, not hot water as the mouthpiece may warp. I'd probably buy a small babies tooth brush that will fit inside the baffle, chamber, and bore. Then scrub it. Or better yet, replace it. Then wash it with mild soap and water to get rid of the bleach. You might want to bleach the mouthpiece several times. Bleach is often the only thing that will kill fungus and mold. There are articles online about this and people getting incurable lung problems from not cleaning their mouthpieces.

With mold and or fungus on your reeds, you may be one of these people.

Screw your doctor. Take matters into your own hands and read up on this, fix the problems, maybe get a new mouthpiece, throw out ALL of your reeds, and maybe the barrel as well. Also consider dumping the clarinet. Personally I'd get a new horn and a new mouthpiece and throw out what you have.

THIS STUFF SPREADS!!! Am I an idiot for telling you this? No, I'm very well educated and I know a great deal about this subject.

You may have gotten some sort of lung infection. If it persists for 2 or 3 months get a chest x-ray. Mold and fungus love to live in lungs. It's often hard or impossible to cure.

In another article you stated using Rico reeds. I know you've read my posts about the pesticides. But you and many others still use Rico reeds. Maybe you are allergic to the pesticides mixed with the mold. Pesticides and mold mixed together, who knows what could be going on with you. But stop and start over. Stop playing the Rico reeds and if you are playing on the moldy reeds just stop!!! Stop everything. Get a fresh start. You might be in trouble or getting into trouble. I'm kind of in shock. Because I've tried to help you in the past by sending you free stuff and not even a thank you note from you. Stuff does cost me money. I have to pay for every reed just like you. I'm not giving up on you. You don't have to thank me, but maybe I just saved your life.

Ponder that :) I care!

Clean your horns often. The mouthpiece should be spotless at all times and dried after every use as well as your horn. Thanks folks for trusting me and read up on this on the internet.

Have I scared you? Have I scares other readers? Hope so. This is something you can't mess with. EVER!

STEUER REEDS Importer played by Sabine Meyer

NEWLY DESIGNED "Vintage 1940 Cicero" Mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist

Post Edited (2017-09-18 06:07)

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