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 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Stormcrow 
Date:   2010-09-26 22:00
Attachment:  clarinet full.JPG (644k)
Attachment:  clariet open case 2.jpg (9k)
Attachment:  clarinet swaztika.jpg (5k)

Hello forum! I'm not even sure if this is the correct place for this thread, but can't really find anywhere else haha.

I have a GH Huller Clarinet that I picked up about 20 years ago, and was wondering if anyone could give me any info on it.

It is roughly shaped like a Bass Clarinet only a little shorter.
On the bell it says
GH Huller
Schoneck i.V

Below that is a Eagle holding a swastika with the date 1939,
with a serial number below that.

It is in fairly good condition with case/cleaner etc.
Any ideas?

Thanks for your time!

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: pewd 
Date:   2010-09-26 22:10

That appears to be an alto clarinet.

related thread: http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/read.html?f=1&i=328320&t=328320

- Paul Dods
Dallas, Texas

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Franklin Liao 
Date:   2010-09-26 22:13

Please read what Paul posted. I should add that Roger Aldridge seems to like the sound and the build quality of their Sax. http://forum.saxontheweb.net/showthread.php?114603-G.H.-Huller&p=1174899

Source: woodwinds-and-brass.de

The G.H. Hüller company was founded by Gottlob Hermann Hüller in 1878 and started manufacturing saxophones in the early 1920s. The company was located in Schöneck, Germany...

During the 1930s, G.H. Hüller could have been described as the largest saxophone manufacturer in Germany. At the time they were building more saxophones than Adler. G.H. Hüller models at the time were the: Imperial, Artist, Olymp, and Orpheus.

After the Second Word War many of G.H. Hüller’s horns were sent to the Soviet Union as part of Germany’s war reparations. In 1947 the company was in part nationalized. Then in 1975, the nationalized firm of VEB Holzblasinstrumente Schöneck—which was founded in 1972, and that the original G.H. Hüller was now part of—was integrated into VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumente, and saxophone production carried on. In 1991, when VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumente became Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH (B&S/VMI), the G.H. Hüller brand was abandoned.

Post Edited (2010-09-26 22:17)

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Stormcrow 
Date:   2010-09-26 22:18

Excellent, thank you!
Just pulled it out the closet and thought I should find out something about it.
Hard to find anything on the web tho, haven't found any pics that look like it.
Appreciate the posts tho ^_^

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: donald 
Date:   2010-09-27 04:23

I remember seeing (in The Clarinet) an article showing a similar logo (eagle with swastika) on an instrument made for the Nazi era German army band...

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: skennedy 
Date:   2010-09-27 07:25

There is a book entitled "The Military Music & Bandsmen of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich 1933 -1945," published by Tomahawk Films of the UK. There is an Eb clarinet player on the cover, and some very nice pictures of clarinets and musicians throughout the book.

Page 79 has a picture of a Luftwaffe Bass clarinet made by G.H. Huller, Schonbeck 1939. The sheer number of musicians employed during those times must have been staggering.

Post Edited (2010-09-27 14:52)

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Franklin Liao 
Date:   2010-09-27 07:46

According to this site, http://bcaweb.bai.ne.jp/der_leiermann/gallery_1.html, Hüller family, which had been instrument makers for a few generations, has its root set in Kraslice (in modern Czech Republic), nearby Markneukirchen and Wernitzgruen. It was during 1883 that the firm moved to Schöneck.

From what I am able to gather, some of the Hüller clan now resides in Canada.

I managed to find some detailed photos of a G.H Hüller flute on this site http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=363234&highlight=Flute by the way. I guess that the year of manufacture would be stamped on the body of the clarinet in a similar fashion.

Post Edited (2010-09-27 08:07)

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Stormcrow 
Date:   2010-10-19 05:55

Got a couple of more shots (sorry to revive an old thread) but thought I'd throw em up here ^.^

Post Edited (2010-10-19 06:00)

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 Re: 1939 GH Huller please help
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2010-10-19 12:57

1939 must have been a significant year in the build up of German military bands.
I own an almost identical alto clarinet to that pictured above.
Mine however is by C A Wunderlich - Siebenbrunn(Vogtl.). It is also engraved on the bell including a similar eagle surmounting the swastica and also dated 1939.
The quality of the engraving on my instrument is actually very fine.

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