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 GH Huller Clarinet
Author: kklarina 
Date:   2010-05-15 13:33

I just bought an old GH Huller clarinet, its a full boehm and I can not find any info on the net, can somebody please help on fproviding any info on this instrument:
Length (from barrel to bottom of the bell) 24"
has the following instriptions on all the parts

Thank you for your help

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2010-05-15 14:27

G.H.Hüller was (is?) a clarinet manufacturer in Schöneck, Vogtland (Germany).

Googling around revealed the following:


G. H. Hüller
The company was founded by Gottlob Herman Hüller in 1878 in the town of Hermesgrün. 1883 the company moved to Schöneck. 1920 they acquired the company of C. Kruspe in Erfurt who was building traditional (Schwedler/Kruspe system) and Boehm flutes. 1924 the company was enlarged (100 employees by 1925), from then on all kinds of wind instruments were built, including flutes and saxophones. "G. H. Hüller" brandBoehm Flutes were built until the 80s.

From browsing through other articles, it seems that after WWII, Hüller was integrated into a state-owned entity (B&S, to be precise), just like Keilwerth went up in Amati.

Your instrument might or might not be a pre-WWII or a GDR model.


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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2010-05-15 15:59

I am pretty sure that Huller no longer exists as a company but were subsummed into another group after the German reunification.
I have worked on plenty of (quite old) Huller bassoons but to date have not handled any other Huller woodwind.

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: RoBass 
Date:   2010-05-18 12:05

to be continued here: http://test.woodwind.org/clarinet/BBoard/read.html?f=1&i=328291&t=328291



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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: Roger Aldridge 
Date:   2010-05-19 12:25

I can help a little with your GH Huller clarinet.

First, Ben, I'm not certain it was the GH Huller company that became part of B&S after WWII. There was another Huller instrument company -- don't remember its name off the top of my head -- and it's my understanding that it became part of B&S. Thus, there may be some confusion between the two Huller companies. I suspect that GH Huller went out of business during the war. But, I'll leave it to German music company experts to have the final word.

I have a GH Huller alto saxophone and without question it's the finest alto I've played in my life....and I've owned Selmer (including several Mark VIs), Buescher, Conn, etc. GH Huller craftsmanship is extremely high. The sound and overall performance of this horn is breathtaking. I have not been able to find any existing GH Huller serial number and production year lists. So, I cannot know for certain the year of my horn. However, based on its design features, I estimate it to be around 1936.

I'd expect a GH Huller clarinet to be an exceptional instrument. Or, at least, a really interesting clarinet to try.

One thing that may or may not be a problem with this clarinet is it's tuned to 435. That's the meaning of the 880 number (435 x 2). My Huller alto also has 435 tuning. When I realized that's what the 880 number means I immediately thought the horn's intonation would be problematic. However, it plays perfectly fine with 440 tuning. (In fact, I have to say its intonation is better than some Selmer saxophones I've played.) Of course, with saxophone one normally makes minor lip adjustments for intonation.

If your Huller clarinet is playable, please tell us more about how it plays and sounds. How is the quality and condition of the wood? Also, how is its intonation? I'm curious about how a GH Huller clarinet compares to French clarinets.

Hope the Huller works for you.



Post Edited (2010-05-19 14:24)

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2010-05-19 18:13

435 x 2 = 870

440 x 2 = 880

I have no idea how this relates to Huller woodwinds, however.

Best regards,

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2010-05-19 18:27

Is that "Maryland math", Roger?

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: Roger Aldridge 
Date:   2010-05-19 18:37

OOPS!!! Yeah, Maryland math! ha ha

My Huller alto has the number 870 stamped on it. This means the instrument was designed for 435 tuning. As I recall, 435 tuning was a standard in Europe before WWII.

The GH Huller clarinet in question has 880 and (happily) means it was designed for 440. 880 means the clarinet was probably made in the early 40's...during the war. Anyway, that's my best estimate.

Sorry for the senior moment guys! Gotta remember not to post early morning messages on the forum before my mind fully wakes up.


Post Edited (2010-05-19 18:52)

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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: RoBass 
Date:   2010-05-19 22:16

Some more information about manufacturer is given in the German museum's board (link published there)...exquisite material of course ;-)


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 Re: GH Huller Clarinet
Author: spikey1973 
Date:   2023-07-05 05:30

To add to this thread...

I just got my hands on a G.h. huller oboe.. oke this shouldn't be in the clarinet thread.. but it was brand related.. not in playable condition unfortunately, but still clearly a very nice instrument on first glance.

Kind greats


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