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Author: catkeel 
Date:   2010-06-06 15:07

I just had a bout with vertigo. Thats where you get really dizzy and is treatable with medication. Does anyone know if this could be triggered by clarinet playing and high notes where you sometimes have to really exert yourself.

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 Re: Vertigo
Author: Christopher Bush 
Date:   2010-06-06 16:34

Having had a bit of a bout with this, I'm going to suggest that you get yourself to a doctor. Repeated dizziness can be caused by any number of conditions, some of them quite serious. Dehydration, a brain tumor, and viral infection were all considered (along with some that I can't remember at the moment). For me, the clarinet would make worse an already extant condition, but did not cause it. Of course, your condition can only be sussed out by a doctor.

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 Re: Vertigo
Author: catkeel 
Date:   2010-06-06 17:05

I went to an emergency room , thats where it was diagonsed as vertigo.Im going to my primary doctor tomorrow. As an old trouble shooter I was just trying to consider all angles of what might have triggered it.
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.


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 Re: Vertigo
Author: JJAlbrecht 
Date:   2010-06-06 18:38

I haven't heard of clarinet playing causing dizziness, in and of itself.

As mentioned above, vertigo can be a sign of serious underlying health conditions, and you should seek attention as soon as possible. It can stem froim any number of causes, from middle/inner ear infections, to stroke, or almost anything in between, so it's something you want to take VERY seriously.

I had one bout with vertigo a couple of years ago when my doctor had prescribed a new beta-blocker regime to add to my other blood pressure medicines. It was rather frightening; I was alone in a parking lot as the world began to spin around me. I had to grab onto a car's trunk lid to keep myself from collapsing until I regained my balance.


“Everyone discovers their own way of destroying themselves, and some people choose the clarinet.” Kalman Opperman, 1919-2010

"A drummer is a musician's best friend."

Post Edited (2010-06-06 18:40)

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 Re: Vertigo
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2010-06-06 18:56

JJAlbrecht wrote:

> I haven't heard of clarinet playing causing dizziness, in and
> of itself.

Any activity that (heavily) uses your body can cause dizziness (but usually won't).
Sometimes we don't breathe the way the body needs it but rather the way the score allows it. When combined with (temporary) low blood pressure, low blood sugar, heat, and maybe a perforated eardrum it's not impossible to faint or at least get a dizzy head or feel sick.

But I agree with all the others - see your doctor.


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 Re: Vertigo
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2010-06-06 19:10

Try the Epley Manuever which can be found on YouTube

It may or may not resolve it, but worth a shot.

Vertigo is something that I've been dealing with for about the past 6 weeks. When I got out of bed and had that "holy crap I'm dizzy" moment, I laid back down and took my blood pressure - it was fine.

Positional Vertigo stinks! I saw my GP, called my Cardiologist (who wasn't worried at all) and am now waiting till July to possibly see an ENT for it.

Clarinet doesn't affect it at all.


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 Re: Vertigo
Author: Ken Shaw 2017
Date:   2010-06-06 19:21

Hyperventilation (too much oxygen in the blood) can cause vertigo, particularly when combined with high air pressure. If (and only if) your doctor doesn't find anything else, try taking in less breath and voicing high notes rather than squeezing them out.

Ken Shaw

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 Re: Vertigo
Author: kimber 
Date:   2010-06-06 22:45

If you are going to see a doctor for your vertigo, I suggest going to an EarNoseThroat (ENT). You will probably also undergo various testing through the audiology dept to help determine if the vertigo is being caused by an inner ear problem or within the brain/central nervous system. Orthostatic hypotension (poor blood return to your head when you suddenly stand up) is also a frequent culprit. If you test that - you need to have the blood pressure machine running immediately when you stand up, not 30 seconds later. The other questions the ENT/audiologist will want to know is if it feels like you are spinning or if it is the room that is spinning. Does it last for only a few minutes or last for alot longer. Is it triggered by a consistent head turn or position change or does it come on even when you haven't moved at all (consider Benign Paroximal Positional Vertigo...treat with Epley or log-rolling maneuver depending on which inner ear canal is triggering.) Is it constant, feeling like your hearing is affected, ears feel full/stuffy or have new ringing in the ears (consider Menieres.)

All things to think about to give the best report to help guide your MD. Good luck.

Post Edited (2010-06-07 16:48)

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 Re: Vertigo
Author: Bob Phillips 
Date:   2010-06-07 15:20

My vertigo comes from low blood pressure --caused by dilated capillaries (the increased vascular volume is too much for the amount of blood in me, so the pressure drops). This is most noticeable when I'm doing a lot of aerobic training. If I get up quickly, I may leave my head's blood supply behind and have to sit and bend over to recover.

My cycling coach suggested flying in the face of medical standard advice and using more salt --increasing my blood pressure. My RN sister was appalled, but it helped a lot.

When I get an episode like this, it is all over before a blood pressure measurement could be made with a cuff system.

Bob Phillips

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