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 Yamaha YCL-64
Author: Jeff 
Date:   2000-11-15 16:24

I've been playing for about 8 years on an old plastic Bundy Bb clarinet and I'm convinced that the quality of the instrument (or lack thereof) is limiting my advancement. Im not such a die-hard clarinetist that I'm willing to spend much on a new instrument ($1200 is my current ceiling), which I suspect rules out the more popular/high quality instruments such as Selmer and Buffet. I have however, found a great deal on a new Yamaha YCL-64 Bb wood clarinet (quoted $1100) which is extremely tempting. Can anyone who has played Yamaha's instruments comment on their overall quality (stand-alone and compared to other brands)? Are there any "negative" qualities in Yamaha's clarinets? Thanks

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: mark weinstein 
Date:   2000-11-15 18:43

Yamaha's are nice clarinets. There is a lot of competition for nice clarinets. We are so LUCKY as Clarinetists! : - )

The YCL-64 is an entry-level proline clarinet. Given the resale value and recent difficulty maintaining selling prices in North America, I question that this is a great deal.

From a local retailer, this is a "FAIR" deal, as in just OK. There aren't too many clarinet teachers who are recommending the Yamaha these days.

There was a (brand new) Yamaha YCL-SEV that was on auction this morning from a company in Virginia Beach, VA which attracted no attention with an opening bid of $900 (with NO RESERVE). No takers. There is also a YCL-CX Custom in new condition on eBay for $400.

Unfortunately (IMO), the YCL-72 & YCL-82 haven't been followed (historically in devel;opment) as well as they might have. There are some bright spots in the Yamaha line, but overall the competition is gaining in the Proline area.

The YCL-34 & YCL-20 seem to be very strong competitiors in the intermediate & beginner/plastic/outdoor markets. Yamaha is good, consistent quality.

Like the Knight said to Indiana Jones ... "Choose wisely!".

Best of luck with your upcoming purchase,

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: The Dad 
Date:   2000-11-16 04:27

I have just gone through this with one of my clarinet playing daughters.
She, I, and her teacher played the Yamaha 64, Selmer 210, and Buffet E-13. We ended up with a Leblanc Esprit, around 1100., but we all also liked the Leblanc Sonata, around 1000. I thought the Yamaha was also pretty good, but it was not comforable for my daughter. It was around I play a Buffet R-13, her teacher plays a Selmer SIgnature.

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: Bill O'Neil 
Date:   2000-11-18 19:50

I am thoroughly impressed with Yamaha in all their model lines. Tone is generally very good (assuming a good mouthpiece). Most describe it a "slightly brighter than Buffet, but not unpleasantly so". Pitch is incomparable. Nobody close. The 64 is a good clarinet. One of my adult students plays one. I play a CX, which is the best clarinet I've ever had, and that goes back over several Buffets. Many important orchestras have some if not all of their clarinetists playning Yamaha these days. This fact seems to be beyond your requirements, but I think you'd be happy with Yamaha. See if you can haggle with the dealer a bit, or if they'd take your Bundy in trade (or you may need to sell it-no loss there) to help offset the cost.

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: Bill 
Date:   2000-11-18 20:16

Author: The Dad wrote:

I thought the Yamaha was also pretty good, but it was not comforable for my daughter.
I am curious about what you mean by "not comfortable"? As a beginner, I recently tried several different maker's professional models. Some felt large in size, and some felt heavier than others. The heaviest feel was the R-13 greenline. The Yamaha SE and Selmer Signature felt bigger in outside diameter. The regular R-13 felt the most comfortable - lightest and smallest diameter. I don't know if my feel matches actual measurements.

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: John Dean 
Date:   2000-11-20 18:15

In the jazz field I gather that Ken Peplowski, Kenny Daverne and Buddy De Franco all play on Yamaha and not necessarily the top rated models either. In the UK some of our top jazz players also go for Yamaha,
John Dean

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 RE: Yamaha YCL-64
Author: mr.birdie 
Date:   2000-11-21 13:52

From a repairmans point of view:
The Yamaha is built very well and easy to repair. ,Paul

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