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 Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: bayash522 
Date:   2009-01-28 20:09

I recently had my clarinet, a late 1960s (most likely purchased in 1967) Evette Sponsored by Buffet Paris France model refurbished and it came back slightly discolored (greenish brown in color). The repair shop claims that this clarinet is one made from hard rubber and that's why the cleaning solution discolored it. I have done some research and cannot find that Buffet ever made clarinets from hard rubber. The serial number is F22550. Can anyone give me any information/clarification on this? Thanks.

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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2009-01-28 20:18

It would have only turned green if they washed it in hot water or possibly used some kind of alcohol or solvent cleaner on it.


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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Ed Palanker 2017
Date:   2009-01-28 20:31

Sorry, I got it wrong the first time so I'm changing my original post. I had an Evette Schaffer that was wood, i believe the the plain Evette could have been rubber. ESP


Post Edited (2009-01-28 22:21)

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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2009-01-28 21:30

Malerne made clarinets in both wood and ebonite.


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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: John Scorgie 
Date:   2009-01-29 21:45

These days all of the clarinets made by the Buffet company are called "Buffet", even the low priced plastic models.

In the 50s and into the 60s, the company used three trademarks for their clarinets: Buffet-Crampon (wood, professional models), Evette & Schaeffer (wood, medium priced) and Evette (hard rubber or plastic, maybe both, low priced).

Your clarinet seems to be a hard rubber Evette, since I have never heard of a plastic clarinet turning green, although a green discoloration is quite common with old hard rubber (ebonite) clarinets and mouthpieces.

IIRC, Dr. Henderson has done knowledgeable postings on this BB on this very subject and has stated that the green discoloration is the result of sulfur compounds coming to the surface of the rubber.

If you will Google "Henderson" and "clarinet" this should bring up his website. He has a number of high quality reasonably priced products for the clarinet and may have some treatment which will help to restore your clarinet to its original color.

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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2009-01-29 23:28

Today we have the B12 (plastic) and E11 (wood) student model clarinets from Buffet. They are both descended (perhaps by adoption from Malerne :) ) from the earlier Evette wood and plastic student model clarinets. The earliest Evettes (both wood and plastic models) were marked "Sponsored by Buffet." Around 1960, with the introduction of the D-series, Buffet changed the logo on the wood model. If a promotional brochure I have from around 1967 is correct, however, the plastic model's logo must not have changed until several years later. That would be consistent with your memory of when you acquired the clarinet. (In the brochure, the wood model (E10) has the new logo and the plastic model (B10) has the old one -- but the photographs in the brochure may not be recent.)

I have owned both plastic and wood "Sponsored by ..." Evettes. I've never personally seen a hard rubber one but, given that the F prefix of your serial number is also new to me, that your clarinet has turned green, and that the "Sponsored by" models may have been made for around 30 years (perhaps, at times, not by Buffet), I think it is quite possible yours is hard rubber. There's a fairly easy way you can tell. Take one of the pieces that has turned green and rub it vigorously against your sleeve until you feel some heat. If the piece is rubber, you should be able to smell burnt sulfur.

Best regards,

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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2009-01-30 19:09

I think I am correct in believing that the B12 and E11 models were introduced at the time Boosey& Hawkes bought out Buffet and stopped making their own clarinets. These clarinets were never made by Buffet but by Schreiber in Germany who were also owned by B&H, so the name Buffet was really a fiction to keep that name on all the B&H line of woodwinds (including their flutes made for many years in Edgware then later moved to Germany).

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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2009-01-30 19:13

The B12 went by the name 'B&H Regent II' for a short period in between being the plastic Evette and the B12 - and is now being (rightfully) stamped 'Schreiber' since the collapse of the B&H group.


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 Re: Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France
Author: Mark P. Jasuta 
Date:   2009-02-01 00:53

I have a Evette Sponsored by Buffet, Paris France clarinet with a 4 digit serial number 1xxx and no prefix letter. Interesting thing though, it is wood and has the cutouts under the RH pinky keys (LJ). Always figured that this was a pro feature only. Any one have a clue as to when it was made?


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