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 support of my stand mate
Author: janlynn 
Date:   2007-09-20 14:14

is it bad to depend on my stand mate to pull me through?

i have mixed feelings about it.

our conductor forgot to send out the announcement that rehearsals were starting (although it was posted on his website). I was the only clarinet that showed up. (o.k. there was another one but she quit at the break).

I did really bad with no one there to help me along. Normally, if I lose my place, I listen to the clarinet player next to me and I get back on track within a few measures. But with no one there to guide me, when I got lost, I got completely lost and couldnt find my way back.

Rehearsal 2, everyone showed up. the other 1st player, two 2nds and 1 3rd. I did SO much better.

Do other people depend on the people around them, is it o.k., or is this a bad thing?

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 Re: support of my stand mate
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2007-09-20 14:31

> Do other people depend on the people around them

You bet. Especially during the first rehearsals.

> is it o.k., or is this a bad thing?

For me, it's essential. Over time it's getting less and less bad, and when I finally master the piece I could do alone (but am still better in a team).



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 Re: support of my stand mate
Author: kilo 
Date:   2007-09-20 14:50

There's a certain amount of "momentum" that develops in a section and the stronger players definitely help the less proficient. I think the important thing is to make note of the difficult passages each time, work on them at home and not just rely on "mother band" to pull you through. But sure, I learn from my stand mate all the time.

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 Re: support of my stand mate
Author: ChrisArcand 
Date:   2007-09-20 15:01

Of course people rely on their stand mates, when needed.

But you should be able to hold up yourself, yes. I think it's expected of a good player. Since it was the first rehearsal, not surprising that it was difficult.

I have found over the years, and especially now, that I need to NOT depend so much on my partner in such groups - this isn't to say I'm always right nor that my peers are always wrong. It's just that sometimes in tricky pieces I have a number in my head in rests, and when I think it's time to come in, my partner is sitting there, obviously thinking that there's another measure or two before we're supposed to enter. Then the entrance passes and I realize that I really was right the first time, and I should have trusted myself. This situation has happened a lot lately (I mean over the past year, in many different groups.)


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 Re: support of my stand mate
Author: Tony Beck 
Date:   2007-09-20 20:49

This is a bad habit which I am very guilty of myself. For a long time I didn't realize I was doing it, then I played in a local community orchestra and was the only 2nd a few times. My counting sucked! I've been working on it since then, but it's so easy in a band to tag along with everyone else and not count. If you are going to play in groups where you are the only one on a part, such as Eb, chamber music, orchestras, or even a dance band, you need to develop the ability to count and hit your entrances confidently.

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 Re: support of my stand mate
Author: BobD 
Date:   2007-09-20 21:28

Well, you can't turn the page yourself all the time. As long as your standmate is helping you to learn it's a good thing.

Bob Draznik

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