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 Open Pure Sound???
Author: inspiring musician 
Date:   2007-04-12 03:08

I need reccomendations of the most purest, open sounding mouthpiece?
i strive for a dark, full, pure open tone for orchestra, just a huge rich sound.
any reccomendations??

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: ElBlufer 
Date:   2007-04-12 03:27

Each player has a different mouthpiece that will give them the sound that they strive for. This is why many people here continuously buy new mouthpieces in an attempt to find "The one". There are a few brands that they would recommend though, and here are a few of those:

-Walter Grabner's Mouthpieces (www.clarinetxpress.com)
-Richard Hawkings Mouthpieces
-Clark Fobes Mouthpieces
-Vandoren Mouthpieces
-J.D. Hite

Good luck on your search, and I hope that you find that mouthpiece that is truly magical for you.

BTW: I would recommend using the Search feature at the top of the page for more info.

My Setup:
R13 Clarinet (Ridenour Lyrique as my backup/marching instrument)
Walter Grabner K11 mouthpiece
Rico Reserve 3.5's
Bonade ligature

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: OpusII 
Date:   2007-04-12 06:30

I would like to add Viotto to the list from E1Blufer

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: Max S-D 
Date:   2007-04-12 07:31

You need to be a bit more specific when describing what you want. Everybody wants an open, pure sound. Who wants a constricted, fuzzy sound?

That said, the list above seems pretty good.

I would add Robert Borbeck to the list, although I'm not sure how to get ahold of him, since he doesn't have a website that I know of and I don't have his number anymore. I do, however, still have the mouthpiece he made for me, and it's excellent, my main (only) mouthpiece. I use it for everything from chamber music to orchestra to big band.

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: grifffinity 
Date:   2007-04-12 08:24

There is no one answer.

Everyone's oral structure is different, so we cannot determine what would be the best mouthpiece for you based on semi-descriptive tonal qualities you desire.

If you have a private teacher or clarinetist peers whose tone you admire, ask to try their mouthpiece - or trial the same brand. See if it is to your liking.

I prefer my Genussa Excellente GE over the close faced Vandoreen brands (M-13's and M-15) based on quality control and material. Yet, as much as I like my mouthpiece, I can guarantee more than a few people on this board who would say my set up is unplayable for them - and vice versa.

Post Edited (2007-04-12 08:25)

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: vin 
Date:   2007-04-12 13:22

The best clarinet players in the world, the ones whose sounds I love, have mouthpiece tip openings that range from 1.01 (something like a M13), to 1.12 (Kaspar or Kaspar inspired) to 1.20. These artists play on M13, M15, B40, Chedevilles, Bettoneys, Kaspars, Selmers, Bakuns, and a plethora of other mouthpieces. Some have been refaced by several different mouthpiece refacers, some have not. Ergo, it isn't the mouthpiece that gives you the tone. Get the best teacher, listen to recordings of great clarinetists, and get your @%& in the practice room with your ears open.

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: stevesklar 
Date:   2007-04-12 13:28

before you go on a mpc hunt just make sure that your clarinet is in great shape and your embouchure is very good. I've seen alot of ppl go on these searches just to find out there's issues with their instrument or themselves.

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 Re: Open Pure Sound???
Author: stevesklar 
Date:   2007-04-12 13:40

I noticed that you are in Southfield. I work in Southfield (my ISP seems to be in VA though??). I also have a large collection of mpcs (not for sale) but if you wanted to get together we can review what you are looking for and I can let you try a couple to try and achieve the tonal qualities you are looking for. Then you would have a better idea of what you may want to get.

click on my name next to Author for my contact into

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