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 Recital Program
Author: Aussie Nick 
Date:   2006-08-24 23:31

Hi guys. My current recital program for a few months time is Muczynski Time Pieces, Schumann Fantasy Pieces, and Arthur Benjamin - La Tombeau de Ravel. I'm not a real fan of the third and would love to find something to replace it. Something of about 12-15mins duration and fitting with the rest of the program. Any suggestions?

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: Tom Piercy 
Date:   2006-08-25 00:16

RE: Arthur Benjamin - La Tombeau de Ravel. You said "not a real fan..."

Have you heard De Peyer's recording of it? He really nails it technically and musically. Hearing him play it might change your mind about the piece.

I think it's a wonderful, difficult and underplayed piece. I think it is underplayed due to it's technical and musical difficulties. I think it takes many people too long to get the technical part of it before they can really make music of it. It really needs to sound effortless and skim across the water.

If not the Benjamin, how about the Joseph Horowitz Sonatina?

Tom Piercy

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: CPW 
Date:   2006-08-25 00:16

Immer Klieiner


Against the windmills of my mind
The jousting pole splinters

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: DaveF 
Date:   2006-08-25 00:23

I'm assuming this is a serious recital.......therefore Immer Kleiner, as much as I enjoy playing it, may be inappropriate.

I agree that the Arthur Benjamin piece is a really interesting and challenging piece, grueling without enough rests. But what a neat addition to a program, as it's underplayed.

Coming in at about 9 minutes is one of my favorites, Francaix's Tema con variazione, with an ending that makes a good closer to a recital.

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: CEC 
Date:   2006-08-25 00:37

Hindemith Concerto! A wonderful work - quite tough, fun and a great closer.

But, now that I think about it, quite a bit longer than what you're looking for...

Post Edited (2006-08-25 00:41)

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: claritoot26 
Date:   2006-08-25 01:02

I second the Horovitz Sonatina.


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 Re: Recital Program
Author: crnichols 
Date:   2006-08-25 01:05

I'd stick with the Benjamin. I think you need an interpretational starting place even while you're still trying to work out technical difficulties, or else learning this piece just feels like forced labor. Think of them as waltzes of varying tempi (the subtitle gives that to you anyways)...and then come up with some images or places for the different sections. Also, make note of where the rhythmic emphasis doesn't fall on the downbeat. Being conscious of this is essential to your understanding of the piece. Benjamin is very specific about his markings, and following them closely will definitely give you a point of departure as well. Also, I think after you rehearse with a pianist, this piece is so much more interesting. There is lots of great dialogue.

I remember the first Waltz always made me think of a smokey Parisian bar...
Anyways, if you still don't want to play it, find a french showpiece. The Benjamin is definitely showy, so you should replace it with something to that effect if you want to. The Chausson Andante and Allegro or the Messager Solo de Concours both come to mind. They aren't nearly as difficult, but both serve well as closers.

Christopher Nichols, D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Clarinet
University of Delaware

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: Gretchen 
Date:   2006-08-25 01:26

Weber Concertos?
Rossini Variations
Bernstein Sonata

Got any chamber music? You could end your recital w/ a chamber piece.

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: GBK 
Date:   2006-08-25 03:01

Some of the recent works my students have used in recitals and competitions:

I am a big fan of Leo Weiner's music. His Peregi Verbunk should be performed more often.

The Sonatina by Arthur Frackenpohl, which was originally written for Richard Waller, is rhythmically interesting and easy to prepare in a short amount of time.

The Cahuzac Variations sur un Air Du Pays D'oc is pure technique, but always impressive to the audience. A good ending piece for any recital.

For something in a lighter vein, play 1, 2 or all 3 movements of Templeton's Pocket Size Sonata (#1) ...GBK

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: neil.clarinet 
Date:   2006-08-25 18:58

Horovitz Sonatina is fabulous. I'm learning it for my next exam, the first performance diploma of the ABRSM (UK). The last movement especially. Solo de Concours by Messager is great as well but it's only 6 minutes so you would need something to go with it, preferably something slow.

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: studioline 
Date:   2006-08-25 23:45

Paul Patterson Conversations- if you don't know it there's an excerpt of it on my website....


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 Re: Recital Program
Author: Bigno16 
Date:   2006-08-26 01:02

How about the Guastavino Sonata?

I had never heard of the composer/piece before but a friend of mine did it on her recital, and it's a very nice work and to my knowledge, not played that often.

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2006-08-26 06:05

How about the Hindemith sonata? I played it a long time ago, but if I remember right it is about as long as you need, and is a great piece.

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 Re: Recital Program
Author: 2E 
Date:   2006-08-26 12:20

I second the Cahuzac variations. Love flying over the last variation at a million miles an hour - pure fingerwork, love it.


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