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 Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: Nakata 
Date:   1999-09-26 23:52

Hi ... is it possible to put a open facing on
a deep baffle mouthpiece like the Zinner to suit
reed like V-12 #3?


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 RE: Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-09-27 00:58

I briefly looked into the paperbacks by Brymer "Clarinet" and Gibson "Clarinet Acoustics" which may help you study mp design and characteristics, both are available from, and may be found in a good-sized library. Also, look at the Hite web-site as well as VanDoren, they may help. I believe there is a US patent to Zimmer, will look for it and post if found. Luck, Don

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 RE: Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-09-27 01:40

Eureka! - I found it even tho I tried to misspell Zinner, my apologies! It is US 5105701 [in the format necessary to retrieve it via IBM, which has more detail than the USPTO]. Go to and ask for this number. This is a 1992 pat and may be earlier than present manufacture, but this is the only pat to Zinner. I'll check on Jerry Hall tomorrow. Don

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 RE: Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: Chris Hill 
Date:   1999-09-27 05:32

Generally, deep baffle mouthpieces like Zinners need a close facing to counteract the resistance of the deep baffle. With an open facing, they become extremely resistant.

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 RE: Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: Kimberly Nisius 
Date:   1999-09-27 14:02

If you are realy serious about a Zinner mouthpiece or at least starting from that blank, look into Gregory Smith's mouthpieces. I am using a Vandoren V-12 #3.5 on mine.

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 RE: Zinner's deep baffle with open facing?
Author: HIROSHI 
Date:   1999-09-28 01:16

I read the Jerry Hall/Hans Zinner's patent and found it consists of:
1)Facing curvature radius=158.75mm,
2)A-frame walls(Greg Smith calls angled walls) typically found in German mouthpieces with an angle of 8 degrees.
3)Bore length=52.75 with a taper from 13.504mm to 14.859mm.

I could not recognize anything written about deep baffles. Does Zinner mouthpiece have deep baffles generally?

1.They say this gives deeper and softer tones. However, I think it should be considered angled bore is generally said to give so called darker tones. You might dislike this kind of tones since you posted earlier that they are sometimes dull to some people.
2. I was a little surprized to find Zinner blanks are now so popularly adopted by American hand-made mouthpiece manufactures,Hall,Smith,Genousha.

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 RE: Mouthpiece Analysis
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-09-28 15:31

Thanks, Hiroshi, for your deciphering Zinner's patent description, I also didnt find depth or volumetric relations to answer the request. This patent is cited as a reference in US 5303628, Salazar, if you wish to look further. Its possible that Lee Gibson's Chapter 15 may be helpful, as he compares German and French mp's. A further patent search via either IBM or USPTO, possibly as simple as clarinet OR woodwind AND mouthpiece, may turn up more info. I'll look into it when I can. Don

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