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 Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Skeet 
Date:   2003-01-24 13:35

I am about to purchase the Leblanc Esprit 1040S for my advancing daughter. Would very much like to hear pros and cons on this instrument. Also considering the Yamaha YCL650 but leaning toward the Leblanc. Please do not suggest Buffet R13. I know all about them.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2003-01-24 15:56

This is a good choice for your daughter. I would recommend it above the Yamaha YCL650 because the overall intonation is better in an Esprit than the Yamaha. The tone is also better. I have been play-testing clarinets for advancing students and returning players for several years and have play-tested lots and lots of Esprits. Unless you get one that is a turkey you will have a good instrument for her until she decides she wants to move up. You're probably going to spend almost as much as you would on an R-13 (from online stores), but it will be an excellent choice for her. If you get the Esprit, I would also recommend buying an Eddie Daniels Deg Tuning barrel and a good mouthpiece--if not from a custom mouthpiece specialist, then at least a Vandoren B45 or 5RV. You can get the barrel at woodwind and brasswind (, International Musical Suppliers (800-762-1116) or other suppliers. Be sure you select one for Leblanc clarinets.

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Ron Hardwick 
Date:   2003-01-24 16:37


How would compare the Leblanc Espirit with the Buffet E-13?


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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Peter 
Date:   2003-01-24 16:37


To me, Leblanc is always an excellent choice. (I would say, "The best choice," except it would probably start another free-for-all on which clarinet "really is best.")

That having been said: Unless it's an important enough surprise that you would be willing to take a chance on winding up with a "turkey," or at least, an individual instrument she might not like, take her with you to purchase it and let her try them out until she chooses "the one" suitable to her.

Ditto for the mouthpiece and ligature.

Clarinetists' taste for the individual instrument is as varied as there are individual instruments that have different playing characteristics, and that is every clarinet ever made, and I've hardly known musicians more finicky about their instruments than clarinetists.

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2003-01-24 17:00

Oddly enough, Ron, I've never tried an E-13. I've heard good things about them but couldn't honestly comment without having tried at least as many of them as I have of the Esprit. Usually the Esprit is a very nice instrument and I would much prefer an advancing younger player to have the Leblanc Esprit than the Buffet R-13. They are easier for them to learn intonation and not as "quirky" in sound as the Buffet. But, one has to look closely at the instrument to make certain a good one is in hand.

Peter's suggestion of taking her along is a good one. Also, make certain you use the same mouthpiece and reed setup on each clarinet. You might have her take hers with her.

A good mouthpiece is vital for any player. The Esprit comes with the K10M mouthpiece, better than most stock mouthpieces, but you could do better with a Vandoren.

The setup I buy a lot for students who do not want the Buffet R-13 is:
Leblanc Esprit (silver or nickel keys whichever they prefer)
Vandoren 5RV Lyre
Vandoren V-12 2 1/2 or 3 strength reeds
Rovner Ligature
Eddie Daniels Deg Accubore Tuning barrel (66m)

I've found this setup to be a really wonderful one for them to get a powerful, dynamic tone right away. The Esprit is also a tough instrument with little mechanical problems.

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Skeet 
Date:   2003-01-26 18:31

Thank you for all the advice...sounds like the Esprit will be a good choice....and i agree having my daughter play a few would be a good idea...problem is NC is sadly lacking where instrument resources are concerned. WWBW will send me 3 to try but they do not have the Esprit in Stock...which seems to be the consensus in most places. I like to order something and have it on the way...not gamble on a 4 -6 week backorder....Anybody no where a new one is for a decent price?

Thanks Again..

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2003-01-26 19:02

Skeet wrote:
> problem is NC is sadly lacking where
> instrument resources are concerned.

Muncy Winds is in Boone!

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Brenda Siewert 
Date:   2003-01-27 15:32

You might try Mark's suggestion about Muncy. You might also give Lisa Argiris a call at International Musical Suppliers (1-800-762-1116) and see if she has any or can get one for you. She allows a 2 week trial period and is great to work with.

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 RE: Leblanc Esprit 1040S
Author: Skeet 
Date:   2003-01-29 12:53

Well, i have made a purchase and I figured i would give this thread some closure. Did not get the Leblanc Esprit , but instead ordered a Buffet E13 from Chuck Levins in DC. I hope i get a good one. I was pointed there by a fellow from Marsh Woodwinds in Raleigh. They had the best price on an E13 by far. And they supposedly check them out and do adjustments in house before sending out. They guy told me they were selling Buffets like water. Not sure if that was good or not. I am planning to replace the mouthpiece at a later time.

Brenda, Thank you for what you did on the Esprit...and although the package you had proposed was daughter seemed to be steering me away from the Leblancs and toward the Buffets.

Thanks Again..

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