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 International Volume 1 Errata
Author: Tom Kmiecik 
Date:   2009-05-04 06:44

Here is a list of the errors I have found Volume 1 of the "Orchestral Excerpts from the Symphonic Repertoire" series, published by International Music Company. These will mostly be note changes and clarifications; I did not make any edits to dynamics or phrasing indications. I hope this helps! Feel free to add if you have found anything else in this volume.

p. 3 - Beethoven Symphony No. 1
The last excerpt does not appear in the original clarinet part at any point. A possible correction would be changing the dynamic to piano, and making the last bar a quarter rest followed by a staccato quarter note long clarion B.

p. 4 - Beethoven Symphony No. 3
The last note of the second movement excerpt ("Marcia Funebre") should be a C# (not a D#)

p. 5 - Beethoven Symphony No. 4
The last measure of the next to last line (clarion F starting at pp) and last line is a separate excerpt from the material before it. There should be a double bar before the F.

p. 7 - Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Fourth line (counting the top system as one line), last excerpt. The sixteenth note pickups are for 1st clarinet only, with 2nd clarinet coming in on the downbeat of fourth measure (unclear in book).

p. 7 - Beethoven Egmont Overture
The last excerpt is not clearly defined. It starts on the last line after the first unlabeled multi-measure rest and goes until the end. The first unlabeled multi-measure rest should actually be a double bar separating the excerpt from the previous one, and the second unlabeled rest should be a 2 measure rest. Also, the barline is missing between the 4th and 5th measures from the end (between the Ab quarter note and G dotted half note for the 1st clarinet).

p. 9 - Dvorak New World Symphony
Seventh line, second measure, second eighth note should be a Bb (not an A).

Last line, next to last measure, fourth quarter note should be an F natural (not an F#).

p. 10 - Brahms Symphony No. 2
Third line, third measure, last note should be an A (unclear in book).

Third line, fourth measure, beat three should be an Ab (unclear in book).

Fourth line from the bottom (excerpt in 3/4), tempo should be "Allegretto grazioso".

(p. 12)
First line, last measure, last note (D#) should be tied to the first note of the next line.

p. 13 - d'Indy Symphony on a French Mountain Air
Third line, fourth measure, last note (A natural) should be tied to the downbeat of the fifth measure.

p. 15 - Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3
Fourth system, third measure, last two sixteenth notes for 2nd clarinet should be B-B (not D-D).

Third system from the bottom, first four measures are a separate excerpt from what comes next. Add a double bar before the 8 measure rest to divide them.

Second system from the bottom, next to last measure, last sixteenth note for 2nd clarinet should be G (not Bb).

(p. 16)
Second system and third system are separate excerpts. Add a double bar at the end of the second system to divide them.

Third system, first four bars are a separate excerpt from the rest of the material given. Add a double bar before the 4 measure rest.

p. 17 - Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
Last system, first measure, first note for 1st clarinet in Eb should be a C natural (not a C#).

p. 19 - Nicolai Merry Wives of Windsor
Fifth line, second measure, beat two should look exactly the same as beat one does (grace notes instead of mordent).

Sixth line, first measure, beat two should be Ab and Bb grace notes to the Ab (no mordent)

Seventh line, second measure should have the same rhythm as the fifth line, second measure does (grace notes are G and F).

Eighth line, first measure, beat two rhythm should have the same change as the sixth line (F and G grace notes, no mordent).

Last four lines of the page are the 1st clarinet part only (not a2 as indicated).

p. 20 - Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien
Fourth system from the bottom, first measure, beat four, 2nd clarinet should be an Eb (not a C).

Next to last line, second measure, next to last note should be a Gb (not G natural).

(p. 21)
Last line, second measure, last three notes should be Eb, F and G for both clarinet parts (not Db, E and F).

p. 28 - Rossini La Gazza Ladra
Second line, last measure, beat two, second note should be a Bb (not a B natural).

Fourth line should have a double bar after the second measure, not a repeat sign.

p. 29 - Tchaikovsky Mozartiana
Variation 1 tempo is "Allegro giusto" and the dynamic is piano.

Variation 1, measure one, beat two notes should be G, A, B, G (not G, B, A, G), and beat 4 notes should be F#, G, A, F# (not F#, A, G, F#).

p. 30 - Stravinsky Firebird

- Variation of the Firebird -

Next to last line, at rehearsal [11], bottom note should be C natural (not D).

Next to last line, last measure, bottom note should be C# (not D).

(p. 31)
One measure before [14], first beat should have an eighth rest (not a quarter rest) and the second triplet on the new beat 4 should be F#, E#, E (not F#, E#, E). Note that this measure does not exist in all printed editions of the piece.

Three measures after [17], beat four should be an F# (not a G#). It should look the same as beats four through six in the next measure.

- The Infernal Dance of King Kashtey -

(p. 32)
Seven measures after [10] = rehearsal [11].

Three measures after [12], last grace note should be Db (not D). The first one should still be D natural.

One measure before [13], fourth beat sextuplet's third note should be A (not B) and the fifth note should be Db (not Cb).

Two measures after [13], beat two, first note could be a B natural or a Bb. This note will vary depending on which edition of the Firebird you are playing. B natural fits better in the sequence.

Three measures after [13], beat two, third note of the triplet should be F natural (not F#).

One measure before [14] (last measure on the page), last grace note should be Db (not D#).

(p. 33)
Rehearsal [20] should be four measures later (7 measures after [19])

p. 35 - Stravinsky Fireworks
During the rests on the next to last system, the 2nd clarinet part switches from Bb to A. The first three systems of this excerpt are for 1st clarinet in A and 2nd clarinet in Bb, and the rest of it is for 1st and 2nd clarinets in A.

(p. 36)
First system, second measure, third eighth note for 2nd clarinet should be an F# (not an F).

p. 37 - Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter Overture
Second line, third measure, beat two, second eighth note should be a B natural (not Bb).

p. 38 - Shostakovich Symphony No. 1
Sixth line, second measure, beat two should be one more D eighth note and an eighth rest (not a quarter rest).

(p. 39)
Third line, barline missing between measures two and three (between the G# and A).

Seventh line, third measure, beat one should be an eighth note F and an eighth rest for 1st clarinet, with 'a2' indicated on beat two (2nd clarinet is as written).

p. 39 - Tchaikovsky Francesca da Rimini
Last line, first measure, beat three, first note should be an Eb (not a D).

p. 43 - Rimsky-Korsakov Le Coq d'Or
Last measure, beats three and four are written a whole step too low. The notes should be F natural, E, Eb, D, Db, Fb, C natural and B natural.

p. 44 - Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf
One measure after [20], beat two, second eighth note should be a G natural (not a B natural). This is also incorrect in the printed part.

Tom Kmiecik
Artist Relations, D'Addario Woodwinds

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 Re: International Volume 1 Errata
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2009-06-11 21:45

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the work!

I did find a couple of errors though...

Tchaikovsky Mozartiana p. 29, second measure second beat should be E F# G E just like the similar problems in the first measure. Fourth beat is ok though!

Stravinsky Firebird p. 31, you wrote: "the second triplet on the new beat 4 should be F#, E#, E (not F#, E#, E)." GBK assures me that the correct notes are F# D# E.

Thanks again!


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