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 oboe to sax
Author: beckee 
Date:   2002-05-20 14:43

hi. Im an oboist, but am now looking to move onto the saxophone. has anyone else done this and is the transition easy? i wil still keep the oboe as my principle instrument but would like to use the sax in my school's jazz band.

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: barisaxboy 
Date:   2002-05-20 19:53

Play bari sax for jazz band!!!! i have never played oboe, but i do konw the oboe fingerings are sort of like sax fingerings!!!!!!!!!!!! alto and tenor suck, so play bari!!!

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: Torus Tubarius 
Date:   2002-05-20 22:37

I used to play saxophone before I became an oboist, so I can answer from the other end. I think you'll find the saxophone's fingering easy, though big, bulky and clunky compared to the oboe. The hardest part would probably be the emboucure change and the increased amount of air with decreased pressure (compared to oboe) needed to make a good sound on the saxophone.

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: KE 
Date:   2002-05-21 00:17

I had to do the same transition for marching band. Fingerings shouldn't be a problem for you but embouchure is a BIG difference from oboe. You must practice on the saxophone mouthpiece on a daily basis and the oboe mouthpiece (but not at the same time) to get used to the different embouchures. Remember, drop the jaw. Saxophone also requires more breath support.

Kenny E

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: Oboe lover 
Date:   2002-05-22 19:24

I play both oboe and sax, and did the same transition you want to make. I find the fingerings easy, there are only slight differences. However, like others have said, the embouchures are very different. It is hard going from a really tight one on oboe to a very loose sax one. If you really want to play sax go for it! Some tips, practise at different times, never one after the other. Also constantly be aware of which instrument your playing. Little but often will work best. Hope this helps.

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: Kayla 
Date:   2002-05-22 20:42

i've changed from an oboe to a sax. i still dont know how to put the reed on correctly! the fingerings are easy, but putting the reed on it the hardest part i think!

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: Rob L. 
Date:   2002-05-25 19:46

First of all, do not switch to saxophone if you consider yourself a good oboist. When it comes to jazz, believe it or not, you can play oboe.
Oboe, oboviously is not considered a jazz instrument, that is simply because there aren't enough people to play it with jazz, but there are a few. (Yusaf Lateef, Emmanuelle Somer, Paul McCandless....)
The most logical thing to do would be to transpose of the alto sax part... Eb to C. Up a third, add 3 flats. Thats what I did. Man do I have a story about my first jazz oboe experience a year ago in 11th grade hehe...but I wont get into it, unless you want.
Again with the sax, it may potentially destroy your oboe embouchure, pending on how much effort you are willing to put into develloping both embouchures at the same time.
I started on Alto sax., hated it swithched to oboe 5 years later, then soon after I picked up soprano sax, clarinet, and flute. So I know alot when it comes to woodwind doubling. I consider the single reed instruments to be in sort of there own category, only small changes. Now the oboe can be played with the same embouchure as a single reed instrument. But the sound isint as good as it could be. It is that fact that forces me to say how hard it is to maintain a good oboe embouchure, which in all words is incredibly more intricle to the tone.

If anyone has questions email me...

Robert Ladwig
(Jazz oboist, saxophonist, etc...)

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: oboeguy 
Date:   2002-06-06 00:40

Rob L.'s story parallels mine. I started on alto sax, switched to oboe. Kayla: you must not make your own oboe reeds, because there's nothing more relieving than going from the hell of tempermental oboe reeds to a consistent saxophone mouthpiece. Make sure your horn and mouthpiece are adequate. I would agree with Rob that jazz oboe is great. English horn is even better, although both almost requre a good pickup mic if trying to solo with a big band accompanying int he background. Some say switching to sax temporarily can ruin your embochure, but practice on both will keep it up. At first, yes you don't want to mix the two until you can develop a solid "oboe mentality" as opposed to your "saxophone mentality". This is not just fingerings and embochure, but they are different beasts entirely, despite similar bores. Some notes tend to sound bad on saxophone, c# and d natural on all octaves can easily be pretty out of tune (among many others). Practice both, eventually quick doubling with them and other woodwinds is possible. Marcel Tabuteau's advice "say ah-ah-ah-ah" to get the air out of your lungs need not apply to the sax. Deep breaths, you certainly won't get tanked up.

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 RE: oboe to sax
Author: john messerlian 
Date:   2005-10-18 20:07

I am olso oboe player or i was ,for pitutery gland tumor doctors addvise me to not play oboe,and for fory years i am playing sax flut clarinet piano ,i dont thing you have much problems..PRACTICE..you should adjust your lips for each instrument,my flut teacher Mr.Roger S,Stevens use to say The doubling is a hard way to go.but the secret is Practice.thank you for ascking an advise..John Messerlian

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 Re: oboe to sax
Author: stringedoboe123 
Date:   2015-08-18 10:14

I play both- alto is a lot easier than oboe and the only real changes would be 1) the embouchure and 2) trivial fingerings such as how c on oboe is Bb on alto... other than that any transition is fine.

Mackenzie Gentz

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