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 Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: miguel 
Date:   2006-02-02 21:06

I have recently purchased a series ii selmer sax. I have attempted to extend my range beyond F# with no success. Any tips? Appreciate it!

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 RE: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Reed_guy 
Date:   2006-02-03 06:45

try fingering charts link on this site......Notes above F# are harmonics. This means that they fingered the same (or very similar) to pre-existing notes. Therefore they require over blowing, and different embouchure than notes within normal sax range. Change of embouchure is hard for sax players, because you play most of the instrument with very little difference. But good luck, if you have a specific problem with a certain note, drop me a line or post some more.
Happy Blowing

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 RE: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: hautbois 
Date:   2006-02-13 15:29

The sax altissimo has many things to do with throat syllable formation, embouchure change (less encouraged), and tongue position technique. I mentioned before in an old post that the tongue position affects everything. Try playing with an 'O' shape embouchure (imagine at the least) and to raise your tongue position high for the high register and especially the altissimo. To achieve this try saying 'eee' and 'uuu' to feel the difference for different registers. Tongue position affects air speed and that is the key to a good altissimo. You need very fast air for high notes and more air but less air speed for lower notes, but the embouchure must remain a constant throughout, relaxed always. All the best and keep practising!

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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Markus Wenninger 
Date:   2006-04-22 09:43

Use the fingering chart provided by woodwind.org. Use the fingering chart provided by woodwind.org. Use the fingergin chart provided by woodwind.org.
A l l sounds are harmonics, that is, composed of a set of frequencies (the use of "harmonics" as a terminus technicus for hitting high frequencies by means of a fork-fingering for lower basic frequencies is misleading) . This means, the sound is produced by varying a compact multitude of frequencies of a given air column, so, apart from the lowest register, all upper ones are produced by splitting this basic column. The altissimo register, as with all other, is a matter of practise, simply, there´s nothing special about it (though the fingerings get "uneven" up there). In modern music the range is extended up to one full octave above the high f, - and, this is the most important fact, if You´re able to play this altissimo register well, the acchieved control over embrochure, throatposition etc betters the lower registers to a very high degree.

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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2006-05-25 12:05

On alto sax (and others), I've found that holding LH3 down with the octave key (8ve oox|ooo) will give altissimo Bb, and opening up the palm keys (as well as the RH high E and F# keys) in turn will extend the altissimo range up to altissimo Eb when all the palm keys and high F# key are opened). Provided you have a high F# key.

So, altissimo G is (all with the octave key open) - xox|Side Bb xoo (or on tenors and bari - xoo|High F#ooo)
Alt. G#/Ab - xox|Side C xoo,
A - oxx|xxx
Bb - oox|ooo
B - High D oox|ooo
C - High D & Eb oox|ooo
C# - High D & Eb oox| High E ooo
D - High D, Eb & F oox| High E ooo
D#/Eb - High D, Eb & F oox| High E & F# ooo.

Then with a different embouchure you can repeat the same fingerings and extend the range up even further following the same sequence. It works much better on tenor and bari though.

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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Oluphemy 
Date:   2010-04-25 23:53

I'm an intermediate saxophonist I need a simple and illustrable finger chart


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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2010-04-26 00:24


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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: HaynesMan 
Date:   2011-08-20 00:14

Could someone direct me to the fingering charts link on this site? I'm not finding it.

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 Re: Alto Sax Altissimo
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2011-08-20 00:16


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