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 8-hole ocarina
Author: tweetybird2 
Date:   2006-12-28 08:50

I received an ocarina for christmas. I had no idea what it was when I received it. My mother bought it at a gem show from a company vendor. It has eight holes. Six on top and two on the bottom. I'm not sure what key it is in and I need a bit of help with the fingering Would it say on the instrument what key it is. Or I guess I could go to the piano and try to find it on the keyboard. If you reply to this message, please do not show me diagrams. I'm totally blind. Thank you.

95691 Saunders Creek Rd., Sp21, Gold Beach, Or. 97444

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 Re: 8-hole ocarina
Author: Gnomon 
Date:   2006-12-28 09:17

Hi Tweetybird.

It sounds as if you have a Peruvian ocarina. I presume it is made from ceramics (baked clay). You should use your two thumbs to cover the holes on the bottom and the first three fingers on each hand to cover the holes on the top. Don't use your little fingers at all.

Diagrams are really not much use anyway if you have a ceramic ocarina, as they are all slightly different. You really have to work out how to play it for yourself.

To find out what key the instrument is in, cover all the holes and blow reasonably hard. Compare the note that comes out with a piano to find the key.

Call this note do. Now raise the third finger on your right hand. Blow. Has the pitch gone up by a whole tone/step? Or a semitone/half step? Experiment with different fingerings until you find some that work. The best would be a system which lifts all the fingers of the right hand in order, then the fingers of the left hand, then uncovers the thumb holes.

I hope this helps.

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 Re: 8-hole ocarina
Author: Sucoono 
Date:   2007-01-13 23:00

hey, i figured since you had the fingering chart for the 8 hole you might have a few tunes to go with it, dont need a fancy jig but mabey just a soft dosil tone so im not screechin away without purpous.

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 Re: 8-hole ocarina
Author: pikapika! 
Date:   2007-03-24 11:00

Well some one named Alto Sax posted this site witch really helped me with my peruvian:


hope this helps.x

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