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 Thumbplate fingering for oboe
Author: Alla 
Date:   2006-11-08 08:53


As my first post, I guess that I should intro myself. I am a uni student in brisbane, australia who played clarinet and oboe in school. Well, I played them both for a year and a half, and then had to give oboe up, due to an interference in embre... I can never spell that word.

Aaanyway, I have owned a yamaha student clarinet since i started playing and recently (today!) I have acquired an oboe. It is a 15-year old wooden Boosey and Hawkes Imperial oboe, I think, and it has the thumbplate fingering system. Put simply, I can't seem to figure out the fingering on my lonesome, and so I'm wondering if anyone could point me towards a fingering chart for it.



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 Re: Thumbplate fingering for oboe
Author: Gnomon 
Date:   2006-11-10 12:11

Start here:


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 Re: Thumbplate fingering for oboe
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-02-01 15:14

The two notes that are different from that chart (as it's for conservatiore system only) are Bb on middle line and the C above it, and the high Bb and C:

Bb: xxo|ooo Left thumb OFF thumbplate
C: xoo|ooo Left thumb OFF thumbplate

Bb and C in the upper register is the same, but open the 2nd 8ve key with the middle joint of your left index finger.

But you do need to keep your left thumb on the thumbplate for all other notes.


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 Re: Thumbplate fingering for oboe
Author: H.B. 
Date:   2007-11-06 06:29

Hello, Chris.
I also have a thumbplate oboe. Well, I'll have one soon. Would you mind telling me a little more about the thumbplate? I'm really interested in knowing why they invented them (since the conservatory models seems so much more popular), if there are any advantages to having a thumbplate, whether this is a significant difference in playing and whether a person who starts with a thumbplate version can later move painlessly to a conservatory model.

Of course, you don't have to answer all of these. Please just answer as many as your time and interest allow.

Thank you very much.

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 Re: Thumbplate fingering for oboe
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2007-11-23 12:27

Sorry for the late reply H.B.!

The thumbplate system was invented by Triebert before the conservatoire system, but it's the system that has lingered on in the UK while all others have taken to the conservatoire system as it keeps more fingers held down while playing making certain intervals and passages much easier.

It will take a bit of time to adapt to conservatoire system if you have learnt on a thumbplate system, but a thumbplate can be added to any conservatoire system oboe to make it dual system - which means both thumbplate and conservatoire fingerings can be used for Bb and C.

While the thumb remains on the thumbplate, conservatoire fingerings can be used as holding the thumbplate down reverts it back to conservatoire system. But if you like to take your thumb off for arpeggios (eg. C and F Major or G minor) then you can get Bb and C this way too.

And a lot more besides as tremolos such as G-Bb or G-C can be done with the thumb off and only trilling LH finger 3 for the Bb or fingers 2 and 3 for the C. LH finger 3 closes the Bb pad on conservatoire system, but on pure thumbplate system there's no linkage from LH 3 to the Bb pad as it's either a plain tonehole or an independant covered plate.

Though if you do have a conservatoire system oboe fitted with a thumbplate and you use thumbplate fingerings for Bb and C, you will need both Bb and C retuned (flattened) otherwise they'll be sharp with thumbplate fingerings.

And if you do have a dual system and want to get used to conservatoire fingerings, either have the thumbplate spring disengaged, have the thumbplate wedged down or take the thumbplate off (and remove the spring so you don't stab your thumb with it!).


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