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 What Was I Thinking ??
Author: jEwink 
Date:   2006-06-21 16:44

Hi, I am diane - new to this group. New to flutes, piccolos .. NO MUSICAL BACKGROUND or talents .. NO RYTHYM .. I can't even dance !!! But I want to play the piccolo !! I am like a ferret in that I like shiney things ... I am an accountant [BORING] I sell coins and tokens on eBay [BORING] I design websites - repair computers [BORING] and buy gadgets !!

Change of life [gotta blame something for this] has led me to purchasing a sterling Armstrong [930 I think] piccolo. In my 'nest' I have a flute as well .. Which I pick up ever so often play just a hour or less because it absolutely is SO PAINFUL !!! I could maybe do better if I wasn't 99.9999% of the hour obsessing on how much my hands hurt. They are small and it feels like I am about to tear them in two .. BOTH HANDS. To make up for the fact that I can hardly balance the flute and stretch my fingers, I press HARDER on the keys . .causing MORE pain. etc etc ..

For some reason I don't have trouble getting sounds out of the flute. I must have good lungs ... Did I mention I was a smoker?? OH MY .. My doctor always say my lungs are great . .he wouldn't know that I was a smoker if I didn't SMELL!! I think he puts it nicer than that .. but regardless, that is what my non kids [grown] with kids of their own, say.

Did I mention that I tend to ramble??

Any way .. I always wanted to play the flute, I love the sound .. but life always got in my way. In school I didn't have the interest .. then came marriage and kids and family and .... Now I am 50-ish and I pulled out the flute and said "I am going to do it NOW!" Probably nobody starts with the piccolo, but I will because of the pain .. Nobody will EVER hear me play, [except my husband - animals and teacher, when I find one.] so it shouldn't really matter, right, that I will play the flute, with a piccolo???

Diane [hoping you all don't think I am nuts !! I'm not !!]

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 Re: What Was I Thinking ??
Author: Dori 
Date:   2006-06-25 20:32

Hi Diane - I know many people who started playing a musical instrument as an adult. Welcome!!

I am concerned that you are experiencing so much physical pain. While playing an instrument is somewhat "unnatural", you don't want to develop any bad habits that will keep you from enjoying it. I strongly suggest you find a teacher soon - even a high school student with a few years experience can help you with the basics, making sure you are holding the instrument correctly, etc. There are many things that are tough to learn from a book or video, and some beginner instruction can be very valuable.

Again, welcome and enjoy playing!


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 Re: What Was I Thinking ??
Author: arsenycal 
Date:   2006-07-13 02:47

As another new member of the group and a recent highschool grad (who has played flute for the past seven years) may I say you rock? Heh, it's awesome that you want to start playing the flute/piccolo.

I'm a small person, so I've got tiny hands as well. But what I can try and suggest is that very gradually work up to holding the flute. Practice for twenty miutes a few days a week until your hands get accustomed to holding it, then maybe work up to holding it and playing it longer.

I know it's not much, but I hope it helps!


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 Re: What Was I Thinking ??
Author: lancer 
Date:   2006-09-18 18:37

well Diane- it might be a little difficult. i play the flute and when i tryed the piccolo i started to get dizzy but everyones different. good luck.

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 Re: What Was I Thinking ??
Author: Jaysne 
Date:   2006-11-22 02:57


All of your problems and concerns will disappear once you find a good teacher.

Teachers will correct any physical errors you may have that are causing the pain. They also can meet you on your level so you don't have to worry about playing stuff that's too easy or difficult. And a teacher will also give you all the support you need to make your playing good, fun, and satisfying.

Ask around and try to find a teacher who gets rave reviews from students. Or just try out a few until you find one you're comfortable with.

Community bands need good flute players who can double on piccolo. You already have the instruments; now you just need the skills! A teacher will help you to acquire those skills.

Don't try and do it on your own or learn from a book or video. There is nothing that can replace human guidance, not is there anything quite as wonderful.

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