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 Clarinet tone
Author: James 
Date:   2005-10-29 22:49

My conductor keep saying that my tone was not round/thick enough. Is there any way to make it rounder/thicker?

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: sam 
Date:   2005-10-30 02:19

you could change your reed, ligature,,or even mouth piece.. i suggest you ask your private lesson teachr.. im not an expert or anything, but i had the same problem and with a change of ligature and embouchure, i managed to fix the problem.. you'll have to round our your embouchure more and stuff.. most likely, a thicker reed would help. i'd think. but your sound might become fuzzy and airy if you're not ready for it.. sorry i wasnt much of a help..

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: crab face 
Date:   2005-10-30 05:04

Or you can change the way you blow out. Think a 'round' sound. Oh dear.. I cant explain. Just ask your peers. And put in more breath support.

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: Clarinethanna 
Date:   2005-10-31 00:55

im not even going to respond to the last one...
but to make a rounder/thicker sound on clarinet varies from person to person...for me a different reed did it...and also opening up your throat...a few ways to get your throat open are
...think of having a golf ball sized chunk of solid air in the back of your throat
...think of blowing out a candle or blowing warm air out of your mouth
...coughing, yawning are examples of how open your throat should be
crab face is right they just couldnt explain it...

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: crab face 
Date:   2005-11-01 08:22

But changing your reed would make you.. um.. lazy.. No I mean like.. If you solve the problem by altering the way you blow or your embouchure, it would make you a more versatile player. But, like clarinethanna suggested, it IS an option. Sometimes nothing else works.

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: John 
Date:   2005-11-07 10:11

Ask your teacher at school since he has heard you play so he probably knows the best method out of all of us.

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: Iesha 
Date:   2005-12-12 16:30


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 Re: Clarinet tone
Author: ricoca 
Date:   2007-03-28 14:59

To me, playing a clarinet just for fun =), the air matters most! It does need more air to get the 'round sound going! and probably a thicker reed will achieve rounder tone but it'll be hard to pitch high notes ( I'm 3.5 person! It's the best)

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 Re: Clarinet tone
Author: Chris H 
Date:   2009-08-26 19:51

Try a thicker reed. Also, try using more air t the same volume, as well as rolling your lower lip in a bit. It might make tonguing harder though... reed size... try and use a larger volume of air... sometimes a thicker reed also makes high notes easier.

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 RE: Clarinet tone
Author: janmanzer411 
Date:   2009-09-21 08:29

I agree, it would depend on the user. But it would be better if you practice to be versatile.

Best Regards,
Jan Manzer
Jan Manzer

Post Edited (2009-09-21 08:31)

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 Re: Clarinet tone
Author: funkymusicgal 
Date:   2011-03-19 13:16

Warm breath makes for a warm tone. Think of when its really cold and you go outside and that frosting of your breath in the cool air. Add that to an open throat - (yawn deal) but tight round the embouchure muscles otherwise your pitch will drop.

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