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 chromatic scale
Author: joseph williams 
Date:   2004-09-30 17:19

I am a beginner at playing the alto saxophone.How important is it to learn the chromatic scale.And how will it benefit me in the future?

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 RE: chromatic scale
Author: Dee 
Date:   2004-09-30 18:47

The chromatic scale occurs regularly in music. Thus knowing it improves your sight reading of such music. It is also a good coordination exercise.

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 RE: chromatic scale
Author: Lee 
Date:   2004-10-01 06:07

For a beginner, knowing the chromatic scale keeps you coordinated moving between flat and sharp notes, that you wouldn't normally play in "nice" keys. It is only in more advanced literature where you see chromatic runs. In this case, having the scale memorized is just as important as other scales, because they show up equally often.

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 RE: chromatic scale
Author: Casalen 
Date:   2004-10-07 04:33

Its mostly important in learning the notes and getting used to changes, but you should practice all scales. Major scales are the most important, then chromatic and maybe minor, if your into jazz you should learn dorian and things like that, but they're all important.

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 RE: chromatic scale
Author: H.Otto 
Date:   2006-02-22 02:57

Its important to be familiar with all semi tones. This is an easy warm-cum-check up exercise.
Start lets say, on middle c, b, bb,a , ab(g#) ,g ,f#, f , e , eb, d, db(C#) c, b, bb.
If g# doesnt work ,you have a sticky key or a dislodged spring, if you can't get any notes sounding easily below
e: you got problems. So to carry a nice sound from the midle to the bottom is a good simple check if everything is sip shape. you need a big space in your mouth like saying "awsome",and try pushing you jaw and bootom lip further down towards ligatur.
In Blues you need flat3 flat 5 and flat 7, sometimes flat 6

so one sooner needs to know all keys(on the instrument) and all keys=scales in your head.

I often use "bib"button Bb(first finger LH pressB and the small1 under it)Handy for songs in F or Bb

So far for today Hermann (c:

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