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 Piccolo Technique
Author: Tone Trouble 
Date:   2000-10-22 22:06

Hi, I play the flute and am using my experience as such to teach myself the piccolo. So far I've been playing for about a year and have fared pretty well. I am having problems with tone quality: any note above C2 is somewhat shrill and I can't even play above F2. Every once in a while I can squeak out a G, but it's not very musical. If you have any information or suggestions I would truly appreciate it.

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 RE: Piccolo Technique
Author: Christopher 
Date:   2000-11-18 23:10

Hey, the hole on the flute is huge compared to the piccolo. That's why it's easier to play the flute because it has more "play" to it. On the pic, allow your air to do all the work. Just because the hole is smaller on the pic doesn't mean for the instrumentalist to pinch the lips together in a stressed manner. Sit down with a tuner and play every single note. Every instrument is an individual--every instrument plays different. Just FOCUS your embochure COMFORTABLY. (1) KNOW your instument, (2) never stress or pinch your embochure, (3)FOCUS your air and let it do all the work, (4) have fun!

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 RE: Piccolo Technique
Author: Ellie 
Date:   2001-04-09 01:05

I have played piccolo for band for awhile, and it can be frustrating. (Especially considering the fact that our school's piccolo is a piece of junk.) After i haven't played it for awhile, my mouth muscles get very sore after playing it. *ouch* but practice every day, and try to go up note by note. Same technique as learning a low instrument. When learning bass flute, i ahd trouble with notes much lower than flutes go. So I went down note by note, one new one every day. The same method works well for piccolos, working up and up. Start on d or e, a note you're comfortable with. Then ext day, play an f. Once that note is down, do a g- and so on.
The thing to remember is that the embrosure is very different from flute, and you need a very small, very quick airstream. It is different for everybody, but for me- my entire mouth is tensed up. playing flute, i can relax my cheeks, but on piccolo, even that is tight.

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 RE: Piccolo Technique
Author: Krystal 
Date:   2005-01-24 04:10

I too have recetnly been learning the piccolo. I've found that the higher I need to play, relaxing my face is a big help. It's hard to at first, so just hold the note out for about two whole notes, longer if needed, and see the difference in how your face feels, pitch,and tone. good luck.

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 RE: Piccolo Technique
Author: Nora 
Date:   2006-02-21 14:51

Thanks for the comments. Y started to practice the piccolo since 5 days. The sound is better now. And when I swch to the flute now I feel better play the high flute notes. I learn to relax the face mussels. I am practicing in some Yamaha chipper piccolo that belongs the School. In one week I am going to looking for other I think is ‘Emerson. Then I will try some in Woodwinds Brass winds, if I will decide to by one.

My question is what method of technique you recommend to me. Now I practicing whit the Taffanell Scales, Arpeggios and exercises. Also I want to know what hier note that is suppose to be reached.
Thanks. Nora Clouzet

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