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 Importance of optional keywork
Author: Willy 
Date:   2014-09-19 19:15

I am looking into buying a bassoon.
One of the things I haven't figured out yet is the importance of
extra keywork often not available on student bassoons.
I wonder if the extra keys are worth buying a lesser quality bassoon
or if it is better to go for a higher quality bassoon equiped with
(a few) less keys. I have the impression that I won't be needing
the extra keywork as a 2nd year student and since I am already 59,
perhaps I will never come to the point that I will want or need them.
But, since I don't know how these thing evolve, I welcome your
thoughts and insights on this matter.
Thanks in advance,

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: wkleung 
Date:   2014-09-22 05:13

Hello Willy,

Are you looking at buying a German-system or a French-system bassoon? I am asking because both are used in Belgium. With that information, I can help you better. Do you have particular models of instruments you are looking at?

Wai Kit Leung

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: Willy 
Date:   2014-09-28 23:50

I am looking to buy a German-system bassoon.
I think about buying a Moosmann bassoon. The model 100 is a student bassoon,
the model 150 is a more advanced instrument. These are the European models,
I understand that in the US model 100 is more like a model 150 in the EU and the Us model
150 is more like the EU model 200.
The EU 100 has a more basic keywork (options are available) while the EU 150 has what Moosmann calls "all the bells and whistles".
Seen my modest capabilities (the only thing advanced about me is probably my age :-)
I have my doubt about the major step upward in investment for the Moosmann 150,
But since I can't judge this myself I look forward to your opinion on this matter.

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: wkleung 
Date:   2014-09-29 09:18

Hello Willy,

Do you intend to play very difficult pieces in the future?

If you don't, I think the 100 is enough for you.

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: Willy 
Date:   2014-09-29 19:23

I doubt it, seen my age and my lack of exprerience, I think it not very realistic
to think that will will ever be able to achieve the level that is needed to play
anything really difficult.
This is exactly the reason that I doubt an advanced instrument will be worth
the investment,
I do assume that a Moosmann model 100 is a decent bassoon in its own
Perhaps, should I ever feel the need for extra keywork, it will then be possible to have it added.
There is a well known bassoon shop in (nearby) Holland who offers a model 100 with a few options:
silver coated keywork, a high d key, a E/Fis thriller and an extra "plateau"
for the left thumb (whatever that me be :-)
I have to be realistic, although I will probably be able to advance in playing the bassoon, my capabilities will go downward!
But perhaps a nice Moosmann bassoon will help me :-)

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: Willy 
Date:   2014-10-28 19:53

My teacher and I went shopping yesterday :-)
The result is that I am now the proud owner of a Moosmann
model 100 with a few options such as silvered keys, protruding
"water tubes" a (removable) d-key for the left thumb and
what is called a Dutch kneerest (this is the way we play
at our school). I also tried a Légère reed and I must say that
these reeds play very easily. But I haven't bought one since I
want to master the technique of making my own reeds.

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: Caroline Smale 
Date:   2014-10-28 21:45

Willy, as a (very) mature starter myself on bassoon (or basson in my case) I would have thought that having a Legere to play on would be a good idea at least in sense that it may take some time to master reed making and you would have something secure to practise on for the times that your own make reeds didn't work out.

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 Re: Importance of optional keywork
Author: Willy 
Date:   2014-10-28 23:00

Yes, the Légère reeds are guaranteed to play well and in that respect they
may be a blessing for a beginner. It also removes a parameter to doubt
about when some notes don't speak.
But I fear to become spoiled by this "easy" solution and I already learned to
make my own reeds during my first year on the bassoon. I must admit that
making a reed is not always a success, but then there is also my teacher to
help me out when I am in trouble. I also have destroyed a few reeds in an
attempt to improve them :-). But I suppose that's part of the learning process.
I do see myself playing a Légère reed once, but (probably) not now already. I
will speak with my teacher about the issue.

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