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Author: Surprenant 
Date:   2012-09-07 02:14

I find that after ten minutes of playing, my A and C keys are filled with "water" and don't vent well. I wonder if this could be due to the way I am holding the instrument, or if some instruments are more prone to water build-up (or some players produce more saliva than others). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions other than swabbing in the middle of a piece?

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: Ian White 
Date:   2012-09-07 09:02

What do you mean by the A & C keys - the high A &C on the wing?

Players do vary in the amount of water they produce.

Quite often this problem occurs due to dirt in the holes (build up of fluff from swabs etc or poor oral hygiene). The tone holes can easily be cleaned using a small soft brush if dry or a pipe cleaner if wet. For larger holes use a cotton bud.

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: Matthew Petrie 
Date:   2012-09-07 18:59

If you lower your instrument (so the bell is lower than the butt of the instrument) at all in between playing the saliva will run the wrong way down the instrument and into the tone holes. This is quite a common issue. Just make sure the bell is always higher than the bell. If this isn't it & / or the answer above hasn't solved if, post another comment. :)

Matthew Petrie

Double Reed Store

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: Surprenant 
Date:   2012-09-08 14:35

Thanks to both. I'm referring to the A & C keys operated by the left hand thumb. After 20 minutes of playing or so, it is not unusual for them to start sputtering water like sprinklers. I've actually heard that some people oil the holes (?) but not sure how this is done.

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: Ian White 
Date:   2012-09-10 07:22

My first approach would be to clean the holes & see what happens.

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: wkleung 
Date:   2012-09-10 16:50

Hong Kong is also very humid, I wonder if it has anything to do with your problem. I had lots of water problems on the oboe, but none on the bassoon, when I was in Hong Kong

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 Re: Waterlogged
Author: Surprenant 
Date:   2012-09-12 13:47

True, about the humidity, but I usually play in climate controlled rooms, so I think it's mainly due to other factors (including me). I'll try pipe cleaners. Thanks everyone.

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