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 Store-bought reeds
Author: cairngorm 
Date:   2006-07-22 20:48

Anyone have a supply for a really good reed in the U.S.? (or elsewhere, I guess, but the postage would probably kill me).

I've started back playing after so many years I almost had to start all over, and reed dependability seems to be a big deal now. My embouchure isn't very strong so I use medium or medium-soft reeds. It seems when I finally get any reeds so they're just right, they're almost on their last legs!

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Merlin 
Date:   2006-07-29 20:26

Check out Paul Buttemer's reeds. , IIRC.

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: nickles8189 
Date:   2006-09-02 16:18

i personally don't really like store-bought reeds. i used to get them from the not-so-local music store (because the actually local one sold squat for bassoon, eww farrington's), and i could only stand marlin lesher. otherwise, they sold emerald (which i was afraid i'd get major splinters), and others that looked/sounded cheap or were crazy expensive for store reeds. anyway, i highly recommend reeds. forrests makes their own bassoon and oboe reeds. my sister plays oboe and says she prefers the store's lesher oboe reeds to forrests, but i absolutely love forrests bassoon reeds! and if you get three or more, then they're only like, $8 each! and they deliver quickly too! i get mine in only a few days!

so awesome site ;-)

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: cairngorm 
Date:   2006-09-04 03:15

Merlin, I check out Paul Buttemer's website, and I'm ashamed to say I can't understand how to order from him! So many choices, and for someone who normally just says "give me a medium reed" how do I choose between all those styles, lengths, etc.etc.?

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Merlin 
Date:   2006-09-05 21:25


Order the green ones.


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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Sebastian 
Date:   2006-11-10 18:43

Make 'em :P

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Kchui999 
Date:   2006-12-22 19:42

I am a beginning bassoon player, and I still cannot seem to figure out the differences between the $8 jones, and the $25 Vandoren. I understand that all store-bought reeds will have to be worked on one way or another, so what other things about these reeds justify the huge differences in price?


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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: rtmyth 
Date:   2007-07-26 17:20

You might try the RDS Bassoon Reed Co. at

richard smith

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: hinotehud 2017
Date:   2007-08-05 02:04

I recommend Nielsen reeds white or tan thread.

Avoid Jones reeds entirely. They are not close to being finished. Fox Renard reeds are comparably priced and much better.

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: cairngorm 
Date:   2008-07-14 22:15

Just an update on this thread - for those who aren't aware, Paul Buttemer died recently. I understand it's up in the air whether his reed-making business will be continued. If anyone knows any more, it would be good to hear.

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Merlin_Williams 
Date:   2008-07-15 01:46

I heard about that too, cairngorm.

I bought up all of Paul's reeds that I could, but I think it's finally time to make my own.

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: cairngorm 
Date:   2008-07-15 15:47

I've recently discovered Danzi reeds - the first two I bought worked out really great; last month I bought 2 more but haven't tried them yet - I like to let them sit awhile before putting them onstream.......

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: vgellin 
Date:   2008-07-18 19:21

Unfortunately Paul Buttermer has died this year, also Jones has gone out of business as well as Tony Romano. Try Hodge or Miller Marketing for good reeds.

Vincent Ellin
Bassoon Soloist

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: Bassoon Reed Maker 
Date:   2008-12-23 18:16
Attachment:  Final ad for IDRS journal Reed Expertise.pdf (191k)

I see people looking for good bassoon reeds. I began my reed business a year ago and have pro reeds and student reeds in two strengths and designs. Also I sell shaped and profiled cane by a fabulous double profiler that takes the cane off with accurate tapers almost down to the finished reed, leaving minimal handwork to get to a playing reed. These reeds are a gradual taper from back to front of reed. I can shape and profile any brand of cane from Rigotti, Rieger, Danzi, etc.


It is a fairly complete website and I am available to speak to at any time, I like to make sure my costumers are satisfied with my products.

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 Re: Store-bought reeds
Author: lrooff 
Date:   2009-02-01 16:38

Is Edgar Sherman still making reeds? It's been over 40 years since I last bought any, but one can still hope...

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