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 Evette serial numbers
Author: Dave (65.115.249.---)
Date:   2001-12-09 19:03

I've been trying to track down when my Evette Bb was made. I had been under the assumption that the Buffet serial number listing would cover this instrument as well, but Mark has recently informed me that this is not the case. Does anyone have information on this, or can tell me where to look? My serial number is B5677.

Also, does anyone know where I could find another bell? Mine has a couple of serious cracks. It doesn't buzz or anything else that I know of, but I'm just a beginner.

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 RE: Evette serial numbers
Author: Jack Kissinger (
Date:   2001-12-10 15:31

Does your label read "Evette Sponsored by Buffet"? or "Evette & Schaeffer"? or something else?

Best regards,
Jack Kissinger

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 RE: Evette serial numbers
Author: Dave (
Date:   2001-12-11 14:22

Forgot about that difference. It reads Evette sponsored by Buffet.


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 RE: Evette serial numbers
Author: Jack Kissinger (
Date:   2001-12-14 16:29

Hi Dave,

I lost track of this thread and almost completely missed your reply. The D-series for Evettes was the last one and appears to have started in 1963 according to the Buffet serial number list at the Boosey site. This is probably the point where the label on wooden Evettes changed from "...Sponsored by..." to "EVETTE." In a catalog I have seen from around 1968, wooden Evettes carried the "EVETTE" logo while plastic ones were still "...Sponsored by..."

I have never come across a B-series Evette, though I have seen Evette & Schaeffer models with that prefix. The two "...Sponsored by" Evettes that I have both have a serial number without any prefis. Perhaps, keywork would help narrow the dating down some. Does the throat G# key have an adjustment screw where it crosses over the A? Also, do the A and G# throat keys share a post or do they each have two separate posts?

There probably was a B series that I just haven't seen. There is another possibility, though I think it's a slim one. I have an 1981 R13 with a B prefix. I found out from Buffet, based on a search of their factory records, that they had inadvertently numbered two instruments with the same serial number. To distinguish them, they added a B prefix to mine.

If you prefer, please feel free to e-mail me directly.

Best regards,

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 RE: Evette serial numbers
Author: Brad Behn ( - ISP in)
Date:   2006-09-26 16:13

I have a wonderful Evette Schaeffer Bb clarinet with a miniature "Buffet Crampon" stamp in the middle of the round (not oval) logo. It has a smaller bore than modern R13 clarinets but the bore is only .002 bigger than my excellent 130xxx R13.

This Evette Schaeffer clarinet plays very well and I think it is as good as any horn that I have played. The serial number is K45xxx. Does anyone know when this French made instrument may have been manufactured?

Is there a serial number reference chart for french made Evette Schaeffer clarinets?


Brad Behn

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Jack Kissinger ( - ISP in Mundelein, IL United States)
Date:   2006-09-27 15:10

There is, indeed a list of serial numbers at least for the Evette & Schaeffer K-series, and it's right here at this website:

The list is labeled E13 and omits the K-prefix. While the instrument's official designation did not become E13 until around 1981, Carl Fisher, the U.S. distributor for Buffet at the time, adopted that designation for the E&S in its catalog many years earler. According to the list, your clarinet was made between 1977 and 1979.

Best regards,

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: D Dow ( - ISP in Toronto, ON Canada)
Date:   2006-09-28 00:52

It was shortly after this time period when the Evette wood clarinets really started dropping in quality and consistency. By the late 80s I believe(?) they changed the key placement and these instruments became very clunky and difficult to maintain.

David L. Dow
Princ. Clarinet
SNB Orchestra

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 Re: Evette by Buffet Bass Clarinet
Author: clarcra ( - ISP in United States)
Date:   2010-03-25 18:34

I am in possession of an Evette by Buffet Bass Clarinet w/ a low Eb. The serial # is 5400. It is in good condition, plays well and is in a rather large case w/ blue lining. Included is a Brillhart 3* w/ a BG Ligature, a Babbitt MO Mouthpiece, a metal peg, & small folding floor stand.
I know that Buffet ceased making Evette & Evette Schaeffer clarinets sometime in the early '80s.

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me w/ how old is this instrument?

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Chris2787 ( - (Verizon Wireless) New York, NY United States)
Date:   2013-01-02 14:04


My friend had given me an old Bb clarinet that says Evette Sponsored By Buffet Paris France with a serial number of H 18633. I was wondering if it is worth getting the clarinet refurbished/overhauled for play and is it wood? I currently own a Buffet Crampon E-11 Bb Clarinet. Is it an upgrade or down grade? I can't tell if it's wood or plastic. It's not shiny, looks like resin if it's not wood. Feel free to email me personally.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Christopher Ljucovic RN, CCMA, EMT-B

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Steven Ocone ( - (Verizon FiOS) Catonsville, MD United States)
Date:   2013-01-03 23:37

I suspect it was actually made by Malerne. Basically a stencil. The ClarinetPerfection website has pictures to identify the Malerne made instruments.

Steven Ocone
Ann & Steve's Music

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Chris2787 ( - (Optimum Online) Port Jefferson Station, NY United States)
Date:   2013-01-04 01:52

Here are some pics I took via Instagram. Let me know if that helps. I do not think it is by Malerne at all. Weirdly cannot tell if it is wood or plastic. I'm stuck.

Thanks, for your help.

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Jack Kissinger ( - (AT&T U-verse) Saint Louis, MO United States)
Date:   2013-01-04 04:39

Speculation continues about who made the "Sponsored by..." Evette clarinets. I wonder if anyone is left who knows for sure. According to Carl Fischer promotional literature (perhaps supplied by Buffet), these clarinets were made under the supervision of Buffet technicians in a separate Paris factory from the one where Buffet made its professional clarinets and its Evette & Schaeffer clarinets. But I've never seen any evidence that Buffet owned a second factory in Paris. And what, exactly, does "sponsored by" mean? Doesn't sound the same as "made by" to me (and why is it in English)? So where were the Evettes made? As someone who owns a Malerne (and played it for about 10 years), I must say that the keywork on your clarinet looks very like Malerne keywork. On the other hand, I seriously wonder whether the Malerne factory had sufficient capacity to make all the clarinets that have been attributed to it overt the years. We may never really know.

All the plastic Evettes that I have seen had a very shiny surface. Even with wear, some shine would remain. I see no evidence at all of that on your instrument. Hard rubber is a possibility but I've never come across a hard rubber Evette nor do I recall hearing about one. Also, if there were any, I would expect them to be showing some green or brown by now unless they were very well cared for. There is, however, an easy test. Rub one of the sections vigorously on a shirt sleeve or your slacks/jeans. If the section is hard rubber, it will give off a noticeable sulfur odor. Absent the sulfur odor, I would say you have wood.

Best regards,

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 Re: Evette serial numbers
Author: Steven Ocone ( - (Verizon FiOS) Catonsville, MD United States)
Date:   2013-01-04 23:01

It's hard to make a judgement from the photos. The photo would indicate that is hard rubber or plastic, unless it is wood with a heavy coating of lacquer. I couldn't see if the pad arm on the 3-ring key was at an angle. The Evette logo looks like it is a decal or printed on.

Steven Ocone
Ann & Steve's Music

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