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 My heart goes out
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2024-01-03 23:01

Its more years ago that I care to admit, "before indoor plumbing" and I'm auditioning for first chair for my County's High School regional band. Along comes a nice enough clarinet player to the audition, who I had heard was even better than another I guy I knew at Julliard Prep who I thought was amazing, and this guy I'm auditioning with...

let's just say he fairly earned first chair over me. His name was/is Jon Manasse, who has turned out to be one of my favorite clarinetists and someone who I have to thank for silently convincing me with his play that clarinet for me would be a hobby, not an avocation

Jon was to marry Pam Grietzer, a cellist at Julliard (college, not prep) who comes from a very musical family and whose sister is married to Gerard Schwartz, probably why this is not a coincidence, much as Jon has earned every right to this performance on his abilities alone.


Anyway, as I think I and others have discussed here, and pertinent to the story, there has been a mass influx of illegal electric scooter riders in NYC, that seemed to flourish during Covid. As if their scooter's Lithium Ion batteries' flammability hasn't been enough for the City to contend with, their drivers tend to know no rules and Pam was hit by one and suffered neurological injury that has effected, among other things, her ability to play cello.

She has made progress, as highlighted here https://www.westsiderag.com/2023/05/25/pamela-greitzer-manasses-long-and-winding-path-to-recovery while she and Jon rally around the City to crack down on these scooter drivers.

..thought you might be interested.

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 Re: My heart goes out
Author: m1964 
Date:   2024-01-03 23:59

Hi SecondTry,

Thanks for bringing our attention to the progress made by Pamela Greitzer-Manasse in her recovery. It definitely was life-changing experience for both of them.

Too bad the administration of NYC does not do anything about limiting illegal scooters on the street, just like they do nothing about punishing the offenders...

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 Re: My heart goes out
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2024-01-04 05:12

Towards the end of the recovery article noted above is the following:

Their profound frustration is widely shared by pedestrians everywhere who have to navigate chaos and endure the stress of close calls when these e-mobility vehicles whiz past them. The drivers are emboldened to be reckless, they insist, because they know they can get away with it since the police tend not to enforce the law. “The only way any change is going to happen is with punitive measures,” Manasse says.

“Feeling safe while walking around in your city shouldn’t be a luxury,” Greitzer-Manasse says. “It should be a given.”

“We all have stories,” Manasse adds, “but what’s the answer?”

Perhaps the answer can be found in the following article:

And, yes, my heart also goes out to Pamela Grietzer-Manasse.

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 Re: My heart goes out
Author: Julian ibiza 
Date:   2024-01-04 13:20

These damn scooters seem to have flourished like an invasive species in that zone where common sense legislation stumbles about with the dumb-ass side of human rights. The only place for them is bicycle lanes where these exist.
I believe that they have recently been banned in most of Paris and I commend the French for not being sleepy when it comes to defending their civil rights.

Liberte...Yes!...but NOT without Fraternite & Solidarite.

I really hope these things become subjected to sensible legislation, as they are a source of anxiety if not liability to the general public.

Julian Griffiths
Tel. 34 696 798 853

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 Re: My heart goes out
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2024-01-05 18:46

Not clarinet, but related to the topic. The high-school age son of a friend is a natural inventor. I'm sure his future will be interesting, he has vast intelligence and quite remarkable mechanical aptitude. Recently I was admiring his latest project and I commented on the fact that the cost of the materials alone would have stopped most people, and I know that his financial situation would not support what I was seeing.
"How do you manage to finance all these parts?" I asked.
"E-scooters" he replied. "There are hundreds of them littering the pavements.
"And sometimes an E-Bike".

Tony F.

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