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 traveling with the clarinet
Author: justwannaplay 
Date:   2022-12-14 16:12

Hello all,

I'll be flying from England to New York on Sunday - I'll be out in NY for a little over two weeks. I don't want the momentum of my practice to stop over that time. I've never travelled transatlantically with an instrument.

What should I do? Pack the whole case in a suitcase for the hold or bring it in hand luggage? It's just my student Yamaha, so it's not like I'm precious about it, but I wouldn't want to be stopped and have my luggage searched or deemed dangerous. (Once, through Heathrow Airport, I was stopped because I had a metal mini-clarinet ornament on my hand bag. I gathered they thought I could poke someone's eye out with it. I take airport security very seriously, but at this I had to stop from rolling my eyes.)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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 Re: traveling with the clarinet
Author: smokindok 
Date:   2022-12-14 16:47

My experience, having flown with clarinets as carry-on baggage both domestically, in the US, and internationally, as well as being pulled aside multiple times for further baggage inspection, is that the additional scrutiny has never been due to a clarinet. I think most baggage x-ray scanner operators routinely see and properly identify woodwind instruments. I know there are many members of this board that routinely fly with clarinets in the cabin.

Just be sure to remove any reed knives and place them in checked baggage, those draw more attention.


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 Re: traveling with the clarinet
Author: justwannaplay 
Date:   2022-12-14 18:06

Thank you John.

I don't own a reed knife -so no worries there.


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 Re: traveling with the clarinet
Author: Hunter_100 
Date:   2022-12-14 18:19

Small bottles of key/bore oil will cause problems too, or any small vials of liquids that may be in the instrument case. They have to be separated and put with the rest of the liquids you are traveling with in your carry on stuff.

I have heard from other frequent travelers that sometimes security fusses about small tools as well (screwdrivers, pliers, etc.) so if you have anything like that in the case, you may want to consider leaving it behind. I think security worries you will take apart the airplane in mid flight or something silly like that.

If you check your instrument, remember that airplane cargo holds are not heated and the air is extremely dry. Not really great conditions for wood instruments.

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 Re: traveling with the clarinet
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2022-12-14 19:17

I agree with the advice above regarding tools and such. I place pretty much anything other than clarinet and mouthpiece into my hygiene bag that goes in the general luggage, then the clarinet becomes one of my personal bags. I haven't flown international in ages but US domestic has no problems with a clarinet in a small case in a small backpack.

..............Paul Aviles

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 Re: traveling with the clarinet
Author: Tom H 
Date:   2022-12-15 01:14

Travelling through Canada with my Yamaha student model has never been a problem. Couple of times security opened the case & looked at it. I always keep it in my carry-on since the case is small, but it's plastic and I figure it'd be OK in a checked suitcase also.

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