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 Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: justwannaplay 
Date:   2022-12-05 19:52

I've had this student Yamaha since 2004 (it's practically new - I think I played it for about 6 months back then) and I've picked it up again to re-learn and each time I try to play the middle B I just get this ugly grunt before hitting the note. And so much resistance in playing. I think the resistance is due to the Yamaha 6C mpc that came with this clarinet. I have recently learned that this mpc is for experienced players, so I have no idea why it was included with this clarinet.

I have another restored wood clarinet and I experience no such grunting - smooth as a whistle for me. (Same reed different mpc.)

Is the grunting possibly due to air leakage? It doesn't seem like there are any leaks, although I haven't tested it myself.

Should I take it back to the shop where I bought it to have them look at it?

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 Re: Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: Hunter_100 
Date:   2022-12-05 20:09

Why not try the suspect mouthpiece on the other clarinet? If the resistance and difficulties move with the mouthpiece, then you know where the problem is from. I think most likely though you have a leaky pad/pads though.

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 Re: Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2022-12-05 20:30

Definitely sounds like a leak to me. Take the bottom joint and press the bottom end against the "heel" of your left hand. Then cover the holes and engage the E/B key with your right hand. Then place your mouth on the top end like you're playing a trumpet. Suck the air out of the bottom joint. It should hold for at least 3-5 seconds If not, there is a leak. It might be good to do positive pressure as well. It may expose the spring for the Eb/Ab to be too light (another common problem.....but not immediately your problem).

The leak is probably associated with the crow's foot found under the right hand pinky keys. That is pretty notorious for going out of regulation.

.............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2022-12-05 22:02

Also check the speaker vent tube is clear instead of being clogged up with a mix of fibres, dust, grease and condensation (the latter has most likely dried out but will have helped to attract dust and fibres) which builds up over time and should have been cleaned out the last time it was serviced (along with all the other toneholes).


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 Re: Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: justwannaplay 
Date:   2022-12-05 22:24

Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I will try them.

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 Re: Middle B grunty on my student Yamaha
Author: m1964 
Date:   2022-12-06 07:15

Maybe (just maybe) take it to a tech. Since your other (restored) one plays well, there is definitely something not right with this one, and it could be more than one thing that's wrong.

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