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 Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2022-11-16 20:07

I'm one of those who suffers from pitch problems with Legeres: playing lower than in tune.

I was wondering if a change in strength might help, or not really? And if so, in what direction of strength?


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 Re: Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2022-11-16 23:40

They play flat in my experience. You could use a shorter barrel but that might change the feel and resistance etc. You could also try the Venn reed. It plays in tune.

Peter Cigleris

Post Edited (2022-11-17 01:16)

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 Re: Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2022-11-17 00:26


They play flatter. Get a shorter barrel. I have no problems with shorter barrels on either my Yamaha CSG or my Leblanc Concerto II. During my ownership recently (but no more) of a Buffet Greenline R13 there was no issue using a shorter barrel other than getting one short enough from Buffet. I found a 62mm at a friend's shop but Buffet will go down to 64mm and that was just short enough.

..............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2022-11-19 21:07

Thanks Peter and Paul.

Question: what's the general consensus about intonation on the Silverstein synthetic reed offerings?

I ordered a Venn Peter. IMHO it's other qualities were lacking enough that even if pitch perfect, it wouldn't be a reed in my lineup.

I'd like to think I have reasonable expectations about synthetics: willing to trade consistency for the reality, at least of this writing, IMHO, that their performance won't match the best of my cane reeds.


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 Re: Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: Jarmo Hyvakko 
Date:   2022-11-20 15:20

They are slightly flatter to canes in my experience. Nothing that 1 mm shorter barrel couldn't repair. Also you could try to voice the sound differently. Imagine wovels while playing to eee or german ΓΌ. A 1/4 number stronger reed helps too.

Jarmo Hyvakko, Principal Clarinet, Tampere Philharmonic, Finland

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 Re: Legere Strenth and Intonation
Author: MarkS 
Date:   2022-11-24 01:33

For the past three years, I have been using Silverstein ambipoly primo cut reeds with a Playnick B2 mouthpiece. They played in tune on both my Festival B-flat and R13 A-clarinets, using Fobes lined cocobolo barrels with lengths of 66 mm and 65 mm, respectively.

Just in the last week, I decided to return to a setup that I had used previously: Legere European Cut on a Grabner Virtuoso mouthpiece (Zinner blank, 1.10 tip opening, optimized for 3.5 V12 reed, but also advertised to be Legere friendly.) I was very pleased with the sound using a new Legere 3.5. The new formula reed had a richer sound than a lightly used 3.5 Legere reed from the old formula. The Festival played in tune using a Behn adjustable barrel set at 65.5 mm, so no significant problem with flatness. The A-clarinet played in tune with the barrel slightly shorter. (I didn't measure, but probably 65 mm.)

I did try the Legere reed on the Playnick mouthpiece, but did not get a sound that I liked. I plan to see how the Legere plays with the Fobes barrels. I started with the Behn adjustable because I expected that a much shorter barrel length would be required, but evidently not so.


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