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 A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: maxopf 
Date:   2022-06-10 01:01

Anyone have recommendations for triple cases for A/Bb/Eb? I'm aware of the Marcus Bonna, Lomax, Reed and Squeak, and Wiseman cases, which all have their pros and cons — just wondering if I've missed any options, especially any that are more "traditional" style cases.

I've liked the Protec and Bam cases I've owned, but neither company seems to offer a triple case.

(Apologies if there is already a thread about this; the search function seems to be down at the moment!)


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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Alexis 
Date:   2022-06-10 11:40

On the mb cases: I have used the standard double case with the Eb in the front compartment for a long time with few adverse effects

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2022-06-10 17:08

I have these listed per previous research.

Reed and Squeak, Compact triple case

Marcus Bona, triple case

Humidipro, Clarinet Triple Case

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: hartt 
Date:   2022-06-12 01:02


I have a LA Blanc triple case in like new condition with a zippered cover please contact me

My bulletin board name is linked to an email

I'm looking to sell it for $125 plus shipping


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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: KenJarczyk 
Date:   2022-06-12 01:54

I have a Lomax and a Marcus Bona. The Marcus Bona is much lighter, while the Lomax has the humidity control going for it. Both are great, both protect the instruments extremely well.

Ken Jarczyk
Woodwinds Specialist
Eb, C, Bb, A & Bass Clarinets
Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-12 03:14

Tortajada, in Spain, makes a triple case. Meridian Winds has carried it (though "out of stock" now.)


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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: davyd 
Date:   2022-06-12 03:34

How often would one need a triple case? How frequently does someone need all three instruments on one gig?

I never use my double case any more. A typical season has 9-10 orchestra concerts. I need the A for 3-4 of them; I bought a single case for it.

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Hardlec 
Date:   2022-06-12 19:07

In my heyday I had a Selmer Trey-pack. An alto Sax, a Bb Clarinet and a flute in one case. It was my only case. If I needed it, I had it.

I played mostly Jazz then. Improvisation was the thing.

What do you need?

As mentioned before, if you play symphonic, you will know what you need, and very likely a luggage caddy which could carry any combination of instruments, set for the needs of the session(s) will work well, probably better.

A triple case is lighter that three separate cases. but only if you need all three instruments. As a student in a dorm, space was a premium and a triple case was smaller that three separate cases.

They make triple cases. There is almost certainly a case out there for you.

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: maxopf 
Date:   2022-06-13 21:29

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm looking for a triple case for travel purposes. This summer I need to get on a plane with A, Bb, Eb, and bass, and it would be easiest if I could fit all but the bass in a single case.

I'm leaning towards the Marcus Bonna, but I tried a double case recently and found it odd that the instruments can sort of swivel about on the foam inserts and aren't padded on all sides. Perhaps this wouldn't be as much of an issue after adjusting the position of the inserts.

@hartt, I would be curious to see photos of the LeBlanc case — I'm going to email you. Thanks!

Post Edited (2022-06-13 21:29)

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Katrina 
Date:   2022-06-14 02:54

Mike Manning makes custom cases to order: http://manningcustom.com/solutions/cases/

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: JamesOrlandoGarcia 
Date:   2022-06-27 21:07

I’ve had the lomax and bonna. If it’s for travel, you’ll be happiest with bonna. If you have an eb that doesn’t have the aux key, you can get the double and fit the eb in the extra compartment still.

Feel like the bonna triple has a lot of wasted space, heads up…They’ve adjusted the barrel spots to accommodate obese backun barrels. That means your regular barrels may fall out of place. It’s annoying.

I since switched to a protec double and just keep my eb in my wiseman bass case.

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2022-07-02 03:27
Attachment:  alto_clar_case_1.jpg (826k)
Attachment:  alto_clar_case_2.jpg (1148k)
Attachment:  alto_clar_case_3.jpg (968k)

A local packaging store is a Pelican case dealer and will custom cut foam. The attached case for an extended range alto clarinet and an Eb piccolo clarinet was $305. I should have had them make the tray for both Bb and Eb instruments. Maybe I will have another tray made. Still, I am happy to have good protection for the alto.

- the instruments are secure and well protected
- case is watertight
- can be made for any combination of instrument, other gear and supplies
- moderate price
- case has wheels and an extendable handle

- limited air flow
- foam is smelly for the first few months - keeping the case open will help
- not light-weight
- had to leave the instruments there for a couple of days to measure them

Post Edited (2022-07-02 03:31)

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: OpusII 
Date:   2022-10-19 18:55

Does anyone have experience with the cases of K-SES from Spain? I saw that they have a compact premium case for BB/Eb/A clarinet, for a reasonable price.
It's called the K-SES Compact Premium Bb/A/Eb 3 Clarinets Case.

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 Re: A/Bb/Eb triple cases
Author: Ralph Katz 
Date:   2022-11-22 19:23
Attachment:  K-ESES_triple_case.jpg (382k)

It look very economical. I asked them for a photo of the inside of the case and this is what they sent:

Post Edited (2022-11-22 19:24)

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