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 Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: Ransome Fan 
Date:   2022-04-25 07:49
Attachment:  2EE5ABC5-BA5B-4C0E-AABE-422297708EE3.jpeg (1771k)
Attachment:  4DCD312B-318E-485E-99B6-F4F337D9F093.jpeg (1433k)
Attachment:  C8AA03E9-E102-456A-BE68-55BEB40125DE.jpeg (1911k)

I was going through my drawer of clarinet stuff, looking at mouthpieces, and I found a Leo M. Bundy mouthpiece that came with my sopranino clarinet. I’ve never tried to play it—though I should—because there is an obvious chip that I presume will make it unplayable. (I shouldn’t presume—perhaps the previous owner was a mad genius who put that chip exactly there, thereby creating the finest mouthpiece in the history of sopranino clarinets.) Anyway, I thought that I’d ask whether a mouthpiece showing this type of damage can be saved or whether it ought to be thrown in the garbage.

I also found, to my astonishment, a Dave Spiegelthal bass clarinet mouthpiece that I don’t recall having tested. I’m beginning to wonder if the tooth fairy has been leaving me mouthpieces in my drawer. I can see that I’ve got some testing to do.

I’ll see if I can add a photo of the damaged Eb mouthpiece to this post:

Post Edited (2022-04-25 08:03)

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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: jdbassplayer 
Date:   2022-04-25 16:40
Attachment:  CD088C9C-B95D-477E-8F0A-92BF4222F359.jpeg (1415k)
Attachment:  40F36772-4149-4B96-8E09-E081663833F9.jpeg (1903k)

Yeah it can definitely be fixed. Personally I would fill the damage with superglue and ebonite dust before giving it a light refacing to remove some of the roughness. Whether it’s worth it though is another question. They usually play okay but I’ve never been impressed by them. Have you tried playing it? It should still play as it is even with the chip, that will give you a good idea of how it will play.


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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: Tony Pay 2017
Date:   2022-04-25 17:17


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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: super20dan 
Date:   2022-04-26 01:19

its geo not leo and i agree none i have played have been special in the least. however they are made of good material and reface can turn them into playeres.i read they used ched blanks but a ched blank doesnt mean a great mpc. the buffet crown era mpcs are a good example

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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: Ed 
Date:   2022-04-26 04:09

If it was a great mouthpiece that you had a real connection with, I would consider having someone fix it. If it is just something that you are hoping might be something, I would not waste time and/or money on it. You could send it off to Brad Behn who deals with many vintage mouthpieces and he could assess whether it is worth it. I can say from experience that there have been too many times I have chased down that hole only to find that it was nothing special.

As far as Chedeville blanks, the name was around for SO long with various iterations. Some are special, many are not. Even for some of the best vintage ones, many have been used, abused and sometimes ruined by questionable work.

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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: Erez Katz 
Date:   2022-04-26 05:31

I have the same mouthpiece - it can be played effectively to make a lot of loud noise but it is nothing more than a cheap 'not a big deal if it fell and broke' item.

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 Re: Leo M. Bundy Eb Sopranino Mouthpiece
Author: Ransome Fan 
Date:   2022-04-28 10:41

Hey! I tried the chipped Bundy mouthpiece and it plays fine. I doubt if the chip matters. It plays a little more easily than my Fobes mouthpiece does, but the sound is thinner and less appealing. I will say though, that playing this horn is a struggle. I’m not sure whether the horn is deficient, but I certainly am. I haven’t played it for years, and crossing the break requires enormous finesse and confidence, otherwise I get a shriek, nothing, or enter my note with a bleat. I’m glad it doesn’t matter much. I don’t have to play this horn unless I feel like it. The horn in question is a V. Kohlert’s Sons, Graslitz, Eb. I wonder whether any of you have played one of these, and can comment knowledgeably upon the quality of the horn?

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