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 Japanese comparison test of MANY clarinets
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2021-10-05 08:26

Too bad this isn't in English. Is there an English version? The tester manages to play for comparison every clarinet in the shop including these: a Yamaha YCL-CSV Master, a Yamaha SEV Master, A Yamaha CSG III, a Buffet R13, a Buffet RC, a Selmer Presence, a Selmer Recital, a Buffet Tosca, a Buffet Legende, a Buffet Tradition, a Buffet Divine, and a Selmer Privilege clarinet.

What is he saying about each clarinet?



and (the more expensive clarinets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG8B0x-3iDQ.

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 Re: Japanese (?) comparison test of many clarinets
Author: ebonite 
Date:   2021-10-05 14:14

This is a summary of what he said about each one:

100,000 Yen - 200,000 Yen price range

Yama YCL 450
good has strap ring
nice sound for the price

Yamaha 650
Compared with 450 more depth and richness to sound

Buffet E11
Lighter to blow compared with the ones I've just played

Buffet E12F
This also has a strap ring.
Compared with E11, richer sound, consistent with price difference


200,000 Yen - 300,000 Yen price range

Yamaha YCL 851 II CX
From bottom to top, even and easy to blow

Yamaha 852 II CS
Compared with the previous one, the sound is just a bit clearer

Yamaha 853 II SE
Compared with the last one, overall richer sound

Buffet E13
As expected, easy to blow. Compared with the yamahas, a brighter more cutting sound

Selmer prologue
Richer sound compared with the Buffet. Warm sound. And you can choose different coloured bell rings.


300,000 Yen - 400,000 Yen price range

Yamaha WS 851
Very compact sound. Sense of speed in the sound (?!)

Yamaha YCL-852 IIV CS-V
Good balance. very clear sound

Yamaha YCL-853 IIV SE-V
Slightly richer sound than the last one

Buffet C-13
Like the Yamaha W5, very compact, and easy to control fast air


400,000 Yen - 500,000 Yen

YCL CSV Master
Full, rich, flexible sound

YCL SEV Master
Very flexible, full sound

Buffet R13
Very contoured, clearly defined sound

Buffet RC
More gentle than the R13, but with a core to the sound

Selmer Presence
Very rich sound. I like it a lot. Sound has weight, but good balance of colours


600,000 Yen = 800,000 Yen

Very even sound. Low range mid range and high range well connected to each other

Buffet Tradition
Sound a bit brighter than the Yamaha, and easy to blow

Buffet Festival
Good balance of brightness and depth

Buffet Prestige
round and deep sound compared with festival

Selmer signature
Unique sound, which I like. Rich and round, but with a core

Selmer recital
Roundness stands out compared with signature


Higher than 800,000 Yen

Buffet Tosca
Smooth breath control. legato expression is easy

Buffet legende
Has a bit more power than the last one

Buffet divine
Good balance and richness

Selmer privilege
Strong and lustrous sound. Highly rated.

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 Re: Japanese comparison test of MANY clarinets
Author: FwLineberry 
Date:   2021-10-05 21:33

If you turn on Closed Captions, then go to setting and select subtitles > auto translate > English, you can get a decent approximation of what is being said.

Backun Beta, Lyrique Libertas, Lyrique 570C
Ridenour RAmt36, Vandoren 15RV Lyre mouthpieces
Rovner Dark and Rovner Versa ligatures
Legere reeds

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 Re: Japanese comparison test of MANY clarinets
Author: m1964 
Date:   2021-10-06 16:19

I think it is important to keep in mind that the payer compared specific instruments that he payed.
If I understand correctly, Yamahas are more or less consistent between different instruments but Buffets and Selmers may differ from one clarinet to another.

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 Re: Japanese comparison test of MANY clarinets
Author: sdr 
Date:   2021-10-07 02:15

Kinda useless. Reminds me of the old quote (of uncertain provenance but often attributed to Frank Zappa), “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”


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 Re: Japanese comparison test of MANY clarinets
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2021-10-07 03:19

Useless? For someone interested in quality clarinets on the market, how can it be useless to get to hear a demonstration of 28 excellent models? Most shops don't stock all those models, so you would never have a chance to compare them in one sitting like this. Just knowing that these instruments exist in their various price ranges is an education in itself. If the demonstrator just talked about 28 different clarinets without giving you a chance to hear them played, that would possibly be useless. Every one of these clarinets meets some player's need and ability to pay. There is not one piece of junk in the lot. And that is certainly useful knowledge.

Post Edited (2021-10-07 05:40)

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