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 Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: tucker 2017
Date:   2020-11-05 02:26

Has anyone tried the new Legere bass clarinet European cut reed yet?

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2020-11-05 02:56

No, but I've been waiting for this since the pre-announcement at the clarinet show in Knoxville.

..............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: nbclarinet 
Date:   2020-11-05 03:45

Yes, I just got my hands on one. I think they’re much improved from the regular bass signatures which for me were only marginally playable.

The responsiveness and articulation in particular is much better. They’re a bit wide, and round at the tip. So they lack some pop compared to a great cane reed. Not sure I’ll be switching full time, the way I have with the Bb European signatures. But I think they’re absolutely worth trying...a significant improvement for sure.

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: Kalashnikirby 
Date:   2020-11-05 13:13

I’m too testing them out right now.
Started with a 2.25 and have a 2.5 coming this weekend. So far they seem very promising and perform more effortlessly than the standard signature, but might have a marginally thinner sound. However staccatos are cleaner and „crispier“.
I’m quite intrigued and will post an update!
(My instrument is a Leblanc 430 Low C and mpc is a Selmer Focus; reed is fine on a Concept too, but doesn’t work well with the Vandoren BD5; but these don’t seem to love synthetic reeds in general)

Best regards

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Date:   2020-11-06 18:08

I'm curious to test the European Cut bass reeds soon as well(been waiting for them to come for a while like many others have), but before I give them a go can anyone tell me how to they compare to other reeds(particularly Vandoren Blue Box) in terms of resistance & strengths?


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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2020-11-10 03:33

I've been keen to try the European Cut, and one arrived today, so I thought I'd note some first impressions.

By way of background, I've gravitated towards increasingly using Legere Signature reeds on bass, particularly when doubling. My Legeres tend to be a notch softer than my usual V12 no.3 cane reeds, and I alternate between 2.75 and 2.5, usually on a Vandoren BD5 mouthpiece.

With the European Cut, there are two obvious visual differences from the Signatures: the reed is about 1mm wider, and it has a different profile, with a distinct "spine". It's supplied with a useful folding protective case, which holds a single reed. I wavered between ordering a 2.75 or a 2.5, and opted for the latter. That was a mistake. The European Cut is billed as being the most responsive in the Legere bass clarinet range, but to me it feels much softer than the equivalent Signature, and hence less controllable. However, it feels good enough to be worth trying a stronger version, so I'm about to find out whether Legere's exchange scheme works in the UK!

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: tucker 2017
Date:   2020-11-12 01:24

Hurstfarm, thanks for your observations!

I went onto Woodwind/Brasswind website to order one but it appeared they only had pre-orders of 3.75's. I sent them an email for clarification and to find out how to order a different strength. Typical of WWBW they never responded. I'm pretty much done with them.

I've been playing a tenor sax studio cut 2.5 exclusively for a few years now so I contacted Legere directly via email to find out which strength would equate to a tenor sax studio cut 2.5 and they responded within a day and said they would recommend a 2.75 in the new European cut.

That would seem to concur with your observation regarding strength as well since I've found the tenor sax studio cut 2.5 to be comparable to a Signature bass clarinet 2.5.

I've ordered from Muncie Music, so waiting for the delivery now.

Thanks again for the input!

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 Re: Legere European Cut for Bass Clarinet
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2020-11-15 12:52

A quick follow-up to the above. Speedy service through Legere’s exchange scheme brought me a 2.75 strength European Cut. Having played on it for a couple of hours I’ve been able to make a more meaningful comparison with the Signatures. There’s the obvious caveat that it’s just one reed, although Legeres seem to be pretty consistent. In terms of strength it feels closer to a Signature 2.5 than 2.75. I tried it on 3 different mouthpieces - 2 Grabners and a Vandoren BD5. For me, it responded best on the BD5.

It produces a full, rich tone, with perhaps a bit more power at full throttle than the Signatures. I find the Signatures produce a sweet, smooth and “clarinet-like” sound in the clarion register, which I like. The European Cut was a little more edgy in that area, with less of a change in character when crossing the break. The Signatures seem very secure in handling large interval leaps. I found the European Cut fractionally less so, but that may be down to me being less familiar with it at this stage.

Verdict: I’ll be happy to use either the European Cut or the Signature in a large ensemble: the choice will depend on the music. For chamber music if I use a plastic reed it’ll be the Signature.

Will be interested in others’ experiences in due course.

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