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 Stravinsky: Firebird 1919 Cl. corrections
Author: MusikFind1 
Date:   2020-03-22 05:05

Clarinets in A Corrections Firebird Suite 1919

>>from a musician: I know the original edition of 1919 edition of the Firebird Suite had a ton of errors. So, I've been learning the parts out of the Hadcock book excerpt of it. However, his corrections differ from the updated version released in 1985. Of particular confusion is two measures after rehearsal no. 13 in the infernal dance. Any thoughts on the two and which one to go with? [? All published scores have the same notes in this measure -cfn.]

First definitive corrected edition: Stravinsky: L’Oiseau de Feu Suite 1919
Edited by Clinton F. Nieweg and Clark McAlister
Score and parts newly engraved.
Pub: ©2016 Kalmus. Transferred ©2018 Serenissima Music Inc. 22392

“Over 5000 corrections compared to the Chester/Schott original publication”
The 2016/2018 score has measure numbers where the old score has Rehearsal numbers.
With the new availability of original sources this list corrects the McAlister publications of 1985, 1989.

Variation of the Firebird –
Old rehearsal [9/1 etc.] New score m.39 & 60 & 68: No accents appear in any Ballet edition. While accents were printed with each beat in the old Chester edition, the 2016 edition deletes these accents to conform to the ballet editions.
Old rehearsal [9/ m.3] New score M. 41: Cnat. trill to Db.
Old rehearsal [11/m.1] New score M. 47: Last note corrected to C natural (not D).
Old rehearsal [11/m.3] New score M. 49: last note confirmed as C#.
Old rehearsal [11/m.4] New score M. 50: last note corrected to Dnat. (not D#)
Old one measure before [14], M. 59: Clar. 1 does not play in this measure (in the oldest editions the Flute was engraved in this measure.) Cl. 2 does play on beat 6.
Old 14/3. M.62: Anat trills to Bb.
Old 15/3 M. 66 Beat 1: NOTE MISSING in old editions. F# 16th note added to the 2016 edition.
Old 18/1 & 2. M. 79 & 80: Cl. 1 & 2. See 2016 edition for corrected dynamics.

The Infernal Dance of King Kastcheï —
Old One Meas, before 7. New M. 54 Cl. 2: Has different slurring than Cl. 1. Slur 3 notes, then stacc. dot, then slur 3 notes, then stacc. dot.
Old 12/2. New M. 80 Cl. 1: Gb trill to Ab.
? Old 13/4. New M. 88 Cl.1 & 2: C# s/r Cnat. Conductor decision. The original clean 1919 score has no accidental on this note. The Ballet had a concert Anat. as in the 1919 Picc. This changes the pattern of half note trills.
Old 17/1. New M. 115 Cl. 1: Should read Db trill to Eb. FIX. Old scores have D# trill to E which is wrong per the ballet which has concert pitches Bb trill to Cnat. SAME 119. FIX
Old 17/3. New M. 117 Cls: 8th note on beat 1 corrected to 16th note.
Old 17/7. New m. 121 Cl. 2: beat 1 G# should read Gnat = concert Fb. FIX.

Old 13/5. New 63: Cl. 2 beat 1 C(#) corrected to Cnat.
New 77: Tempo in score has a typo. 108 should read 208.

For corrected dynamics and articulations for all instruments refer to the 2016/2018 score.

Compiled by C.F. Nieweg March 2020 List for Clarinets only.

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 Re: Stravinsky: Firebird 1919 Cl. corrections
Author: rmk54 
Date:   2020-03-22 16:58

Definitely go with Clint Nieweg's corrections. He is the retired librarian of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

There is also a critical edition of the entire ballet published by Schott and edited by Robert Craft (and someone else who I don't remember). That edition may answer your question (or add to the ambiguity!).

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 Re: Stravinsky: Firebird 1919 Cl. corrections
Author: MusikFind1 
Date:   2020-03-22 21:02

The Schott "Critical" Ballet Score was one of the sources studied for the Nieweg/McAlister Firebird Suite 1919 ©2016

Ballet Full Score: Pub. Geneva: 1985. Conservatoire de Musique. Manuscript facsimile of the Complete Ballet.
Études et commentaries par Louis Cyr, Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, Pierre Wissmer. 35 x 46 cm, 167, 61 pp.
Ballet Full Score: Pub: Moscow: Jurgenson ©1910 - assigned to Schott ©1933
Reprint: New York: E.F. Kalmus [19--?]
Reprint: Miami: Edwin F. Kalmus, [200-?] Catalog A3049
Ballet Full Score: Pub. London: Eulenburg, Preface ©1996. Critical Ballet Score: Schott/EU 8043 [parts on rental]
Ballet Full Score: Pub. Moscow: Muzyka, 1964. (Complete Ballet)
Reprint: Mineola: Dover Publications, 1987. [No parts published]

1911 Full Score: Pub. Moscow: Jurgenson, ©1911. Plate 35965
Reprint: Boca Raton: Edwin F. Kalmus, n.d. Catalog A 2132

1919 Full Score: Composer’s Manuscript (ms.) archived at BnF, Bibliothèque nationale France. Code: RES VMA MS-8
1919 Full Score: Pub. London: J. &. W. Chester, Ltd. ©1920 J.W.C. 17
Reprint: New York: Boosey & Hawkes B. & H. No. 573
Reprint: New York: Edwin F. Kalmus, 1932 [Alfred Music] Kalmus miniature orchestra scores, no. 41
1919 Score: Pub.: Boca Raton: Edwin F. Kalmus, ©1985, 1989. Edited Clark McAlister, Catalog A 2131
“To try to capitalize on an existing copyright score, Stravinsky made a new suite of The Firebird for reduced orchestra [1919] and sold it, illicitly as it turned out, to his new London publisher, J. & W. Chester. The first performance was conducted by Ernest Ansermet in Geneva, Victoria-Hall, April 12, 1919.”1
1919 Parts: Pub. London: J. &. W. Chester, Ltd. ©1920 J.W.C. 17
1919 Parts: Pub. London: J. &. W. Chester, Ltd. ©1920 J.W.C. 17, Reprint: New York: Edwin F. Kalmus
There are some minor differences / corrections from the original Chester publication.
1919 Parts: Pub.: Boca Raton: Edwin F. Kalmus, ©1985, 1989. Edited Clark McAlister, Catalog A 2131

1945 Study Score: Pub. NY: Leeds Music Corp. assigned to MCA, Inc. 1973
Reprint: London: Eulenburg. Preface ©1982 Schott. No. EU 1389 [1945 Suite parts on rental]
“Robert Craft writes that Stravinsky created the 1945 suite by consulting not his own Ballet manuscript, but rather the Kalmus reprint of the Chester score available in the U.S. at the time.” 2

Piano Reduction: Moscow: P. Jurgenson, (July 1911). Plates 34903-34919 (Complete Ballet)
Reprint: - New York: G. Schirmer, (ca.1915)
Reprint Mineola: Dover Publications, 2006
Pub. Mainz: Schott Musik International ©1936 ED 3279 (Complete Ballet)
A second piano reduction version was completed 6 December 1918 and dedicated to Vladimir Vasilievich Yuzhin. The manuscript of the first version and an annotated proof of the second are in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. 3
The Kirchmeyer K Catalog gives extensive details about all publications of Firebird in chapter K010. 4

C. F. Nieweg (Research for Librarians - Conductors - Performers)
MOLA Organizer/ Co-founder, First Host, Past President.
Conductors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award 2009
College Orchestra Directors Association Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

2020 in the production stage, new critical editions of La Mer, La Valse, Pub. Serenissima Music

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 Re: Stravinsky: Firebird 1919 Cl. corrections
Author: elmo lewis 
Date:   2020-03-22 22:17

An anecdote: My teacher played in an orchestra when Stravinsky came to conduct the Firebird. At the break many musicians went to the podium to try to get their parts corrected but Igor didn't want to be bothered. He told them that it didn't matter what was in their parts.

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