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 Student Plastic Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-01-31 23:30

For Reference Purposes.

Mpc Name...........Cost....Tip/Facing....Designer.....Purchase Info

Bari ESMCL Bb Clarinet Esprit Matte Mouthpiece..14.71...NL...NL...Amazon (Use full model name if you order.)


Brilhart BE2013....33.59...1.07..........Selmer.......Amazon (Ebolin)


D'Luca.............12.95...Not listed....Not listed...Amazon


Giardinelli........21.99...Not listed....Giardinelli..musiciansfriend.com

Goldentone 3.......16.78...Not listed....Selmer.......WWBW


Jean Baptiste......15.99...Not Listed....Not Listed...samash.com

Kessler Custom.....22.95...Not listed....Not listed...kessler&sons.com

LJ Hutchen.........21.99...Not listed....Not listed...pemusicstore.com

Mezzo..............32.00...1.04/34.......Redwine......WWBW (Gennusa Intermediate)




Prelude............45.00...Not listed....Lomax........lomaxclassic.com/index/mouthpieces

Premiere...........20.99...1.09mm........Hite.........WWBW & Amazon


Selmer 77113.......15.94...Not listed....Selmer.......Amazon

Selmer BS201.......27.24...Medium........Selmer.......Amazon (Brilhart Ebolin Special)

Selmer Primo.......17.89...Not listed....Selmer.......Amazon

TJ1................36.99...Close/Long...Ted Johnson...wadsworthmusic.com

Windcraft......16.75 Euros...NL.........Not listed....www.dawkes.co.uk (UK)

Yamaha 3C..........27.62...1.00/long.....Yamaha.......WWBW only

Yamaha 4C..........28.89...1.05/long.....Yamaha.......WWBW & Amazon (same price)

If you see any discrepancies or mouthpieces missing, please make the necessary corrections below. Now, I understand why one player said the Premiere was slightly easier to play than the Debut.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: GBK 
Date:   2020-02-01 01:07

Fobes Debut is .040" or 1.016 mm


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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2020-02-01 02:18

Michael A. Lomax offers his Prelude model mouthpiece for $US45.00. There seem to be no figures for its tip/facing, but his website (lomaxclassic.com) says,"Same style of interior and facing used by the vast majority of professional symphony and military band clarinetists [sic]. Designed for the student to use with a no.3-3 ½ reed."

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2020-02-01 02:30

This is VERY interesting! A lot of these are so wrong. Not even close! But I won't say who.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2020-02-01 07:09

But wait, there's more! Scott Kurtzweil (kurtzweilcustom.com) offers his JCII student mouthpiece for only $US24.95. Again I couldn't see any specific figures. Apparently it is "considered by many to be the best student mouthpiece on the market today"; it has a "specially designed facing curve and unique chamber shape" and is played by somebody called David Blumberg as his mouthpiece of choice (which doesn't seem to be a ringing endorsement of the Kurtzweil "professional" mouthpieces, but there you go).

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-02-01 08:06

vintschevski, I purposely left Scott Kurtzweil out for the following 2 reasons: 1) I ordered his JCII about a year ago and somehow it got lost in the mail. I didn't receive another mouthpiece. 2) I ordered a 2nd JCII around 4 months ago. It never arrived. We emailed back and forth a few times and then his emails completely stopped. He never sent another email. Scott is a teacher at 2 schools so he probably has a pretty busy schedule.

I really do like his rather wide "A" frame design. That's why I ordered it twice.

I just didn't want anyone else to go through what I went through.

However, things may have changed for him. He's been having a lot of trouble with his web sites.

David Blumberg is a professional clarinetist and teacher who is well known on this BB. I saw his endorsement and he recommends the JCII for his students.

So, I'm in a quandary. You think I should put him on the list? If so, I hope nobody gets upset if they don't get their JCII.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-02-01 09:31


I just tried to order the JCII again and I ran into the same redirect to the PayPal log-in page as I did around 4 months ago. I signed in, viewed my account, but, did not see his name anywhere. I mentioned this to Scott and he said he was going to straighten it out.

I also just sent him a personal email and asked him if he was still in business.

I'll let you know if I get an email back.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: ruben 
Date:   2020-02-01 13:37

In France, the standard mouthpiece for a serious beginner has always been Vandoren 5RV.


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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2020-02-01 20:44

I believe that the Behn Overture usually has a 1.05 mm tip opening. Custom facings are at an extra charge. Of all the student mouthpieces listed (I've tried them all except for the two Selmers), the Behn Overture, to me, is the best sounding and the most responsive throughout the full range of the clarinet.

Roger Garrett's mouthpieces, made from Babbit blanks, were once in or near this price range. The latest I saw, though, they were $85. Some players get very good results from them. Does anybody know if he still makes them?

Post Edited (2020-02-01 21:35)

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2020-02-02 02:15

Hi, Dan.

It would be useful to have the Kurtzweil situation clarified. I have no personal interest, but it would seem to be a quality student mouthpiece, so it could possibly be a great help for some beginners (or even professionals, apparently). I know a person who completed her tertiary studies in clarinet performance playing on a Fobes Debut, and she is a fine clarinettist. Whatever works, works!

Just for your amusement, here is a little list (in no particular order) of some more student mouthpieces that my searching has come across:

Scott, D'Luca, Windcraft, Gigliotti Spectrum, Bari Esprit, Selmer Primo, RS Berkeley, Windsor.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Kaos 
Date:   2020-02-02 02:16

In my conservatory the most used by students is the Vandoren B40

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: fernie121 
Date:   2020-02-02 04:07

I used to recommend the Vandoren b40 and Vandoren 5RV Lyre to start with. However the Debut and Overture imo are even better mouthpieces. Even though they are not hard rubber.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2020-02-02 06:51

The Ridenour Encore is another good choice for young players. When I get a student who already plays but is still using whatever came with the clarinet I'll have them try out the Debut, the Overture, and the Encore. The order I've listed them is how they rank in terms of how many students end up on each one.

Although just a few end up on the Encore it works significantly better for those students. The results for the Debut versus the Overture are usually fairly close. Based on this experience I ask brand new beginners to get the Debut. The Debut is also the most readily available, as it is carried by both our local stores and also through Amazon Prime.

These are good mouthpieces! I just had a sophomore make first chair in the top honor band for all of Southern California (more competitive than our All-State) still playing the Debut, because she gets great results from it. Eventually she'll move to something else I'm sure, but so far there hasn't been a reason to change.


Post Edited (2020-02-03 22:25)

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: nellsonic 
Date:   2020-02-02 06:53

Bob Bernardo wrote:

> This is VERY interesting! A lot of these are so wrong. Not even
> close! But I won't say who.

Than your comment is of LESS than no use!

Anybody willing and able to measure and confirm/correct?

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-02-02 08:11

My thanks to all of you! I have so many people that I feel the need to respond to.

1. What I had in mind was the absolute beginner in grammar school. I'm thinking of changing the title to "Beginner clarinet mouthpieces". Why? Because I later thought of students in college going for their Masters in Musical Performance degrees and I don't believe they would be playing on $15-$30 plastic mouthpieces. I just wanted the moms and pops to know that they have numerous choices. However, for now, I'll just leave it as it is.

2. As to Scott Kurtzweil, I emailed him as well as David Blumberg and got no responses from either. I called his phone number, 269-262-8442, it rang around 6 times, then went to a mechanized voice mail. I left a message. All I can do now is wait.

3. Bob Bernardo and I do exchange emails now and then. I emailed him about his BB response, however, I have not received any response in return. I, too, am puzzled.

4. nellsonic, thank you for reminding me about the Ridenour Encore. I'll be adding that one in a little while.

5. D’Luca; $12.95; sold at Amazon; wide tip opening; appears to be a decent beginner’s mouthpiece by the reviews (which I hope are real). I'll be adding it in a little while.

6. Windcraft; WWBW-no; Amazon-no; general search-sold by Dawkes Music in the U.K.; 16.75 Euros (including VAT @ 20%) ; claims it’s made in America but “England” is clearly written on the front; Dawkes claims to sell hundred of them worldwide; made of plastic. I'll add it later. (I'm thinking of ordering one simply because it says "England" on it!)

7. Gigliotti Spectrum; WWBW-no; Amazon-no; Weiner music-no; That rather famous auction site appears to be the only place to buy them; I believe they are the plastic equivalent to Gigliotti’s P34. Average price is $15.00. I don't think I'll be adding it to the list.

8. Bari-Espirit; can be purchased through bariwoodwind.com; $22.95-$37,95; The price difference is due to buying the mpc alone or as a kit—however, no items are listed in the kit! And the individual prices do not appear until you click on the cart first! Very strange!; no specs given other than polished or matte finish; “Easy response for beginning embouchures”; listed on Amazon (only!) as “Bari ESMCL Bb Clarinet Esprit Matte Mouthpiece” $14.71. I'll be adding it to the list later.

9. Selmer Primo P2KIT student Bb clarinet mouthpiece, ligature and cap; Amazon; $17.89. I'll add it later to the list.

10. RS Berkeley Legend series (one model only),“Benny Goodman” clarinet mouthpiece; Model: LBG045; tip: 0.045”; Black Resin; No price listings on any of their products!; found at https://www.rsberkeley.com/legends-series-mouthpieces-woodwinds Upon reading another Google search response, their products are available only through their authorized dealers. Could not find any phone number listed on their web site. Not sure I should add it to the list.

11. Windsor; I found the Windsor clarinet but not the Windsor clarinet mouthpiece. I suspect the Windsor clarinet mouthpiece to be Chinese because their clarinet is made of bakelite. Unless someone reveals more info, I can't add it to the list.

Thanks again to everyone for your responses!

Post Edited (2020-02-03 03:00)

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 Re: Student Plastic Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Plonk 
Date:   2020-02-03 02:46

FYI "grades 1-4" in the UK refers to playing ability and not to school grades. Grade 1 is beginner - below the break only. Grade 4 is low intermediate. There are 8 grades and then you arrive at conservatory /university entrance level.

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-02-03 03:01

Thanks, Plonk. I deleted that line.

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 Re: Student Plastic Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2020-02-03 10:46

nellsonic - I won't put down mouthpiece makers. After all they try to keep prices low. Some of the tip openings are way off. This bothers me because some of the true tip opening are too open for students. This can cause sore and even bloody lips wrecking the excitement students have for the love of music.

However, teachers as well as yourself should do your homework and figure out what you prefer and would not recommend! I really like how DAN took the time to post this important thread. Go buy the Babbitt glass, feeler gauges, and the tip measurement gauge. You will learn a lot and become educated with assorted products. Then play test these mouthpieces so you don't have to make weird comments like you just did. I surely don't mind your comment directed to me, because it allows me to go into greater details. Moreover, try to be a bit careful with your wording; be polite! I'll gladly offer advice and opinions and as a lot of readers know they can email me. You should too if you have questions or a problem with someones post!


Decided to edit this and apply more information and personally give you Babbitt's address, just for you nellsonic and try to help you. Hope this helps you and others who are interested as well. :) By the way Babbitt also makes student mouthpieces for the clarinet as well as the saxes. I'm not promoting anyone or any company, because mouthpiece choices should be based on personal opinions. As we know everyone has their own ideas and what I say doesn't matter. If it did everyone would play on the exact same student mouthpiece and all of the other companies would be out of business.

JJ Babbitt
2201 Industrial Pkwy
Elkhart, IN 46516

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

Post Edited (2020-02-03 11:28)

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 Re: Student Clarinet Mouthpieces
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2021-02-17 08:11

Graham - there was a “lost in translation” issue with the Mouthpiece that has me quoting that it is my favorite Pro mouthpiece???

It’s a very good student Mouthpiece. A student had one a while back, and I liked it. Nothing more, nothing less. So I would recommend it along with the Fobes Debut, the Lomax, and the Ridenour.

I am not a fan of the Hite Debut.

Myself - I play the CG Backun, the Vocalise Backun, and the Harold Wright Behn Mouthpiece.

Those are my favorite currently


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