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 Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: jonathan.wallaceadams 
Date:   2017-09-12 20:38

I was looking around and found this:

What appears to be a synthetic adjustable barrel... for $50!
The Royal Legend Barrel is $200 and the Zoom Barrel is around $200 too I think.
Other than the material being delrin/hard rubber and not wood, is there anything that would make it not worth even $50?

Has anybody tried this barrel? I'd love to hear other's thoughts so I can determine whether to invest in one myself.

Just an aspiring student.
Buffet Tradition
Mpc.: Hawkins "G", Barrel: Moba, Reeds: Reserve 3.5+

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2017-09-13 04:51

To me, this looks like a barrel to help beginners and to be used outside where temperatures can vary a lot.

I could not find clear instructions as to how you move it from one setting to the next.

I only found one review and it was from a newbie who's using it at 63mm and hopes to get it down to 66. No mention was made as to how it sounded or how it changed the sound from the original barrel.

These are sold on that auction site. However, what really bothers me is that they have a "no return" policy. So, if you buy it and don't like it, you're stuck with it.

It appears to be rather new on the market so only time will tell.

On Amazon, they have the "Freedom Adjustable Clarinet Barrel" for $89.00 and is made in the USA by RS Berkeley. It's a clickable? adjustment barrel with a much wider range of adjustments. It's made of aluminum and it has some impressive positive reviews. Amazon has been selling them for 6 years.

What is confusing to me is that it's advertised as having an "infinite adjustable range" and some of the reviews talk about it being clickable.

I found the following Youtube video about the Freedom Adjustable clarinet barrel to be very interesting.

I didn't hear any clicks when the player adjusted it.

If I were in the market for an adjustable barrel, I think I would purchase this one.

Just my opinions...

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2017-09-13 06:31


When you watch this video, I don't think you will want the Match Pitch Adjustable Barrel. Why? Because you have to keep readjusting your mouthpiece position as you adjust for proper length! IMO, a bad design.

With the Freedom Adjustable, your mouthpiece remains stationary while adjusting the barrel length.

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: super20bu6 
Date:   2017-09-13 15:07

I DO have a Freedom Barrel. It doesn't click when you adjust is a totally smooth operation. While I don't use it in a normal concert setting, I DO use the thing when doing a pit orchestra. If the clarinet has to sit for a long period of time or it's cooler weather, this thing has saved me more than once from biting WAY too much to get up to pitch. It doesn't negatively affect my sound and I would highly recommend the Freedom Barrel. Worth every penny!

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: jonathan.wallaceadams 
Date:   2017-09-13 18:05

Thanks, Dan and super! I'll invest in an RS Berkeley Adj. Barrel. I'm trying to move away from my cocobolo MOBA because of its day-to-day inconsistencies. I'm conflicted about making an aluminum barrel my daily driver. Any suggestions for a grenadilla barrel? Thanks!

Just an aspiring student.
Buffet Tradition
Mpc.: Hawkins "G", Barrel: Moba, Reeds: Reserve 3.5+

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: ajanosa 
Date:   2017-09-14 20:06

I tried these at ICA this year. They don't seem to be marketing them (at least not in person when I was there) as a professional setup. They are effective tuning devices for students, and did significantly improve the sound and blowing resistance of the B12 which they had available to play on. My regular mouthpiece setup and that barrel on a student instrument made it sound rather convincingly like a more expensive setup. You won't be fooling anyone with it, but it's a cheap way to seriously help out a kid who can't afford an expensive instrument.

Construction wise: it is a 3D printed item (felt like ABS, but I could be wrong on that), and comes with physical stops to keep it from rotating completely apart (more kid proof, I suppose). For the price point, it certainly has its uses and I would definitely drop the money on one or two if I had the students who needed it.

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2017-09-17 02:29

Regarding the Freedom, isn't 14.8mm pretty small bore?

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: Sean.Perrin 
Date:   2017-09-18 09:29

This product was the featured item of today's Clarineat Podcast.

Check it out here

Founder and host of the Clarineat Podcast:

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 Re: Match Pitch Barrels??
Author: Tony Park 
Date:   2019-01-01 20:39

Hi Dan, a few months ago, I was graciously given one of these barrels to try and while they are functional and affordable, I wouldn't buy it for my own playing for two reasons:

1. My wooden Buffet-Chadash barrel just has more core and resonance.
2. As you pointed out, I would have to rotate my mouthpiece every time I use the rotating mechanism, which I think is not much better than switching to different barrels in most cases.

And, yes, I do think they are meant for students, but for most of my students and their given funding on their muiscal studies, I would try to convince them to invest in better mouthpiece/ reeds/ ligature/ repair, instead.

New York Wind Orchestra, Bass Clarinet

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