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 Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: Breniee 
Date:   2009-08-08 17:21

Hi, I have a Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet..model #779531.

Can you tell me what year it was made and anything else about it? Maybe what it is worth?


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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2009-08-08 17:46

Can't tell you much about the age, but they were made by the millions, so their commercial (read: resale) value ain't all that thrilling - between $5 and $50, depending on looks and playability, if That Auction Site is any indicator of "current market price".

If it's playing fine as is, keep it as a backup or outdoors instrument. Having it "done", however, is a great way to spend money, but only a mediocre one to invest it.


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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: William 
Date:   2009-08-09 16:17

Back in the 1950's, they were introduced as the possible "new material" clarinet that could replace the traditional wood versions. They were carefully manufactured and, as I remember, some were actually tested by some top pros in major orchestral settings. However, that was not to be and the Bundy Resonite became the leading beginners clarinet, mainly because of it's "indestructable" composite material. I had one of those old Bundy's and played it throughout high school, winning first division awards at my soph, junior and senior State Music Festivals. My point is that they were relatively excellant playing clarinets and well worth the $50 dollars my Dad payed for mine. Wish I still had it. However, over "the years", the production quality declined somewhat, but I still think the Bundy Resonite Selmer is a top grade beginners instrument, especially with a top grade mouthpiece. Backun barrel and bell not required--LOL. BTW, their little effer Resonite cousins are excellant playing clarinets for the money. Indestructable as well.........

Botton line: your serial # suggests to me that it is not a true vintage Bundy, but still would be worth putting into playing condition--that means, just enough repair work to make it playable. Definately not an entire multi hundred dollar event. Fix it up and enjoy........

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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: lrooff 
Date:   2009-08-10 00:30

Bundys are the Schwinn Varsities of the clarinet world. They've made a zillion of them, they're a bit clunky with nothing particularly fancy about them, and they'll last forever. Changes in temperature, humidity and other conditions won't affect them at all. The most work they're ever likely to need is a new pad every now and then and the occasional tenon cork, so if you like it, have it checked over and enjoy playing it. Remember -- 90% of the results are because of the musician; not the instrument. Benny Goodman could have played far, far better with a plastic Bundy than either of us could with a custom made Buffet R-13.

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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2009-08-10 01:55

"They were carefully manufactured and, as I remember, some were actually tested by some top pros in major orchestral settings."


That would have been the Philadelphia Orchestra which Bundy had the Woodwind Quintet play them.

All but Gigliotti - he couldn't stand it and refused.

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2009-08-10 07:47

Check the tenon corks - if they're still the originals, then they often have an annoying habit of coming off in on go, and when least expected.

The problem being the lipstic-style cork grease is very thin once applied, and the cork soaks it up so it gets right down to the glue used to stick the tenon corks onto the tenons.

So they come clean away leaving the cork slot all greasy (so that will need cleaning up and degreasing), but replacing them is a routine thing for repairers.


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 Re: Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet?
Author: Hank Lehrer 2017
Date:   2009-08-10 14:36

I started my two granddaughters on Bundy's that I picked up for next to nothing. After a successful start, they now have TR 147s.

When I was a band director in the 60s and 70s, Bundy was about the cheapest and best clarinet for a beginner. Shorty after that though, I had students start on wooden Evette's for not much more and they could then play the same clarinet pretty much through HS.

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